Friday, February 28, 2020

No More Warnings for Steve Outtrim

I wrote to Ms. Jacqueline Weaver after watching Steve Outtrim’s livestream which he claimed was a response to her article, “The Elliptical Universe of the Cryptobeast and the Grand Master of the Order of the One Star Monktel,” published on her Tracking the Leopard Meroz website.

In his livestream, Outtrim never, not once, mentions that Thomas Schoenberger is evading legal service. He alibis for Zach McQuaid, never acknowledging that McQuaid attempted to evade legal service himself, in imitation of his puppet master, and was only foiled because Canada is not California.

In email to Weaver, Schoenberger claims that Gabe Hoffman is "impersonating a lawyer," sending McQuaid fake lawsuits in an attempt to bully him. A fundamental error. Hoffman sued McQuaid for real. When McQuaid obeyed Schoenberger’s corrupt guidance to just ignore electronic service--the email delivery of court documents--he waltzed himself into a real mess, because his continued antisemitic smears against Hoffman put him in contempt of court, and worse, he used hate speech when he did it.

See: Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Statement of Claim, Gabriel Alan Hoffman and Zachary McQuaid, December 19, 2019. 

I am not aware that McQuaid has retained legal representation. I am not an enemy of McQuaid. In the final analysis, I may end up being his only friend, because I appear to be the only observer of these affairs repeatedly advising him to retain legal counsel. McQuaid is sued in meatspace. His own antisemitic smears made that happen. He had best respond in meatspace. He can certainly end up sanctioned in meatspace.

Outtrim asks why he should hire an attorney for McQuaid? There is a good reason why.

But I want to talk first about Outtrim’s lack of respect for legal processes and his bizarre interpretations. Antisemitism aside, this is at the heart of my rejection of Outtrim. He rejects the law because it is not Christian enough for him, he says, when that is just a synonym for doing things his way, not the way that our laws dictate.

These are excerpts from Steve Outtrim's comments to Jackie Weaver's article "Gabe Hoffman vs. Zachary McQuaid aka Zack Quaid," Tracking the Leopard Meroz, February 7, 2020. 

Our laws doxxed McQuaid, he says, Weaver doxxed McQuaid, Hoffman doxxed McQuaid. Everyone doxxed McQuaid. I terrorize McQuaid. None of this is McQuaid’s fault. McQuaid is never blamed for making antisemitic smears. He is the victim. Outtrim could file a patent for weird leaps of logic. Indeed, Outtrim condemns me because I refuse to answer his questions, or provide “evidence” on his terms, which he gleefully declares makes me “ad hominem,” as Outtrim declares a monopoly for himself on all “evidence.”

It is an American tradition to sympathize with outlaws, we love our Bonnies and Clydes. I always wanted to be an Indian when playing Cowboys and Indians. But not in this case. These outlaws are antisemites. “Evidence?” Read the Statement of Claim. Outtrim can deny antisemitism, yet his own words and actions belie his denials, and it is this, I think, that is actually at the foundation of Outtrim’s support for Schoenberger and McQuaid. Antisemitism is the common denominator.

(Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Statement of Claim, Gabriel Alan Hoffman & Zachary McQuaid, Schedule "A," December 19, 2019, p. 7).

I wrote about this earlier, as Outtrim’s behavior makes no sense. A multimillionaire asking “why?” he should subsidize McQuaid’s legal defense, when he abuses McQuaid as an asymmetrical ideological weapon in his disputes with Weaver, Hoffman and I. Outtrim somehow feels entitled to abuse McQuaid, especially when it is Michael Levine paying for the antisemitic smears, not him.

(Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez, "An Appeal to Steve Outtrim," Magic Kingdom Dispatch, February 24, 2020).  

Outtrim claims that his problem with Ms. Weaver is doxxing. He claims that Ms. Weaver doxxed McQuaid, when the Ontario Superior Court of Justice doxxed McQuaid. It was McQuaid’s antisemitic smears of a litigious financier that got him sued in the first place. McQuaid’s ongoing failure to retain a lawyer will expose his address all over again, as he is now in contempt of court. Hoffman will surely accuse him of hate speech, and more legal documents will surely be issued—and Jacqueline Weaver will perform a public service when she publishes them. Unredacted.

Outtrim’s sympathy for McQuaid is the true act of impersonation: he is really using McQuaid to cast doxxing shade on Weaver and on Hoffman, he tries to make this “Christians v. Satanists & Zionists,” and he desperately wants to implicate me in SRA, child molestation and worse at the Presidio in 1986. My refusal to regurgitate an alibi for him on command makes me guilty, and he claims that I am a “magician” who summons Enochian demons, because I research the Renaissance, Dr. John Dee, and admire Dame Frances Yates.

Does Outtrim cross the line to co-conspiracy and accessory to evading legal service through his willful blindness and diversions? It seems that Outtrim knows where the line of criminality stands, and he deftly avoids committing unambiguous crimes. But he flirts with the margins. There is no question that Outtrim is a partisan co-conspirator. 

I said before that evading legal service is a tactic. It can be used on a limited basis to gain time. When it is elevated to a strategy, the offender denies the legitimacy of our legal system, making it a shitty strategy, as it can only succeed for a finite period of time. Ultimately, the absconder will be served. 

Denying the legitimacy of our legal system is a losing strategy. Our legal systems are imperfect, and they are administered by humans, but we prefer them to street justice, though street justice would be infinitely more satisfying. Ask Mr. Valerin, who claims that I warred with the contras.

Finally, Outtrim proclaims “there is no warrant” out for Schoenberger’s arrest, like that matters. More diversion. We are dealing here with civil lawsuits, and these are no less vital than felonies for their protagonists. Indeed, they convert to felonies when contempt of court ensues, and I think that this may end up getting Schoenberger’s probation revoked, obstruction, remanding him back into custody. His clock is ticking.

Schoenberger is breaking the law, violating probation, cyberstalking and cyber bullying, calling Ms. Weaver and I “CIA assets,” in violation of Title 50, Protection of Identities. Ms. Weaver and I are not “CIA assets,” the proposition that she has a “Mockingbird” pedigree is ludicrous, and not all retired Green Berets work for CIA. But Schoenberger does not know that. He intends to expose us as intelligence officers. 

All that I can say is, Schoenberger is fortunate that I am not a CIA officer, because then he would quickly be a grease stain. Alas, I have to file complaints with federal agents just like any other citizen, which inconvenience Schoenberger will not be able to abuse for much longer.

I told Mr. Outtrim earlier to be careful with his associations, as he is mobbed up with felons committing ongoing felonies, and Mr. Hoffman has a track record of suing antisemites on contact. 

I no longer warn Mr. Outtrim. I want him to continue abusing Zack McQuaid as an ideological weapon. I want Mr. Outtrim to continue inferring that I am implicated in SRA, and worse. I want Outtrim to keep calling me an advocate of “left-hand path” practices, a “magician,” a “witch,” a “warlock,” and more. 

Keep talking, Mr. Outtrim.


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