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Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig 22

The Pathetic Case of Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig. 

And then Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig (R-ID) resigned after his arrest at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on June 11, 2007 by an undercover officer investigating recurrent complaints of sexual misconduct in the toilets there. 

On August 8, 2007 Senator Craig pled guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct. His 10 day sentence was stayed, but he received a year of unsupervised probation and paid more than $500 in fines and fees. 

Disgraced Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, his booking photo. He is an alleged pedophile. 

In 1982, Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig was allegedly implicated in a scandal involving sex with underage male congressional pages, the same scandal that took the scalp of disgraced Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL). 

In October, 2006, 8 months before his arrest, Senator Wide Stance Craig was implicated in sexual trysts with gay men in a public toilet in Union Station in Washington, DC. 

Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig. An alleged pedophile. 

Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig announced his resignation from the Senate on September 1, 2007 at the old Boise Depot train station. No one asked him “how are the bathrooms?” there. 

The Idaho Statesman in December, 2007 published accounts by several gay men who alleged that Craig engaged in gay sex with them or hit on them. 

Quotes from the arrest report, obtained by Roll Call, make for creepy, weirdly funny reading. Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig is a card carrying exemplar of Haggard’s Law: 

“The likelihood of a person harboring secret desires to engage in sexual and / or romantic activities with members of the same sex is directly proportional to the frequency and volume of said person’s vocalized objections to homosexuality.”

“At 1216 hours, Craig tapped his right foot. I recognized this as a signal used by persons wishing to engage in lewd conduct. Craig tapped his toes several times and moves his foot closer to my foot.”

“I moved my foot up and down slowly. While this was occurring … The presence of others did not seem to deter Craig as he moved his right foot so that it touched the side of my left foot which was within my stall area.” 

“Craig then proceeded to swipe his hand under the stall divider several times.”

The undercover officer then held his police ID down by the floor so that Craig could see it. 

During an interview after his arrest, Senator Craig infamously stated “that he has a wide stance when going to the bathroom and that his foot may have touched mine.”

The Larry "Wide Stance" Craig Memorial Bathroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. 

Senator Craig will henceforth be known in perpetuity as Disgraced Senator “Wide Stance” Larry Craig. The public toilet at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is infamous, and a tourist destination in its own right.

Scene of the crime. The Larry "Wide Stance" Craig Memorial Toilet. 

The term “Wide Stance” entered the public lexicon, along with “toe-tapper.”

In 2015, the book by Henry Vinson, Confessions of a DC Madam: The Politics of Sex, Lies, and Blackmail was published, alleging that Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig was a “frequent flier of my escort service.”

It is important to remember that former Senator Larry Craig is an alleged pedophile, implicated in the Congressman Mark Foley Congressional Page Scandal, he is not a self-admitted pedophile nor a convicted pedophile. 

And yet, the establishment media insists that PedoGate is a conspiracy theory. 

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This is my 22d installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

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I will never understand how anyone can consider this a suitable location for a sexual tryst.

Endless Establishment Pedophiles 21

An Endless List of Establishment Pedophiles.

But former Speaker Hastert was not unique

Former Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds engaged in sexual relationships with teenaged Congressional male pages. He was censured by the House for a consensual sexual relationship with a 17 year old page, who allegedly described the interlude as “consensual and not intimidating.”

Gerry Studds, the first openly gay member of Congress, was also a pedophile. They look like this. Huffington Post

Congressman Studds is now remembered by history as the first openly gay member of Congress, not as a pedophile. He was outed when he was censured. 

Republican Congressman Mark Foley was forced to resign after lewd messages sent to teenaged male pages were uncovered. In the course of the ultimately unsuccessful investigation into the misconduct of Congressman Foley, Congressman Jim Kolbe was also accused of pedophilia with a 16 year old page. 

Congressman Foley resigned in the aftermath, ironically marking the end of Speaker Dennis Hastert’s reign as House Speaker. A Republican staffer to Representative Tom Reynolds, Mr. Kirk Fordham, was also caught up in the scandal, resigning after asking ABC News not to report the contents of the explicit communications. 

Mr. Fordham was formerly Congressman Foley’s chief of staff. Apparently these gentlemen had other interests besides politics, the business of the people, in common. 

Former Congressman Mark Foley, also a pedophile. They look like this. Sun Sentinel

Newsweek in June, 2010 noted that Congressman Foley had a track record of sponsoring anti-gay legislation, at variance with his personal proclivities. His hypocrisy was apparently boundless. 

Foley was formerly the chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, which introduced legislation tracking sexual predators. I wonder if he had to register? 

The Page Scandal exploded into public consciousness in 2005, after Congressman Foley sent creepy emails to a former page from Louisiana who was 16 years old. Asking for a photo of the page, Congressman Foley also asked how old that he was, when was his birthday, and what did he want for a birthday present. 

The former page characterized the emails as “sick, sick, sick,” 13 times. 

Then ABC News reported in October 2005 that Congressman Foley emailed a 17 year old page an invitation to stay at his home in exchange for oral sodomy. He reportedly emailed yet another page asking for a photograph of his erection. 

Multiple other pages came out of the woodwork, reporting even more explicit communications. 

After his resignation, Mr. Foley’s attorney insisted that his client was not a pedophile. While Mr. Foley historically rejected speculation that he was gay, dismissing the questions as “revolting and unforgivable,” his WikiPedia page notes that his homosexuality was long an open secret in Washington. 

An investigation by the House Ethics Committee determined that Speaker Dennis Hastert’s chief counsel was witting and aware of Mr. Foley’s problematic behavior with underage male pages for “nearly a decade.”

Mr. Foley was originally outed in 1996 by journalist Kurt Wolfe in the pages of The Advocate. Later a former page, Mark Beck-Heyman, observed that Republican leadership and staffers were aware of Mr. Foley’s proclivities for more than 11 years

Interestingly enough, Mr. Foley’s attorney claimed that he had been abused in his youth by an unnamed member of the clergy, later identified as Father Anthony Mercieca, a 69 year old prelate, reinforcing the pattern that pedophilia is apparently contagious. 

Pedophiles were often molested themselves when they were young, and they struggle with the perversion, often losing their battle as they age. 

Pedophiles look like this. Father Anthony Mercieca, admitted molester of Mark Foley. Times of Malta

Predictably, Father Mercieca recalled a relationship over 2 years with a 13 year old altar boy at Sacred heart Roman Catholic Church in Lake Worth, FL. The affair continued until Mr. Foley was 15. Apparently a 15 year old was too old for the clergyman’s tastes. 

Straight from the pedophile playbook, Father Mercieca recalled that the young Mr. Foley “seemed to like it, you know?” He claimed that the sex was consensual, and hence not abuse. 

After the publicity, another former altar boy levied accusations of molestation when he was 12 years old, ultimately reaching an undisclosed financial settlement with the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami.

As mentioned, Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe was also accused of molesting underage pages. Remarkably, his spokeswoman, Ms. Korenna Cline, advised the media that his office had not been contacted by the Department of Justice nor the House Ethics Committee. Then she resigned, on the spot, saying that she decided to pursue another employment opportunity. 

Highlighting more hypocrisy, former Speaker Dennis Hastert characterized the text messages sent by Mr. Foley as “vile and repulsive,” saying that he intended to demand Mr. Foley’s resignation. Calls demanding Speaker Hastert’s resignation were rebuffed.

Disgraced former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, age 75. An admitted pedophile. 


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This is my 21st installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

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The Hastert Affair 20

The Hastert Affair

Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert, 75, was exposed as a pedophile, who positioned a La-Z-Boy recliner in "direct view of the shower stalls in the locker room where he sat while the boys showered." 

Coach Dennis Hastert, a yearbook photo, NBC News. 

Speaker Hastert was a card carrying member of the political establishment elites. He was an Illinois Republican Congressman from 1987 to 2007, and the longest serving House Speaker, holding the position from 1999 to 2007. 

Former Speaker Hastert’s personal fortune, estimated between $4 million and $17 million dollars, was built principally through real estate holdings and lobbying for Dickstein Shapiro in Washington, DC, where his clients included a tobacco company, energy companies, and transportation companies. 

Former Speaker Hastert also resigned from the Chicago CME Group, which owns the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. 

One article in The Chicago Tribune noted that Hastert’s indictment required approval from the highest levels of the Department of Justice. The charges were concealed until just before they were announced. 

Last year, 2016, saw former Speaker Hastert sentenced to 15 months in jail, a $250,000 fine, two years supervised release under treatment for sexual deviancy, and registration as a sexual offender. 

His victim, just one of several, was 14 years old at the time that Hastert abused him in a hotel room ostensibly to "check a groin injury." Other victims were aged 14 and 17. 

It is important to understand that Mr. Hastert’s sentence was for the financial crime of "structuring," committed as former Speaker Hastert attempted to pay $3.5 million in hush money to one of his accusers. 

Initially, former Speaker Hastert withdrew $50,000 in 15 separate increments. After bank officials inquired into the withdrawals, he began withdrawing his funds in $9,000 increments, avoiding reporting requirements when $10,000 or more are withdrawn. 

Between July 2012 and December 2014, former Speaker Hastert withdrew some $952,000 in cash in more than 100 separate transactions.

Former Speaker Hastert was then routinely interviewed by federal law enforcement officers after his bank reported the suspicious transactions. 

Mr. Hastert lied to federal agents about the withdrawals, committing a felony. He said, “Yeah … I kept the cash. That’s what I’m doing.” He claimed that he just did not trust banks.

Then greed got the best of him, and former Speaker Hastert’s own lawyer alleged to investigators that one of his victims was “extorting him for false allegations of abuse.”

After investigators listened in to Hastert’s conversations with the victim, with his consent and collaboration, they concluded that no extortion was underway, and that he was carrying out an agreed upon settlement for acts of sexual abuse.

Faces of pedophiles. They look like this. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert. WikiPedia

This may be a good point to mention that former Speaker Hastert was allegedly and notoriously dirty, FBI agents had reams of evidence that he was complicit in a far broader range of crimes than ever rose into visibility. 

Former FBI analyst and translator Sibel Edmonds wrote in September, 2015:

“Since 1996 the FBI has had tons of information on Hastert which was gathered in Chicago by the FBI’s Chicago Field Office. The incriminating criminal evidence in those files range from bribery, extortion, fraud, money laundering and embezzlement, to sexual crimes against minors and participation in foreign-operated drug operations.” 

Ms. Edmonds continues:

“But that’s not all. The FBI also has had hard data on Hastert’s sexual violations outside the United States. The involved countries include Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Morocco, among others. This also included sexual favors as means of foreign bribery. Interestingly, the CIA has been documenting those sexual activities for many years, and not only on Hastert but on many others; elected and appointed.”

Ironically, the actual sexual offenses committed by former Speaker Hastert are outside their statute of limitations, and the judge in his case noted that punishment for acts of child sex abuse would have been far more harsh. 

Fall from grace. Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert is sentenced to prison. Fortune

Former Speaker Hastert avoided conviction for acts of sexual molestation committed against children, but he did not avoid the condemnation of history.

“If there’s a public shaming of the defendant because of the conduct he’s engaged in, so be it.” The judge in the case made it a point to describe former Speaker Hastert as a "serial child molester."

“The defendant is a serial child molester,” said Judge Thomas M. Durkin of Federal District Court in a tough rebuke of the former speaker before issuing his sentence. 

The judge added, “Some actions can obliterate a lifetime of good works. Nothing is more stunning than having a “serial child molester” and “speaker of the House” in the same sentence.”

In court, former Speaker Hastert cut a pathetic image, struggling with multiple health issues. Judge Durkin said that Hastert would probably be sent to a prison hospital, as “This is not meant to be a death sentence.” 

Former House Speaker and pedophile Dennis Hastert can walk when it suits him. NPR

Former Speaker Hastert admitted abusing his athletes under questioning by Judge Durkin. 

“You said you mistreated athletes. Did you sexually abuse Mr. Cross?” He asked. 

Former Speaker Hastert grudgingly replied, “I don’t remember doing that, but I accept his statement.” 

Then Judge Durkin asked him, “Did you sexually abuse Victim B?” Mr. Hastert paused, according to this account from The New York Times, and finally said “yes.”

Then Judge Durkin asked, “How about Mr. Reinboldt—did you sexually abuse him?” Mr. Hastert alibied, saying that it was a “different situation,” but he ultimately acknowledged committing the abuse.

Judge Durkin observed that former Speaker Hastert “manipulated” the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office, diverting their investigation and deliberately trying to “set up” the victim that he claimed was “extorting” him. He emphasized that former Speaker Hastert’s actions were “intentional, thought out and desperate.”

Perhaps the most grotesque aspect of the Hastert affair is the number of former lawmakers (and a one time Director of Central Intelligence) who wrote letters requesting clemency on his behalf: 41 members of the political and social establishment elites submitted letters to the court. 

The writers included prominent individuals like former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, former Illinois Attorney General (the highest ranking law enforcement official in the state) Ty Fahner, former Illinois state Representative Doris Karpiel, retired Kendall County Sheriff Richard Randall, wrestling coach Leo Kocher from the University of Chicago, and Congressmen John T. Doolittle, David Dreier, Thomas Ewing, and Porter Goss, who was also DCI. 

Mr. DeLay wrote, “We all have our flaws, but Dennis Hastert has very few.” Talk about tone deaf. Mr. DeLay concluded, “He is a good man that loves the Lord.” We must wonder which “Lord” that Mr. Hastert worships. 

Former AG Fahner wrote, "I urge the court to permit him (Hastert) to live the rest of his life in freedom with his family and friends, and all those who love and admire him," describing Former Speaker Hastert as a "kind, strong, principled, and unselfish man."

Former Speaker Hastert was booted from the Board of Advisors of the Wheaton College Center for Economics, Government, and Public Policy, and his name removed from the former J. Dennis Hastert Center for Economics, Government, and Public Policy. 

Former House Speaker and pedophile Dennis Hastert, released from federal prison. AP

Media in June 2017 reported that former Speaker Hastert, now 75, was prematurely released from the Rochester Federal Medical Center in Minnesota after serving just 13 months of his 15 month sentence, which I remind you was for the financial crime of “structuring,” not for child molestation and rape. 

According to The Chicago Sun-Times, former Speaker Hastert is now under the supervision of a “residential re-entry management field office in Chicago, according to the Bureau of Prisons.”

The Times explained, “That means Hastert is likely at a halfway house in the region…or he is on home confinement.” Hastert’s “official release date from the federal prison system is set for August 16 (2017).”

Faces of pedophiles. Pedophiles look like this. Former House Speaker and pedophile Dennis Hastert. Chicago Tribune

Sentencing judge, US District Judge Thomas M. Durkin also ordered former Speaker Hastert to spend 2 years on supervised release, granting him 3 days to report to a probation office. Judge Durkin also ordered former Speaker Hastert to participate in a sex offender treatment program. 

Before Hastert’s release, however, yet another accuser broke cover and filed a lawsuit against Hastert and Yorkville Community Unit School District 115 alleging battery, negligent infliction of emotional distress and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The accuser stated that in 1973 or 1974, when he was 9 or 10, in the 4th grade, he stopped by the Game Farm Building to use the bathroom after riding his bike along Game Farm Road.

“The accuser entered the bathroom and, while sitting on the toilet in a stall, heard a male voice mutter something outside the stall door….The stall door opened, and he alleges he was sodomized.”

After recognizing then coach Hastert in the gym at Yorkville Grade School, the victim alleges that Hastert took “him by the neck into the hallway….The man dropped to his knees and asked the boy if he told anyone about the sexual assault." 

"The boy, crying, said he hadn’t. The man warned the accuser against reporting the attack and threatened that since his father was the sheriff, he could put the boy’s parents in jail if he said anything.”

The lawsuit enters Twilight Zone dimensions when it reports that in 1984 or 1985, a decade after the assault, “the accuser visited the Kendall County State’s Attorney’s office to report the crime….He spoke with a longtime friend and political mentor to Hastert.”

“Upon hearing the accuser’s story, a man there allegedly threatened to charge the accuser with a crime and accused him of slandering Hastert’s name.”

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This is my 20th installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

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