Monday, March 20, 2017

Convene a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance

Finally, InfoWars publishes proof of suspicion-less mass surveillance of Americans. 

And this will be just the tip of the iceberg. FBI, CIA and NSA will deny everything, they will demand proof, they will admit nothing and then they will make counteraccusations all day long. Some of us went to the same schools. We know their dance. 

But here is evidence. And more will come. 

There are patriots in the ranks of these intelligence agencies. They will leak. 

Time to convene a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance, and bring all of these agencies to heel. Cut their head counts. Cut their budgets. Audit their black budgets, demand accountability. 

The last time that America had hearings on the intelligence community was 1976. We are due. These agencies and the mandarins that run them have been running amok. They are a threat to democracy, they are a threat to we, the people, they have all of us under suspicion-less surveillance, they hoard our data in gigantic databases and they query it at their will, sharing it among agencies like never before. 

They are engaged in a massive project to surveil the planet using FVEY. No one audits FVEY. There is no oversight over it, and no one, in fact, actually controls it. The only control that NSA wields over FVEY comes from its funding which uses unaccountable black budgets, and again, there is no oversight. Zero oversight. 

Time to drag these agencies out into the harsh glare of full sunlight, and time to depose the slimeballs who built FVEY. 

Time to depose Mr. William Binney before Congress under oath. He can set the table, and explain which scumbags need to be deposed. Mr. Binney has been talking himself blue in the face over the violations of the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment, the serial billions of felonies committed by the intelligence community every month. 

And then all the Michael Haydens and the Keith Alexanders can be introduced to the American people. We deserve to know who perpetrated the worst violations of American civil liberties in the history of the Republic. 

And then they need to be prosecuted and imprisoned. In real prisons. 


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