Saturday, April 18, 2020

Stinky Steve Outtrim: LIAR

Stinky Steve Outtrim Lies, Distorts, Twists, Diverts, & Distracts

Comments from CoronaVirus Updates (Thomas Schoenberger), "Jackie veers off the reservation once again," YouTube, April 14, 2020. 

Stinky Steve Outtrim twists and distorts statements to pound round facts into square holes. In this case, infamous for its simplicity and blunt evidence, Outtrim is exposed in a lie. 

By now, Stinky Steve's claim that I "revealed" that I was assigned to the Presidio of San Francisco in 1986, long a bullet-point on my public biography posted on LinkedIn, is a cornerstone of his perplexing narrative in support of Thomas Schoenberger, con-man, grifter, beggar-man, thief. 

The Defense Language Institute (DLI) had a satellite unit stationed at the Letterman Army Hospital facility on the Presidio of San Francisco in 1986, I was assigned to Co. H, as I learned my birth language (Spanish-Latin American) like a foreigner. German and Korean was also taught there. Letterman was on the opposite side of the base from the other units, like the PSYOP unit to which Aquino was assigned. You could say that we were isolated--in the middle of one of the great cities of America. 

Stupid Steve pretends that he maneuvered and outwitted me into divulging that I was assigned to the Presidio in 1986. "Smart Steve," he claims! 

Except, no: he was not so smart. 

Why Stinky Steve would mob up with the Schoenberger Crew, why he would associate with convicted felons using antisemitic hate speech, committing defamation, putting himself and his fortune at risk, is impossible to understand. 

Stupid Steve Outtrim is wealthy, and renown for his bizarre synaptic leaps analyzing parapolitics. Why would Silly Steve risk it all? 

I ask this question all the time, and I remain mystified. 

What is simple to understand is that Stinky Steve hates me. He absolutely despises me. 

Why? Let me count the ways. 

1. I call him names--like "Stinky Steve," a reference to his infamy in the Aussie press for bad body odor, obesity, and poor dental hygiene: just google "Steve Outtrim body odor" for yourself and see. I should not call him names. It is not nice. Sometimes I am not nice. 

2. I speculate about the likelihood that Stupid Steve will be sued for defamation and antisemitic hate speech. He really gets triggered by the possibility that he will have to retain expensive law firms to defend against such a case, inevitably leading to a pricy settlement, I suspect mostly because Stingy Steve is secretly a tightwad and hates wasting money on lawyers. 

Stupid Steve hopes that I have seen no documents related to a hypothetical case against him. He does not know. But that does not deter him from accusing me of "spreading lies," or characterizing me as a "researcher" when I never refer to myself that way, nor of pulling a whopper with his link to Bangkok. "Lies," Silly Steve? Like the lies that I detail in this article? Are you sure? Why would I speculate about a hypothetical lawsuit like this with no foundation? Right. I would not. But let me be crystal clear with you: I am not here to "demonstrate" anything to you. You do not like lies? Guess what. I do not like them either. And that is why I wasted my time today writing this stupid article. Because your malfeasance and personal corruption demanded it of me. Your lies. You wanted "muh citations." Here they are. Do you have the integrity to post the correction on your blog? Of course not. You parse your way through life, and you fool many, but you do not fool me. 

So many other examples of Slimy Steve Outtrim's antisemitism can be shared here, but why should I expose them? Better for them to be detailed in a hypothetical lawsuit. The truth is that Stupid Steve lacks the nuance to detect the antisemitism in himself. He counts the number of Jews that he knows, that he has known, that he ever interacted with, thinking that this is proof that he is not an antisemite. Sorry, Sorry Steve. You are an antisemite, I exposed it in you during our DM exchange, the complete text of which you still fail to publish. It does not matter to me. I am not seeking to persuade public opinion of your antisemitism. It will be adjudicated in a court of law under the provisions of hate speech, by lawyers--if a case ever makes it that far. My suspicion is that you will be compelled to make a very expensive deal to prevent that. But these are mere hypotheses--at this point. Maybe you would like to revisit the decision-making that compelled you to send me that fatuous article? Accusing the Jews of Satanism is one of the oldest historical tropes of all time, which you would know if your awareness extended beyond The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  

3. Stinky Steve considers me an apologist for Gabe Hoffman, financier and accused murderer of Crazy Isaac Kappy, whose death is still considered a suicide by authorities. I am cordial with Mr. Hoffman, but there is no financial relationship between us and we do not coordinate our activities.

Strictly speaking, we are not friends, nor associates, nor even colleagues. We know one another and we talk from time to time, as we share an antipathy to Stupid Steve Outtrim and Rotund Thomas Schoenberger. Suspicious Steve converts this into a conspiracy, because everything is a conspiracy for him. Everything.

I literally know none of the other personalities depicted on this despicable meme, which Slimy Steve retweets. I am not associated with Mossad, nor with CIA, nor with any of the financial titans shown here. I wish that I was. I live cautiously on a disability pension which Thomas Schoenberger is attempting to interfere with (and I hope that he does). Should Black Cube wish to put me on retainer I would be delighted. Contact info is at the left. Oh. Wait. Sawman and I had dinner one evening in 2004-5 in Bangkok. I exchanged emails with Arturo Tafoya and interviewed him in May, 2019. 

4. Stupid Steve considers me a Satanist--because Zionists are Satanic, I research Dr. John Dee, I expressed admiration for Dame Francis Yates, and--oh, yes--he claims that I call myself a "magician." That means that I am a "witch" and a "warlock," in Suspicious Steve's worldview. 

It is arguable that I can be labeled "Zionist," but anyone with the slightest sympathy for the state of Israel is suspect, and if Sloppy Steve knew that I served "alongside" Israeli special operators he would lose his shit. Sad Steve is not focused on precision here. 

In the example that I am addressing here, Simplistic Steve notes that the Satanic Ritual Abuse panic coincided in time and geography with my assignment to the Presidio, so he is not satisfied merely casting shade on me: I was there, "alongside" LTC Michael Aquino, I must surely be implicated. This is how un-sublime Simple Steve's thinking is. 

But Obtuse Outtrim goes even further. He claims that I knew LTC Michael Aquino, and that I knew the location of his cubicle and his duty status.

All false. I not only was not acquainted with LTC Michael Aquino, despite our contemporaneous assignment to the same military base in 1986, I did not know the location of his putative cubicle (if he even had one), nor was I conversant with his duty status (though it was certainly feasible to make assumptions). 

All false. I made no such statement. Here are my precise words: 

"I get connected to Aquino because we were both assigned to the Presidio in 1986? It was a military base! Aquino had a cubicle! He was a reservist!" 

That is all that I said. 

Stupid Steve twisted this statement into this:

"Thanks for revealing that you were at the Presidio in 1986 when the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children at the base day care center was happening & that you knew Michael Aquino so well that you knew the location of his cubicle and his duty status. Sure seems like a connection to me." 

All a fabrication, all a concoction, and all, as I said, Obtuse Outtrim pounding round facts into square holes, twisting and distorting my statements to support his preconceived notions and misinformed narrative. 

In the end, we see another co-conspirator in the Schoenberger Crew, Ridiculous Rebecca Morgan, retweeting me as I rebutted Stupid Steve. 

We see Gabe Hoffman suing Sad Zack McQuaid in Toronto. Will Rude Rebecca Morgan be next? 

Finally--the question that really matters: will Slimy Steve Outtrim be sued?

Magic 8-Ball says that it is probable.

Septic Steve hates it when his own methods are used against him. These are the exact sort of weird synaptic leaps that he should file a patent for on his website. 

Samizdat, "midnight vultures - boomerang," YouTube, April 18, 2020.

midnight vultures - boomerang