Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance and Other Activities

"America is tired of being controlled by a small group of unaccountable, incompetent, greedy, unethical crooks running around stealing everything in sight."
-Mike Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg 

Convene a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance and Other Intelligence Activities, and do it now, to put the intelligence community on trial. 

We must slash its unaccountable black budgets, we must audit every black cent spent, and we must expose the cult of secrecy which has abused the trust of the American people and funded FVEY and allied SIGINT agencies as they surveil our own president. 

The American people are under surveillance by this global monstrosity. The American intelligence community can claim that it does not surveil Americans, and it may even be true, much of the time. But it does not need to. It has access to the reporting streams from allied agencies which are under no constitutional limitations, and they do target American citizens. 

The surveillance of General Mike Flynn is an instructive example. As Judge Andrew Napolitano​ revealed a month ago, Flynn and Donald Trump himself were surveilled and targeted by GCHQ, and the SIGINT agencies of Poland and Estonia. Estonia. Yes, Estonia. Think on that. 

President Donald J. Trump​ himself was advised of this surveillance by Bibi Netanyahu, whose national SIGINT agency, Unit 8200, enjoys unredacted and non-minimized access to raw data streams. President Trump obviously cannot out Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו​. 

But now he knows. And this surveillance continues. And it includes every single one of us. We are all under surveillance. Indeed, more Americans are surveilled than Iranians, Syrians, Russians, Chinese, or North Koreans. 

If NSA were carrying out its statutory responsibilities, these countries would all be wrapped in a blanket of surveillance. Instead, the NSA has Narus devices tapping the fiber cables in switching facilities clustered across North America, where it can monitor the internet traffic of the domestic US population. 

You scoff? Mr. Snowden released PowerPoint decks that confirm it. It was these PowerPoint slides that deeply angered Mr. William Binney, who surely knows more about these matters than anyone else in the world. And Mr. Binney straight out warned us that there can be no purpose to such surveillance beside mass control of populations. 

This is where we are. This is why the Trump administration proposed federal funding slashing budgets for government agencies wholesale, excepting DOD, some DHS agencies, and DOJ. 

Because slashing black budgets is the only way to get the intelligence community back under control. Slashing black budgets will force those agencies to focus on statutory missions, and eliminate atrocities like CIA standing up a parallel SIGINT capability that competes directly with NSA, as exposed by the Vault 7 breaches on WikiLeaks. 

The deep state may have finally gotten too big for its britches, it can no longer be concealed, it no longer operates solely in the dark. We see its outlines, we see its malign moves, we now understand that there are puppeteers pulling strings, we see its orchestration of the dinosaur media, its sustained campaigns targeting our own elected president. 

The establishment, for want of a better term, is united in its opposition to President Trump, simply because he is not Hillary Clinton, and he will not rubber-stamp the sick aspirations of the neocon cabals pushing America into endless war. 

If these patriots, as they style themselves, loved America truly, they would respect the electoral decision that we made on November 8, and they would support our chosen president. 

Instead, they try to tear him down, they oppose him, they target his National Security Advisor, who knows more about them than we do, and they pushed him out because he planned to reorganize American intelligence back into a facsimile of its statutory design. 

I could go on. But I think that I have made my point. 

There is a dark, deep state. We see its actions. It is not elected. It persists across administrations from both sides of the electoral divide, and it serves itself. It does not serve we, the people. 

We must convene a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance and Other Intelligence Activities or brace ourselves for an inevitable 2d American Revolution. Because patriots will not stand for the current state of affairs to continue for much longer. 

Indeed, the intelligence community is now searching for true patriots who are leaking to WikiLeaks, and to InfoWars, and to 4chan. Yes, 4chan. 

I cannot believe that I am even writing these words. 

May God save the Republic. 

ETA: Edited 15 May 2017 to make minor cosmetic grammatical corrections. 


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