Friday, November 17, 2017

The Neoliberal War on WikiLeaks

The truth is here: If you have the stomach to read it for yourself. No one can make you read the Podesta emails. But once you do, you can never unsee what they tell you. This is the deep state, illustrated. 

Political partisans at the Freedom of the Press Foundation are waging war on WikiLeaks because Assange exposed Hillary and he told us the truth about what her people were saying and doing. 

These critics are confused. Assange did not support Trump, and it illuminates their confusion that they are convinced that he did. Partisan politics is their prism and it blinds them. 

Assange condemned Hillary by exposing her conspiracies. The only sin that Assange committed was he told us the truth. 

Anyone who reads the Podesta leaks in particular understands that WikiLeaks performed a service for humanity. 

For the first time ever we got a shocking glimpse into the machinations of the deep state. 

The writers of this article dismiss the murder of Seth Rich as a conspiracy theory, a "discredited conspiracy theory," in fact. They condemn Assange for offering $20,000 for the exposure of his murderers. Apparently they already forgot what their neoliberal icon Seymour Hersh said about it. Watch carefully at the 1:00 mark: Assange gently nods when he is asked if Seth Rich was a WikiLeaks source. A body language tell? Watch it again. 

They are strangely smug for people who can be eviscerated when Assange proves that Russia was not his source by simply publishing documents. How I wish that Assange would quit mucking around and just do it. 

Those of us who have done our homework and who recognize their partisan politicking for what it is are dismissed. They simply omit to say the word "deplorables." 

These are the same people who dismiss PizzaGate as a discredited claim that Hillary sacrifices children in the basement of Comet Pizza and Ping Pong, when that is not what PizzaGate alleges at all. They know it. They are waging war. 

These are people who defend pedophiles. These are people who bitch because Assange told us the truth about their entitled goddess. These are people who bitch that we perceive the pedophile code in the emails. We did not write those emails. We just read them. They say what they say.

These people oppose WikiLeaks, because it dared follow the material where it led, and in telling the world the truth, it deviated from neoliberal orthodoxy. 

They condemn Assange for his personal failings. So he is an imperfect hero. We have to take what we can get, and I refuse to live in the fantasy that these people concocted for us. They do not get to dictate to me how I live, or how I believe. They certainly do not get to determine which facts that I choose to analyze, nor my conclusions.

Facts are facts. Documents are documents. Truth is truth. We can read for ourselves. We know what the Podesta Files say. It is not our fault that these fools chose to mob up with an alleged pedophile facilitator, and I will point them to the immortal words of Andrew Breitbart: "What's in your closet, John Podesta, big Podesta?"

Indeed. What is in his closet? Why is the Podesta lobbying firm imploding and collapsing after a mere glance from the independent prosecutor, the independent prosecutor that their loyalists appointed, Mr. Mueller?

Pedophilia and political murder is what these people support. They think that by vilifying WikiLeaks that they can turn back the clock and those incriminating emails will magically unread themselves. 

That is not the real world that we live in. Our real world is an ugly place, mostly because people like this are running around deciding what the rest of us get to know. 

Not here. Not on this page. I concur that Assange is an imperfect hero, much like Snowden, much like Trump himself. We have to take what we get. 

These men informed us. They told us the truth. Assange's critics are angry at the conclusions that we reached, because they are convinced against all evidence that Hillary was our foreordained solution. Thank God that she was defeated.

I do not care if they cut off WikiLeaks. I will send WikiLeaks Bitcoin from my own meager stash, because WikiLeaks is the lone media outlet that has a track record of dispensing simple truth. 

CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post all stand discredited and exposed as deep state propaganda organs in the worst traditions of Pravda and Izvestia. Only WikiLeaks simply told us the truth. 

This is not about politics, though they will never understand that. As I say, they are blinded by their partisan prism. This is about truth, and fact, and reality. 

The strings connecting them to their puppet masters are showing. We see them. 

Monday, October 23, 2017

My New Book, A Tale of the Grenada Raiders, is Out on Amazon

The cover of A Tale of the Grenada Raiders, Amazon Digital Services LLC, 2017. Available now as an eBook on the Kindle Store, and in softcover from Amazon. Apple iBooks is accepting preorders for electronic delivery on November 25, 2017. Coming soon as an AudioBook. 

In commemoration of our blessed dead 34 years ago in Operation Urgent Fury, I publish my war memoir, A Tale of the Grenada Raiders

Twenty six years in the making, I wrote the first stanzas of this highly personal chronicle of Rangers at war in 1991, after I resigned from DEA. 

The manuscript evolved over the decades. I long called it Learning the Language of Nightmares. Then I called it Idioms of Dreams. As I went to print, I decided to title it A Tale of the Grenada Raiders: Memories in the Idioms of Dreams, because that is what it is. 

This memoir is difficult to classify, but at its foundation, it is an eyewitness history of Rangers during the invasion of revolutionary Grenada in 1983. 

I returned to the manuscript over the years, layering on lacquers of meaning, until health challenges two years ago scared me. That lit a fire under me, and I finalized the manuscript feeling the hot breath of the Reaper on my neck. 

I have long lived on borrowed time. I should have died many times over the years, and I recount several of those moments in this very strange book about war. I do not believe that luck is the reason that I am still alive to write these words. 

None of us can foretell the future, but I know that divine intervention and the Big Ranger in the Sky have a plan for me, and my purpose in this incarnation is not yet complete. 

Publishing this book is part of His plan, and I did not want to die without publishing this manuscript. Now it is done. It is a milestone for me. And the Reaper is that much closer on my trail. He will catch me soon enough. 

A Tale recounts what it was like to go to combat for the first time as a young Ranger, and I make some of the Rangers from my unit famous. They needed to be immortalized. 

For me, combat was very much an initiation, and a critical factor in the evolution of my personal mysticism. 

I served with giants, some of the Rangers that I served with played critical roles in American special operations in later years. Some of those Rangers are still serving, one of them at the pinnacle of the Special Operations Command. 

Lushly illustrated, you could almost call A Tale a picture book. Rangers love photographs, mostly because we are not supposed to take photographs, so these photos were also individual acts of rebellion. 

As every person named in the narrative had an opportunity to review the manuscript before publication, the consequence was a deluge of corrections and additional information. My Ranger brothers caught many errors.

I use the real names of the protagonists, and I include photographs of them all. The events transpired precisely as I recount them, with a couple of exceptions that I address in captions to photos and later, in Tales of the Rangers

As the narrative grew, I had to split off bridge chapters connecting Ranger stories to Snowcap stories into a separate book, so the companion memoir The Rosetta Stone of Memories will be published in 2018. 

The Rosetta Stone of Memories is mostly complete. I need to polish it, to shellac its deeper layers of meaning, and I need to curate photos and documents that I collected as the years went by. 

Many of the stories that Rangers told on our secret Facebook pages, on SOCNET, and on over the years, are now captured in Tales of the Rangers, the third volume in the trilogy, which is forecasted for publication in 2019. 

Tales of the Rangers is the book that the Ranger community actually wants. It is an anthology of stories from Ranger oral histories that Rangers told to other Rangers over campfires deep in the South Ranier Training Area since the early 1980's. 

Tales of the Rangers is now up to 777 pages, and I estimate that it is 75% complete. It will exceed 1,000 pages when I finalize it. Many Rangers contributed testimonies. Tales of the Rangers is their book, written by them. I am just the messenger. 

I hope that you like A Tale of the Grenada Raiders. It is an idiosyncratic memoir, so some may find it controversial. I am sure that it will have critics, and some Rangers did disagree with some of my recollections during the review period. I address Ranger controversies in the Forward and the Afterward, and in detail in Tales of the Rangers

A Tale of the Grenada Raiders is an unprecedented glimpse into warfare at the grunt level, so readers fascinated by militaria will enjoy it. But it is unlike any other personal account of war that I ever read, and I read many of them. I had no option but to write this memoir in my own way. 

I do hope that those of you who read it will review it, anonymously or not, on its Amazon sales pages. If you hate it, you can say so. If you like it, I will be grateful. So far the book has garnered eight 5-star reviews on the Kindle page, and two 5-star reviews on the softcover order page. Thank you, friends. 

In the end, all that a writer truly wants is to be read. Many writers are never read, their words consigned to oblivion. Others are only discovered posthumously. So be it. 

A Tale of the Grenada Raiders is available in both Kindle eBook and softcover through Amazon. The book is published in 8.5x11 inches large format, full color. At 377 pages, the physical softcover weighs 2.4lbs. It is a big book. 

Apple is accepting preorders for electronic delivery on November 25, 2017 on iBooks. As I get caught up, I will also release A Tale in audio format, as an AudioBook. I will read every word aloud myself. 

For those of you who waited for this book, I thank you for your patience. For those of you who read it, I am grateful for your time, for your consciousness, and for your eyeballs. 

Young Rangers died in combat on revolutionary Grenada. I hope that this book is a worthy memorial of them. 

Doc T sends. 

Updated 6 November, 2017.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

On the Pedophile Pandemic 48 Fín

Rose McGowan finally said the word "pedos," but she qualified it by saying "alleged pedos." I am sure that her lawyers insisted on that. Harvey Weinstein is barely the surface of the sexual abuse iceberg in Hollywood. If Harvey was smart, he would burn down that entire industry by naming names. He could give us a bigger, better target. And he could redeem himself. 

On the Pedophile Pandemic

My long series on the pedophile pandemic began back on September 9, when I published “The Great Pedophile Coverup.”

  1. The Great Pedophile Coverup
  1. Pizzagate: The Protagonists
  1. The Problematic Breitbart Tweets
  1. Resuming Our Dive Into the Pedophile Abyss
  1. Debunking Aside, Pedophile Arrests Continue
  1. The Pedophocracy, by David McGowan
  1. Craig Spence: Washington Call Boy Madame
  1. Operation FLICKER
  1. Systemic, Satanic Pedophilia in the UK
  1. The Despicable Case of Jimmy Savile
  1. The Dutroux Affair
  1. Excerpt: Der Spiegel Interviews Michel Nihoul
  1. The Franklin Coverup
  1. Evidence of Epidemic Pedophilia
  1. Defenders of Pedophilia
  1. The Presidio Child Molestation Case
  1. McMartin Preschool Abuse Scandal
  1. The Strange Case of the Finders
  1. Back in the USA
  1. The Hastert Affair
  1. Endless Establishment Pedophiles
  1. Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig
  1. The Sickening Sandusky Case
  1. Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island”
  1. The Insane Case of Carlos Danger
  1. Hollywood Pedophilia
  1. Smoke in the Sacristy
  1. Vatican Harbors Pedophile Clerics
  1. The Catholic Pedophile Epidemic Continues
  1. Movies on the Catholic Pedophile Menace
  1. Institutionalized Pedophilia in the Church
  1. Catholic Pedophile Priests on Guam
  1. Pedophilia is Not Just Catholic
  1. Resuming the Survey of Catholic Pedophiles
  1. Catholic Church Sex Crimes Are Global
  1. More Offshoots of Operation FLICKER
  1. More US Pedophilia
  1. The Singular Reporting of Dr. Lori Handrahan
  1. Dr. Lori Handrahan Continues
  1. A Litany of Pedophiles
  1. Not All Pedophiles Are Male
  1. More Establishment Elite Pedophiles
  1. Wealth Status Secrecy: Jared Fogle, Pedophile
  1. Pedophile Scouts of America
  1. Epic Dimensions of the Pedophile Epidemic
  1. Normalization of Pedophilia
  1. Solutions for Pandemic Pedophilia

Make no mistake: researching this long series was difficult emotionally for me. This is very dark, dark subject matter, and it is not healthy, in my opinion, to focus on this subject to the exclusion of all else. 

In 47 installments, I addressed the pedophile pandemic as best that I could, given my resources, both external and internal. 

I was helped along the way by commenters, correspondents and redditors in the Conspiracy reddit. Some critics on reddit caught some sloppy research that I did, and they held me culpable. I fixed it, but they taught me a lesson. 

You cannot make the slightest error, and you absolutely cannot cite a questionable news source, because sharp eyed readers will catch it, and lone mistakes can give critics a pretext to undermine the entirety of your research. 

And as always, my faithful readers on my Facebook rant page that feeds to this website supported me and pointed me at links that I missed. I deeply appreciate their emotional support. My rant page is populated by many former special operations personnel, and we all share a worldview: a warrior worldview. 

I also encountered allies in the Fulcrum News Slack channel

But I first observed there that trolls with a pro-pedophile agenda lurk in cyberspace. They minimize and distract from pedophile reporting. I can only speculate on their motives. Are they themselves in the grip of the evil compulsion of pedophilia? 

It would not surprise me. As you read this series, you are struck by the democratic nature of the pedophile perversion: you see lawyers, bureaucrats, military officers, executives, men and women, youths, and all manner of religious clerics and schoolteachers busted in the most heinous fashion with inexcusable hoards of child porn on their electronic devices. 

Pedophile partisans commenting on my posts on reddit first sought to persuade me that the Sandusky prosecution was unfair. I thanked them for their input, and I continued to march. They were persistent. 

Then pedophile advocates seized on a comment that I made in response to another comment on reddit, and they tried to twist my words. They claimed that I was myself a pedophile, and that my work was hypocritical. 


These people do not know me, they do not know the role that pedophilia played in my own life, and it was clear to me that they were acting from malign motives. 

My personal history is my own. I may someday write about my personal experience with pedophilia, but I hope not to. If certain folks want to walk down that path, we can go there. But they will not like it. 

I will not like it. 

I hope now to leave this subject, and I cringe every time that a well-meaning correspondent sends me a link to yet more incidents. I feel an obligation to comment and to post those links on my Facebook rant page, but I do not enjoy it, and I hope that with time that I will cease receiving those links. 

I have a book to publish, and I plan to focus on the final corrections to that manuscript so that I can publish it on the 25th of October, the anniversary of Operation Urgent Fury

That manuscript has been decades in development, and yet again, an emotionally fraught subject demanded long nights and years of writing. 

If you waded through these installments, I thank you. I expect no accolades or praise for doing this work, and I am surprised when I encounter someone who actually read all of it. This was a job, I started it, and I finished it. 

It needed to be done, I felt, as Dr. Lori Handrahan holds a singular position at the pinnacle of pedophile research, and I am sure that she feels lonely at times. 

I tried to help her by leaning on her pathbreaking research, and to cite her as a peerless authority on the topic, and to publicize her imminent book, Epidemic: America’s Trade in Child Rape. Published by Trine Day, it is scheduled to be released on the 20th of October. It is already available on Kindle, and on GoogleBooks

Anyone reading her book will immediately realize that her research is much more impeccable than mine, and she surely benefited from an editor and a marketing team. 

But I have done my best as a lone writer to focus sunlight on this sickening pandemic. By all means, I encourage everyone to buy Dr. Handrahan's book and to follow her on social media. 

And now, I leave the subject matter in her more capable hands. 

I want to move on to other topics.

Links in order of precedence. 

This is my final word on the pedophilia pandemic. 

Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing.