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David Seaman on the Historical Rothschilds

This video was posted by David Seaman a few weeks ago on May 29, 2017. It is an important video, for various reasons, so I gist it here and I quote liberally from David Seaman as he talks about the Rothschild banking family. 

At the time of this review this video on YouTube was seen by 17,372 viewers, and David Seaman had more than 150,184 subscribers. 

Mr. Seaman made this video on Memorial Day, 2017. He says that Memorial Day is a fitting time to discuss “the most manipulative and evil family on the planet, according to some researchers." 

Mr. Seaman says that the Rothschild family has benefited from a blanket media coverup for years, and that this media coverup is one of the “greatest conspiracies in history.” 

Then Mr. Seaman pauses and he asks his viewers to keep a thought in mind, while we watch this video: “a good currency is mined. A bad currency mines you.”

Mr. Seaman says that this video will be a “worthwhile rabbit hole,”  for us, and he hopes that we will write articles or make our own videos incorporating these ideas to take them viral. 

Well, here we go. 

Mr. Seaman says that Buzzfeed back in February published a hit piece targeting him, “How YouTube Serves as the Content Engine of the Internet’s Dark Side,” written by Joe Bernstein

Mr. Seaman pulls no punches: he says, “Joe Bernstein is a total piece of garbage, he is a bad human being,” explaining that Bernstein writes establishment pablum that is “on the wrong side of history.” 

The lede for this article runs, “Everyone knows that Twitter and Facebook spread bad information and hate speech. But YouTube, which pays for conspiracy theories seen by millions, may be even worse.” 

So Buzzfeed conflates Mr. Seaman and YouTube, claiming that they are an evil hybrid that flogs hateful content.

Establishment media, which Mr. Bernstein slavishly serves, is flapping around as it seeks to compete with alternative media, which flourishes primarily on YouTube. 

It can be said that Mr. Seaman is an alternative media icon, and there is no question that alternative media is eclipsing establishment media, illustrated by the fact that you are reading this article. You will not read this content in The New York Times

Bernstein’s article opens with, “David Seaman is the PizzaGate King of the internet.” Then Bernstein cites Mr. Seaman’s “66,000” followers on Twitter, (@d_seaman), which are now some 66,200, which is better than admitting that some 150,184 viewers subscribe to Mr. Seaman on YouTube.

Then Bernstein sets up the hit, saying that Mr. Seaman posts about “the secret cabal—including Rothschilds, Satanists, and the other nabobs of the New World Order—behind the nation’s best-known, super-duper-secret child sex ring under a DC pizza parlor.”

I previously posted a gisted transcript of a video by David Seaman with the title, "David Seaman, Revolutionary." That video addresses Bitcoin and the Luciferian pedophile elites in finance, media, Hollywood, and politics. 

Right. Mr. Seaman explains, “PizzaGate was never the claim that Hillary Clinton was slaughtering kids underneath a DC pizza shop.” 

This is an habitual mischaracterization, as nobody, no PizzaGate researcher, insists that a child sex ring is concealed in the nonexistent basement of Comet Ping Pong and Pizza, and no PizzaGate researcher claims that Hillary Clinton is slaughtering children beneath it. 

Critics insist that we do, however, so that they can disprove the fake contention and then claim that the entire PizzaGate conspiracy is false. 

Falsely reframing PizzaGate is how most mainstream media begins, “PizzaGate is fake news,” they proclaim, as if they are following a script. 

When you examine the Podesta WikiLeaks, when you read emails from innumerable journalists shamelessly colluding with the Clinton campaign, you realize that they probably are following a script. 

There is no question that they are aping talking points that are orchestrated for them. It is obvious. 

Mr. Seaman advises us that these campaigns are designed to redirect viewers and readers away from the WikiLeaks emails, which are the real basis for PizzaGate

But just a moment—what does Bernstein call out, even before that fake claim? 

The Rothschild family. Even before Seaman’s “satanic videos are mocked,” Bernstein defends the Rothschilds

Mr. Seaman asks, “so why do the Rothschilds specifically have to be protected here, even before my Satanic videos are mocked? It is the Rothschild claim that he first has to call out as intrinsically ridiculous.” 

Mr. Seaman dismisses the Buzzfeed article and Mr. Bernstein as “a dumb hit piece written by a dumb man, who will be forgotten by history.” Indeed, I am already forgetting them both, and I am sure that you are, as well.

Mr. Seaman reminds us that Sidney Blumenthal authored numerous emails that were captured in the Podesta WikiLeaks. Mr. Blumenthal also collaborated on ghostwritten articles intended for publication in mainstream media, mocking the notion that the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and the Soros families exercise undue influence over American policies. 

Mr. Seaman then points out that Hillary’s personal calendar was published, and she was meeting often with members of the Soros family, with Rockefellers, and with Lady Lynn de Rothschild.  

Then Mr. Seaman asks why Lady Lynn de Rothschild blocked him on Twitter, observing that she “looks like a demented snowcrab.” He continues, “that is unusual, when Sydney Blumenthal makes it look like it is the most delusional conspiracy on the planet, that there are a handful of ruling families, so much wealthier than the rest of us.” 

“They buy politicians, they crisscross the globe in private jets, and when they get bored, they rape kids, they have weird occult rituals where they rape babies and young children on top of actual handkerchiefs, then they save the handkerchiefs as a kind of sick souvenir.” 

This infamous show flier from Comet Ping Pong features the pedophile art of Kim Noble, a favorite of the Podestas and James Alefantis. A handkerchief can be seen beneath the infant rape victim on the right. 

Mr. Seaman says that such people think that they are above the law, they think that they are almost a different species from the rest of us, really disgusting and predatory people.

Mr. Seaman says that this is what happens when generational, inherited money enables a small cabal of families to wield undue influence over modern politics. 

Mr. Seaman then asks us, his viewers, to tweet to Lady Rothschild, the demented snow crab, and ask her why she is blocking adversarial journalists from her twitterfeed.

In case any of us do not know who Mr. Seaman is talking about, he explains the origins of the Rothschild family, straight out of their Wiki

Mr. Seaman says that Mayer Amschel Rothschild was a Jew who lived in the Judengasse, the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt. Through his banking activities, however, he gained great influence. 

Mr. Seaman then trots out perhaps the worst Rothschild quote, one which is attributed to Mayer Rothschild, but remains controversial, due to its unconfirmed sourcing. 

“Let me issue and control a nation’s money, and I care not who writes the laws.” 

Mr. Seaman observes that the Rothschilds realized that not only do you have to control the money of a nation, you also have to control its politicians. 

Mr. Seaman says, “Without owning the politicians, the people will switch to new forms of money, or they will revert back to gold and silver, so you always need to control the politicians, through blackmail, and through bribery, and through outright ownership, by being the biggest benefactors of their campaigns.”  

Mr. Seaman then tells us that at certain times, he gets a flash or an insight, and he can sometimes see deep into the future. He says, “I have seen this. I have seen the public outrage in the near future against these Rothschilds and against Soros, I have seen this one.”

He continues, “The amount of public outrage is like nothing that these people ever planned for before, because they really did not expect the whole internet to figure out what they are about. John Podesta’s emails, and Hillary Clinton’s emails, are disastrous to the ambitions of these families.” 

Mr. Seaman says that he has “seen this specifically, that the Rothschild banking cartel, will be brought down, their assets will be seized, the public will turn against them to such an extent that they will have to go into hiding. These are very bad people in my opinion, and it is all basically in the open.” 

Mr. Seaman then explains that “the elite families were very smart, to have a member of the Vanderbilt ruling family, Anderson Cooper, Anderson Vanderbilt, it was very smart to have him as an anchor on CNN for years.” 

“It was very smart to have George Stephanopoulos, an anchor on ABC for years, who is completely owned by the Clintons, completely their bitch, great to have a man like that in the mainstream media, ABC is one of the country’s largest television networks, there are people on the Today Show, at NBC, who are equally owned, so the elites were very intelligent to basically own the media, right?” 

Mr. Seaman continues, “Lady Rothschild, the woman who blocked me on Twitter, she is the publisher and owner of The Economist magazine, which has been very anti-Trump and very pro-Hillary. So again, these were smart people to buy up our media, so they could basically silence any claims made about their family, but they do not control the internet.”

“The internet is too big,” he says, “and it is not only internet media that threatens them, internet currency threatens them. The internet is a function jump in technology that they are not prepared for, and it is fucking them right and left, pardon my French.”

Mr. Seaman is referring of course to Bitcoin and to other cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology. The blockchain makes central banks obsolete and irrelevant

Eliminating the central banks from transactions undermines fiat currencies, fiat currencies issued by governments under a debt paradigm. This incidentally liberates everyone using cryptocurrencies from the debt prison created by those fiat currencies, making both fractional reserve banking and the ornately printed rectangles of paper that fuel the global economy irrelevant.

Mr. Seaman then cites another infamous Rothschild quote, which again, is doubtfully sourced. “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets,” Mr. Rothschild was alleged to proclaim. “The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” 

Mr. Seaman then proceeds to read more quotes from the Rothschild clan.  

“If my sons did not want war, there would be none.” 

He states that there are allegations that the Rothschilds profited from funding both sides during WWI and WWII. 

Pausing to drink his covfefe, Mr. Seaman then tells us that David Brock and Lynn de Rothschild are very close. He explains that David Brock is the former boyfriend of James Alefantis

Lady Lynn de Rothschild left, while David Brock speaks from the stairs at a dinner party. This photo is from the Instagram feed of James Alefantis, erstwhile boyfriend of David Brock, of PizzaGate infamy.

Mr. Seaman says that this photo puts Lady Rothschild just one step away from Media Matters and the other propaganda firms that protect the Rothschild, the Soros, and the Clinton families, from criticism. 

Mr. Seaman reminds us that the pedophile epidemic is very real. 

Mr. Seaman says that these families buy politicians. And he points out that Lady Rothschild appears on the personal Instagram of James Alefantis, as depicted above. 

“What these elites do, because they have so much money, and so much time, because they are so delusional, they think that they have been gifted this money by a cosmic being, they are very strange people. They crisscross the globe in their private jets, they buy politicians.” 

Then Mr. Seaman reminds us that Lady Rothschild held a $100,000 per plate dinner for Hillary Clinton.

An excerpted email from the Podesta archive on WikiLeaks. The email can be found by searching 

According to many researchers on the internet, Mr. Seaman says, these ruling families also indulge in occult practices that include pedophilia, talking again about the handkerchief ritual. 

Mr. Seaman then digresses to discuss Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island. He says that the Clinton family is believed to have visited Pedo Island more than 20 times collectively. 

“Do you know how many times a family should visit pedo island? Zero times. That is not normal.”

Mr. Seaman drinks more covfefe. 

A viewer asks, “What else do we know about their bizarre religion?” Mr. Seaman says that “some of these people consider themselves pre-Adamite, they believe that they are a species or a people that came before Adam and Eve.” 

“Weird people,” he continues, “to say the least, anybody who would rape a child on top of a handkerchief is very strange to begin with, but I can assure you that if you take a DNA sample, they are just people.”

In this depiction of pedophile rape of an infant, artist Kim Noble again includes a handkerchief, this one blue, beneath the figure of the victim. 

Mr. Seaman says that these elite banking families made up these myths so that their heritage can be traced back to the gods. 

“They own so much of the $USD and so much of the €Euro, these artificial tokens that by law, we are all forced to use as currency. They own so much of it, and they have concentrated that wealth multigenerational.” 

These are multigenerational families, he says, they have been sharing secrets for generations and solidifying their wealth for generations. He tells us that the Rothschilds concentrated their wealth by limiting inheritance only to male heirs. 

“It has been argued that Hollywood has actually warned us about this cult, this secret society, which people allege is led by the Rothschilds, and a handful of other über-wealthy families, families so wealthy that they intentionally keep themselves off the Fortune and the Forbes lists. That is only for the merchant class.” 

He concludes, “They try to keep things under wraps.”

Then he says, “Some people have argued that the movie The Dark Knight,” continuing, “Chris Nolan is a very smart director, he is kind of like the Stanley Kubrick of our time,” he says that Mr. Nolan puts out popular blockbusters, “but they explore very complex topics.” 

He continues, “Chris Nolan is a very smart director,” and many others have argued, he says, that the character of Ra's al Ghul in the Dark Knight trilogy, “is kind of an analogy for what this cult is, the ideology is very similar, depopulation, it is very dark, this cult in real life is Luciferian, so they believe that depopulation would please the cosmic being that they worship, and they believe things like child rape, child torture, can increase their spiritual power.” 

Mr. Seaman tells us, “These crazy elites really believe that they can be favored by certain cosmic beings, if they make human sacrifices or torture certain innocent young children.” Mr. Seaman says that a friend of his is very wealthy, and he has rubbed shoulders with people who are privy to some of these secret societies.

Mr. Seaman says that the way that his friend described it was, “we live in a techno-Mayan civilization.” Mr. Seaman drinks more covfefe as he digresses and he rants about the paid trolls who are plaguing his feed.

“So, yeah. It is a techno-Mayan civilization,” he says. 

Mr. Seaman continues, “We have smart phones, we have the internet, great cars, and of course we have air travel, and because of those things we assume that we are so modern and advanced, we have the Civil Rights Act of 1964.” 

Mr. Seaman concludes, “These are distractions.” The elites are as bloodthirsty as when the Conquistadors encountered the Mayans and the Aztecs sacrificing humans for spiritual reasons. 

Mr. Seaman explains that the elite class has not really evolved that much, and “some of these sickos really do believe that they gain power by harming the young and the innocent. And that is simple reality, it is simple fact.”

Mr. Seaman then tells us that Dr. Phil had a victim of elite Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) on his show. Aside from what we may think about him, Mr. Seaman says, Dr. Phil is a well regarded and licensed psychologist. Dr. Phil said, on his nationally syndicated TV show, after hearing the horrors that his guest was subjected to, that he believed her

Mr. Seaman says, Dr. Phil is saying that elite SRA is real. And of course it is. There are former FBI and CIA officials on YouTube who talk about this. The media covers it up, but the ruling banking families control the media. 

Mr. Seaman brings up an older photo showing the Rothschilds and the Clinton family. He says that they essentially buy who they want to be president, because they have that much money. 

Hillary Clinton, Sir Evelyn Rothschild, Bill Clinton, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. 

Mr. Seaman says that he has walked us through it, this is allegedly what the Rothschilds are about. 

Mr. Seaman says that the best way to break free of them is Bitcoin. They do not understand the internet, social media, nor cryptocurrency. They did not buy an early sizable portion of Bitcoin or Ether so they do not control it, and that really fucks them over long term, he says.

Once Millennials learn how corrupt our political and financial systems are, Mr. Seaman says, citing the cold blooded murder of Seth Rich, they will wake up to what a scam they are, and they will no longer use them. 

We can educate each other, Mr. Seaman says, and if we all flock to Bitcoin, they are royally fucked. He says that the financial elites will crash our fiat currencies at some point, and create new fiat currencies, new rectangles of paper. He reminds us, a good currency is mined, a bad currency mines you.

A Bitcoin, he says, mathematically fucks them the most. A Bitcoin is a central bank in a box, only without the Rothschilds. Mr. Seaman says that if you are terrified of Bitcoin, because you do not understand it, gold and silver do the same thing. 

Mr. Seaman then cites Lynn de Rothschild’s tweet condemning John Podesta.

Lady Lynn de Rothschild appears to be vexed with John Podesta. 

Mr. Seaman reminds us that the Rothschilds fund human atrocities like the Clinton family. 

Mr. Seaman says that he does not advocate mob justice or vigilante justice, but he would like to see members of the Rothschild cabal brought in for trial by any leading government, and be brought to account. 

This is why Rothschild defenders attack anyone in the media who exposes them, he says, or anyone that attacks the Federal Reserve, or the Clinton family. It is very real. 

The whole world is going to know what the Rothschilds are, Mr. Seaman promises. The whole fucking world. 

“Why do they all look so drained and evil?” He asks why cannot the “demented snow crab Lady Rothschild go to Walgreens and buy some moisturizer?”

Mr. Seaman closes with a cartoon of the Rothschild pig feeding piglets.

This screenshot by MEMRI is from an episode of Russian TV's Channel 1 on April 2, 2017.

There are 7 billion of us, Mr. Seaman says, and we are coming for the Rothschild family. 

Mr. Seaman states that millions of us are soon going to demand that our governments bring them to trial. 

Winding down, Mr. Seaman says that the elites are not building a better future for us. They are building a better future for themselves. We do not believe them anymore. We do not believe their media anymore. 

Mr. Seaman says that elite banking families like the Rothschilds live in secrecy, they hate being talked about. When Mr. Seaman first began talking about them, he says, a random troll told him, “there are some families whose privacy needs to be protected.” 

And that is  wrap. 


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