Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Stinky Steve Encourages a Suicide

“Stinky Steve Outtrim” should now be known as “Sick Steve Outtrim,” as he is literally encouraging a pliable and suggestible man-child to kill himself. 

Crazy, but true. 

All because Gabe Hoffman allegedly doxxed Zack McQuaid. But did he, really? 

No. He did not. 

In the Winter of 2019, passing into the New Year of 2020, Zack McQuaid made a series of virulent and defamatory videos about Gabe Hoffman that were infested with antisemitic content. I cannot link to them, as YouTube struck McQuaid's channel, and he apparently failed to post backups anywhere. I do have many of them archived, but I saved them for the benefit of law enforcement--not to help a videographer who fails to back up his work.

As a Jew, Hoffman was not amused. As a wealthy financier with lawyers on retainer, Hoffman was also not without options. So he sued the shit out of Zack McQuaid, a Canadian, using Canadian lawyers in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, demanding a million dollars in compensation and humiliating retractions. (Jacqueline Weaver, “Gabe Hoffman vs. Zachary McQuaid aka Zack Quaid,” Tracking the Leopard Meroz, February 7, 2020). 

McQuaid’s response? McQuaid is a 26 year old man-child, a former mental patient, and an apparent professional victim. McQuaid stuck his head in the sand and recited “la-la-la” and pretended that it was all not actually happening. A very irresponsible and ineffective reaction.

McQuaid listened to his Svengali, Thomas Schoenberger, who is infamous on Twitter and YouTube for successfully absconding and avoiding legal service for multiple legal cases from process servers, thwarting our system of justice, holding it, in a sense, in abeyance, delaying his inevitable appearance before a judge in a real court of law. Alas: Ontario Courts are not California courts, McQuaid was served electronically as well, and he foolishly believed that he could imitate his controller, Schoenberger, and that he could avoid service and hence suspend the legal process. 

There is a reason why some survive and some do not. Darwin is not a theory, not really. Darwinian self-selection is a confirmable law of nature which anyone can observe in action, especially in a case such as this. Through his serial bad decisions, imitating Schoenberger, and pretending that he could wish his lawsuit into nonexistence, McQuaid literally self-selected himself to suffer a grievous doom. 

Is it an exaggeration to state that Zack McQuaid is suggestible? Not at all. He is transparently weak and compliant, and he craves, above all, to be told what to do by someone else. In short, McQuaid is a biological meat puppet, just waiting for a Svengali puppet master to appear and instruct him. Because God forbid that McQuaid be responsible for himself, or make his own decisions. Heaven forfend! 

And this is absolutely the sort of programmable idiot that Thomas Schoenberger, human engineer extraordinaire, lives for. The last time that he had such a pliable victim was Sam Fullerton, alias Zelador Petroff, who believed the lies of Schoenberger that he was making videos and music for a nonexistent Cicada 3301 SONY movie. Fullerton ended up dead after he realized that there was no SONY movie, and he snapped, dying in a confrontation with Arkansas sheriffs deputies that also claimed the life of a cop. 

When Schoenberger encountered McQuaid, he lost no time. He instructed McQuaid to make antisemitic videos accusing Gabe Hoffman of unforgivable crimes, and McQuaid was pleased to do so, especially when Michael Levine, the alleged “best friend” of Schoenberger, sent him whopping $63.77 dollar fees for making videos that were earmarked “Cicada,” for no reason that anyone understands. 

Let me review the situation for those who are perplexed: 

  1. Schoenberger hates Hoffman, and he claims that Hoffman masterminded the murder of Isaac Kappy. Kappy’s death remains adjudicated a suicide. There are no indications that the case will be reopened. Schoenberger is a social engineer, a manipulator of the weak-minded, and fairly inept at it, but competent enough with someone as pliable as McQuaid. 

  1. Schoenberger spots McQuaid one day on YouTube, and he tweets to McQuaid, “That is a hell of a video. Set up a PayPal account, people will donate. You are really talented!” Which of course McQuaid immediately does. The video was a criticism of Gabe Hoffman. (Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Gabriel Alan Hoffman v. Zachary McQuaid, December 19, 2019, p. 11). 

  1. And then Schoenberger directs his “best friend” Michael Levine, a wealthy and successful Hollywood composer who inexplicably funds a convicted felon and sociopath, to pay McQuaid for antisemitic and defamatory videos. Levine actually does so. 

  1. For some reason, and I do not think that anybody understands why, McQuaid unburdened himself to Manuel Chavez III, an avowed enemy of Thomas Schoenberger, and a notorious net troll, and he actually shared receipts and emails sent to him by Levine and Schoenberger with Chavez. This was an incredibly self-destructive and foolish move. It defies logic. 

  1. Chavez, being Chavez, immediately shared them with the world, and then everybody knew that Schoenberger was directing Levine to pay McQuaid to produce antisemitic hit videos targeting Hoffman. 

All clear? 

You cannot make up crazier shit. But it all actually happened. 

So at this point in time, February 18, 2020, McQuaid is still sued by Hoffman, and since McQuaid continued making defamatory hit videos about Hoffman in defiance of the order of the court, McQuaid is actually now in contempt of court, an inconvenient legal fact which Hoffman will surely exploit. (“An interim, interlocutory and permanent injunction” is in place, Hoffman v. McQuaid, p. 3). 

McQuaid still has not, as far as I am aware, hired a lawyer, or even sought a public defender at no cost to himself. In other words, McQuaid has apparently done nothing to address his predicament, aside from making whining videos and tweeting that he is weak and stupid and innocent and helpless and he is the victim of a predatory Gabe Hoffman, who merely wants anyone making antisemitic videos about him to cease. That is all that Hoffman actually wants. He has enough money. He does not need more, and no one is under any illusion that McQuaid has a pot to piss in, much less any money. But no one should tolerate utter racist lies about them to be distributed across social media. 

McQuaid apparently does not understand this simple fact. He is sued. He is enjoined by court order from continuing to defame Hoffman. As he is in contempt of court at this time, his legal predicament looks increasingly precarious. McQuaid appears to be a professional victim. The court case describes him as “of limited or no financial means and education…and a self-professed history of mental illness.” (Hoffman v. McQuaid, p. 9). Schoenberger elsewhere says that McQuaid was previously diagnosed with depression and PTSD. He is 26 years old. An artist. And helpless. And incredibly stupid. He is programmed by Thomas Schoenberger. 

So Jacqueline Weaver, a writer of some note, an incisive observer of social media, publishes legal documents posted by the court. These documents are public record, they are not redacted in any way, they are not sealed. Like all legal documents, they use real names, not pseudonyms, and real addresses in meatspace. Anyone who knows where to look for such documents can find them. 

This scares the hell out of Zack McQuaid, as he believes that the world is populated with murderers and rapists and now, because Jacqueline Weaver published the public legal documents about his case, they all know exactly where Zach McQuaid lives, and he is afraid that he will be raped and murdered. 

He is, in fact, “threatened for his life,” to quote a Thomas Schoenberger sock account, @sdsproat, on Twitter. 

This is, by the way, the same world that you and I live in. I think that we all accept that there are bad people in our world, there are, indeed, rapists, and murderers, and you just never know when they will strike. Is it possible that they will descend upon Zack McQuaid and rape and murder him? Sure. Just like it could happen to you, or to me, or to anyone else. 

But Zack blames Gabe Hoffman for his sudden vulnerability to the rapists and murderers of the world, because Gabe Hoffman sued him. McQuaid does not stop and realize, “well, I defamed this prominent Jewish financier with a track record of suing bastards,” and then proceed to the next idea that occurs naturally to you and I. No. Zack blames Hoffman for suing him, end of story. 

Hoffman is wrong in McQuaid’s mind for being litigious and Jewish and unwilling to tolerate McQuaid’s defamations. That is how Zack McQuaid’s thinking functions. That is the sort of worldview that he walks around with. 

Then McQuaid condemns Jacqueline Weaver, because she is a writer, and because she did not redact a legal document that is a public record. Somehow it is Ms. Weaver’s responsibility to ensure that Zack McQuaid’s true name and public address are not available to anyone. Jacqueline Weaver performed a public service making us aware of the specifics of this lawsuit, as Thomas Schoenberger is evading legal service from multiple other plaintiffs who are looking to nuke him in a court of law. She is not obligated to sanitize Zack McQuaid’s legal trail. But in McQuaid’s mind, she is, “this Jackie woman he has writing stuff for him.” I am aware of no financial relationship between Ms. Weaver and Mr. Hoffman. Mr. McQuaid should take care that he does not get sued by Jackie Weaver. 

Absurd, yes. 

So as I said, Zack McQuaid then responds by tweeting. Rather than hiring a lawyer, or retaining a public defender at no cost to himself, Zack McQuaid tweets. It goes without saying that McQuaid’s address would not appear in further legal documents posted by the court if he were represented by a competent attorney: instead, that attorney’s address would appear on legal documents. 

No matter. Instead of doing the logical, responsible thing, the ordained commonsensical thing to react to getting sued, McQuaid tweets. This is indicative of a childish man who lives more in cyberspace than in the real world. In fact, he tweets @TorontoPolice many times. There are no indications that they noticed the tweets, or even care about them. Running to Mommy is not a logical course of action in our world. Tweeting to a police department is not an effective course of action. 

But McQuaid is so fearful that the murderers and rapists of the world now know where he lives, he is so unnerved by this, that he claims that he is in fear for his very life. Yes. McQuaid goes there. He fears for his life. He tweets to all the murderers and rapists of the world that he is in fear for his life, and that his address in meatspace is now public record. And he blames Jacqueline Weaver and most of all, Gabe Hoffman. 

It is a short step from there for Schoenberger to assert that McQuaid is “suicidal.” 

The Twitter account Stephie @sdsproat is a known Thomas Schoenberger sock account, it is either Schoenberger himself masquerading as a mythical woman named Stephanie or it is a woman named Stephanie who so slavishly parrots Schoenberger’s thinking and words that she is indistinguishable from him. Through Stephanie, or as Stephanie, Schoenberger then claimed that Zack McQuad was suicidal over the theoretical threat to him from murderers and rapists that Gabe Hoffman allegedly pointed at his residence. 

This is the thing. If your friend is suicidal, what do you do? You reach out, you make sure that they are referred to competent psychiatric authority, if necessary, you notify the authorities and you explain that you are concerned for the welfare of your friend. What you do not do is tweet. 

When your friend is beset by irrational paranoias, you try to calm them down, you speak rationally and logically to them, you explain to them that their phobias are irrational. You gently take the bong out of their hands and recommend that they give the ganja a break for a bit. You explain to them that nobody is interested enough in them to come to their residence and rape and murder them. But above all, you do not simply tweet, and think that that is an effective course of action. 

That is irrational enough and irresponsible enough that it almost makes such horrible friends complicit in the bizarre worldview of the insane. And in fact, what actually happened is that the so-called “friends” of Zack McQuaid reinforced his phobias and paranoias, they pushed a suicide narrative, they continued defaming Mr. Hoffman, and they amplified horrible antisemitic lies about him. 

And that is where this whole situation stands. 

Enter Sick Steve Outtrim, formerly known as Stinky Steve Outtrim. On Jacqueline Weaver’s blog, in the comments to her article, “Gabe Hoffman vs. Zachary McQuaid aka Zack Quaid,” on Tracking the Leopard Meroz (February 7, 2020), Mr. Outtrim wrote:

“The young man being sued has stated on Twitter today that he is afraid for his life after being doxxed from this blog.” 

Mr. Outtrim accepts that it is not Jacqueline Weaver’s obligation to redact legal documents, so he throws the Christian card like crazy: 

“Do the Courts always incorporate Christian values? Or sometimes should mercy and humanity play a part in decisions of judgement?”

Ms. Weaver is not playing, she lacks all patience, and she will not permit her blog to be abused by trolls, even wealthy trolls with blogs of their own like Sick Steve Outtrim who is enabling and amplifying the absurd rapist and murderer suicide thesis of Zack McQuaid. 

“The defendant decided not to defend himself in court, although most certainly someone like yourself could have hired him an attorney. Thus, by choosing to default, rather than standing up for his public statements, I have decided to leave the complaint “as is.” The defendant is a full adult and responsible for his words and his actions. I attempted to warn him of the manipulations and lies of Thomas Schoenberger. Have you done that, or are you encouraging the defendant to manipulate others by exhibiting an unmanly whining?” 

Well, we know precisely what Sick Steve Outtrim is doing: he is encouraging efforts to manipulate others with unmanly whining. Ms. Weaver is old school: men need to be men, and men need to handle their affairs with dignity. Ms. Weaver is in her 60’s, she is rich in experience and wisdom, and Zack McQuaid, in fact, Stinky Steve Outtrim, even Thomas Schoenberger, could learn much from her if they simply paid attention. 

Zack McQuaid is manifestly incapable of doing this. Jacqueline Weaver is attempting to help him—she is attempting to teach him to stand up and take responsibility for his own actions. 

Then I stepped in with my comment, which anyone can read, as Jacqueline Weaver kindly permitted it to be posted on her blog. In sum, I said: 

“Outtrim, in attacking Ms. Weaver on her own blog, is manipulating McQuaid’s feigned helplessness and using it as a weapon just like another partisan participant in this absurd debacle.” 

Well. Sick Steve could not stand for that. Plus, I mentioned that I outed him as an antisemite, and that makes Sick Steve angry, indeed. He posts a scorecard, a patented Outtrim maneuver, listing “Close Jewish friends of mine: 4,” and “Rabbis giving a blessing at my wedding: 1.” 

Stinky Sick Steve Outtrim is angry at me, he is absolutely incensed by me, and it does not help that I call him names and mock him unmercifully. I used to be quite a fan of his work, until he illustrated his absurd leaps of logic and bizarre theorizing in slavish support of the malign agendas of Thomas Schoenberger. Stinky Steve claims that I am a colleague of Michael Aquino’s, simply because we both were assigned to the same military base in 1986. That is the degree of precision that we can expect from lurid, ludicrous Sick Steve. 

Stinky Sick Steve summed me up like this:

“If he dies, oh well, he deserved it, because he slandered a rich guy.” Is that who you want to be?”

Then he claims that McQuaid is somehow being judged and found guilty by public opinion, “before even getting the chance to mount a defense.” 

Uh, no. McQuaid was sued long ago, so long ago that he had a full 30 days prior to February 5, 2020, which was the date upon which he was technically in default to the court and in contempt of a court order to cease defaming Gabe Hoffman. McQuaid had a chance to legally respond. He chose not to. 

Sick Stinky Steve also claims that I am “stalking someone to suicide.” That is pretty bold, Mr. Outtrim. I will remember that. In fact, I will make a note of that. Could be useful at some future point. And no: I do not appreciate it. 

So I replied, again on Jacqueline Weaver’s blog. 

“You corrupt, deluded, partisan jackass. “Suicide” is Zack’s word, he claims that he is not suicidal, which I am happy to hear, while you and your co-conspirators throw the term around and encourage suicidal ideation in a weak-minded minion with a psychiatric history of institutionalization. You seem to desperately hope that Zack does kill himself, as that would be ultimate ammunition in your psy-war against Gabe Hoffman. “Pathetic” does not begin to describe you.” 

Meanwhile, the pitiable Zack McQuaid made another ineffectual video that racked up 59 views (7 Likes, 14 Dislikes) from his 28 subscribers as of February 17, 2020. I wonder when Zack will get the message that tweeting and making videos is not an effective course of action in the real world.

Some people just cannot learn. 

Zack Quaid (Zack McQuaid), “The Isaac Kappy case meets Canadian Law -(QUAID),” YouTube, February 17, 2020. 


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