Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance and Other Activities

"America is tired of being controlled by a small group of unaccountable, incompetent, greedy, unethical crooks running around stealing everything in sight."
-Mike Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg 

Convene a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance and Other Activities, and do it now, to put the intelligence community on trial. 

We must slash its unaccountable black budgets, we must audit every black cent spent, and we must expose the cult of secrecy which has abused the trust of the American people and funded FVEY and allied SIGINT agencies as they surveil our own president. 

The American people are under surveillance by this global monstrosity, the American intelligence community can claim that it does not surveil Americans, and it may even be true, much of the time. But it does not need to. It has access to the reporting streams from allied agencies which are under no constitutional limitations, and they do target American citizens. 

The surveillance of General Mike Flynn is an instructive example. As Judge Andrew Napolitano​ revealed a month ago, Flynn and Donald Trump himself were surveilled and targeted by GCHQ, and the SIGINT agencies of Poland and Estonia. Estonia. Yes, Estonia. Think on that. 

President Donald J. Trump​ himself was advised of this surveillance by Bibi Netanyahu, whose national SIGINT agency, Unit 8200, enjoys unredacted and non-minimized access to raw data streams. President Trump obviously cannot out Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu - בנימין נתניהו​. 

But now he knows. And this surveillance continues. And it includes every single one of us. We are all under surveillance. Indeed, more Americans are surveilled than Iranians, Syrians, Russians, Chinese, or North Koreans. 

If NSA were carrying out its statutory responsibilities, these countries would all be covered by a blanket of surveillance. Instead, the NSA has Naris devices tapping the fiber cables in switching facilities clustered across North America, where it can monitor the internet traffic of the domestic US population. 

You scoff? Mr. Snowden released PowerPoint decks that confirm it. It was these PowerPoint slides that deeply angered Mr. William Binney, who surely knows more about these matters than anyone else in the world. And Mr. Binney straight out warned us that there can be no purpose to such surveillance beside mass control of populations. 

This is where we are. This is why the Trump administration proposed federal funding slashing budgets for government agencies wholesale, excepting DOD, some DHS agencies, and DOJ. 

Because slashing black budgets is the only way to get the intelligence community back under control. Slashing black budgets will force those agencies to focus on statutory missions, and eliminate atrocities like CIA standing up a parallel SIGINT capability that competes directly with NSA, as exposed by the Vault 7 breaches on WikiLeaks. 

The dark state may have finally gotten too big for its britches, it can no longer be concealed, it no longer operates in the dark. We see its outlines, we see its moves, we now understand that there are puppeteers pulling strings, we see its orchestration of the dinosaur media, its sustained campaigns targeting our own elected president. 

The establishment, for want of a better term, is united in its opposition to President Trump, simply because he is not Hillary Clinton, and he will not rubber-stamp the desires of the neocon cabals that are pushing America into war. 

If these patriots, as they style themselves, loved America truly, they would respect the electoral decision that we made on November 8, and they would support our chosen president. 

Instead, they try to tear him down, they oppose him, they target his National Security Advisor, who knows more about them than we do, and they pushed him out because he planned to reorganize American intelligence back into a facsimile of its statutory design. 

I could go on. But I think that I have made my point. 

There is a dark state. We see its actions. It is not elected. It persists across administrations from both sides of the electoral divide, and it serves itself. It does not serve we, the people. 

We must convene a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance and Other Activities or brace ourselves for an inevitable 2d American Revolution. Because patriots will not stand for the current state of affairs to continue for much longer. 

Indeed, the intelligence community is now searching for true patriots who are leaking to WikiLeaks, and to InfoWars, and to 4chan. Yes, 4chan. 

I cannot believe that I am even writing these words. 

May God save the Republic. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Conspiracy and the Assassination of JFK

Mr. Still revisits the Congressional testimony of Black Umbrella Man, aka Louie Steven Witt. Mr. Witt was fingered by associates who identified him to local Dallas police authorities--fifteen years after he occupied a front seat to the assassination of JFK.

After the gunfire, Mr. Witt and his colleague, known as The Cuban, calmly sat down on the curb side by side while the local crowds panicked. The Cuban broke out a walkie talkie, spoke briefly into it, and then he and Mr. Witt took their time exfiltrating from the kill zone, walking away in separate directions.

Mr. Witt claims that he did not know The Cuban, which may be true. Perhaps a better question would have been whether he was collaborating with The Cuban to signal hidden shooters with his infamous black umbrella and The Cuban's walkie talkie.

Just the body language alone of these two co-conspirators to assassination belies the claim that they were acting independently and benignly.

Mr. Still correctly points out that the actions of just these two gentlemen in particular does not pass a sniff test, and their behavior supports the conclusion of the Otis Pike Committee of 1976, that there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president.

The reason that no investigation into this assassination has ever been convened is because successive Departments of Justice claim that no compelling evidence of conspiracy justifies it.

The Warren Commission was no investigation. It was a CIA coverup, supervised by the former DCI who sat on it, Allen Dulles.

We are dealing here with a conspiracy that is so complete that it spans decades and multiple administrations from both sides of the aisle.

Yet another piece of evidence pointing to the existence of a deep state, a hidden hand, acting on American politics.

America First

So the Syrian sarin gas attack looks like another babies murdered in their incubators tale like that told in the run up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and other events manipulated to justify political decisions. 

As the writer states, "corrupt, imperial governments overseeing societies in deep economic and cultural decline lie even more." As he says, this is not "conspiracy theory, it is what obviously happens when you combine tremendous power with human nature."

What does seem encouraging is President Donald J. Trump himself saying to the New York Post, "we are not going into Syria." He felt the need to make a point, and to send messages to several recipients, and he did so with his Tomahawk cruise missiles. So far, this seems like a lone strike, not a wholesale change in policy. 

The fact is that President Donald J. Trump made promises to the American electorate, and one of those promises was to extract us from wars waging democracy at gunpoint, imperial wars that benefit nobody but the military industrial complex. 

I said before that Syria is not worth one dead American soldier. Not one. Nothing that happened in the past months changed that opinion. Iraq is not worth any more dead Americans, nor is Afghanistan.  

Bring our boys home, Mr. President. We have issues to face here at home, and the world will just need to get along without us. We lack the hubris as a people to be an empire, and while I understand that many wealthy people are invested in ensuring that we remain an empire, they are not fighting in our wars, and neither are their children. 

Bring our boys home.

Link to article: 

Monday, April 17, 2017

An Interview with Mr. William Binney

Here is Mr. Bill Still's interview with Mr. William Binney, the preeminent NSA whistleblower. 

One point that Mr. Still makes is that Mr. Binney resigned from NSA in 2001, before 9-11 transpired, because NSA was pointing its collections capabilities at the American people: this was then and remains today a violation of the decree, "thou shalt not collect on American citizens."

This proscription against domestic SIGINT collection was one limitation imposed as a consequence of the 1976 Church and Pike hearings in the Senate and the House. This prohibition was long burned into the very DNA of the NSA, and if you talk to an NSA employee even now, they will insist that this proscription remains inviolate. Unless they are among the anointed few read into certain programs, which we discuss now. 

The program that compelled Mr. Binney to resign in 2001 and to file complaints alleging waste, fraud and abuse was then known as STELLARWIND. It later metastasized into several other programs, one of which was the PSP, or the President's Surveillance Program, which was detailed in an infamous DOD IG Report, which I encourage you to read. 

These programs were and remain an unconstitutional, systemic, ongoing criminal conspiracy violating the Fourth Amendment, committing literally billions of felonies every month. RICO was made to prosecute criminal conspiracies just like this. 

I did not previously realize it, but Mr. Binney's timeline is suggestive. The sadly misnamed Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act all came out of Dick Cheney's shop in the White House, and there is no question that the legislation was pre-prepared, so when 9-11 occurred, Vice President Cheney's lawyers responded with off the shelf legislation that eviscerated American civil liberties.

My point is that we see here yet more posthumous evidence of a hidden hand. We joke and we call Mr. Cheney "Darth Cheney," (ok, I call him that), but there is no question, when you examine Mr. Cheney's biography, that he is a lifelong card carrying member of something which we still cannot define, yet we see its effects all around us. 

And this unnamed entity is getting bolder. Or sloppier. Perhaps they sense that they are nearing a goal. Or maybe they feel the will of the American people turning against them. Because we increasingly address this phenomenon as the "deep state." We now have a name for them, and you no longer have to be a conspiracy theorist to acknowledge that they exist.

Early in Mr. Binney's interview, he is asked whether he knew that Mr. Snowden's claims were factual. His reply: "I knew that they were true." He then defends Mr. Snowden, pointing out that Mr. Snowden was acutely aware of the persecution visited on Mr. Binney, Mrs. Diane Roarke, Mr. Thomas Drake, Mr. Kirk Wiebe, Mr. Edward Loomis, Mr. Thomas Tamms, and other early NSA whistleblowers. 

Mr. Binney says that there is no difference between him and Mr. Snowden, with the exception that Mr. Snowden exfiltrated documents which could not be gainsaid. In fact, this is why Mr. Snowden stole documents. Without documents, he would just be persecuted and subjected to character assassination like Mr. Binney, Mrs. Roarke, Mr. Drake, Mr. Wiebe, Mr. Loomis, and Mr. Tamms. 

The American intelligence community, the Snowden Task Force (yes, there is one), and the organs of the American dinosaur state media, attacked Mr. Snowden using multiple attack vectors. Mr. Snowden remains standing and pertinent and impregnable precisely because he released documents that confirm our wildest speculations. 

Again, Mr. Binney asserts that he resigned from NSA because of illegal spying on our domestic population. He says that it started in October, 2001, with phone records, US phone calls. 


The above discussion addresses part one of Mr. Still's interview with this epic patriot. The discussion below addresses part two

For the sake of the Republic, carve out fifteen minutes and watch these two interviews. Consider it your daily red pill prescription. It is time to wake up. 

Mr. Binney served at NSA for 37 years. He is a great patriot, a whistleblower who is beyond criticism. Mr. William Binney cannot be debunked, or dismissed, or discredited. 


Mr. Still then focuses on FAIRVIEW, an illegal program that captures telephone content. NSA of course will insist that FAIRVIEW is legal, but it was authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the FISC, a rubber stamp Star Chamber that meets in secret, hears only classified pleadings from lawyers with clearances, admits no adversarial representation, and issues secret decrees, betraying both jurisprudence as we know it and the Constitution. 

There is no provision for secret laws in the Constitution. 

Mr. Binney estimates that FAIRVIEW committed three billion felonies a day. He talks about the NARIS SDA 6400 devices which tapped the fiber trunks, then he explains that NSA upgraded to NARIS INSIGHT devices which captured a whopping 10GB/sec. 

Mr. Binney then explains that NSA henceforth had the capability to sessionize the entirety of all email traffic traversing the global fiber network. All of it. Worldwide. 

And the distribution of NARIS devices was within the Continental US. Not positioned on the coasts, where NSA would logically position them if they were prioritizing incoming and outgoing traffic, if NSA were focusing on its statutory responsibilities, collecting on foreign targets. The NARIS devices were collecting on the American people, and they still are, today. 

Mr. Binney emphasizes that this collection was all done without a legitimate warrant or court order, no probable cause, no legitimate judicial oversight. Congressional oversight is a travesty, most of these matters are only briefed to the Gang of Eight, and the most sensitive programs are only briefed to the Gang of Four, supported by a very limited staff. Mrs. Diane Roarke, in fact, used to be one of those staffers, until she resigned and became a whistleblower herself. 

We are talking about billions of dollars in black budgets disbursed with no audits, no oversight, no supervision. How do you think that NSA funded FVEY? This is how. 

America is now a de facto police state. We see confirmation of it in the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign, the multiple felonies committed by leaking General Mike Flynn's private conversations with the Russian ambassador, the misdeeds of former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and a litany of ongoing criminal conspiracies that endlessly grace our front pages. 

Again, we sense the touch of that hidden hand, and the deep state worries that Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, a primary authority which is abused to illegally surveil Americans, is soon coming up for reauthorization in the Congress. 

This time around, Section 702's reauthorization may not be so pro forma. There is no question that there are other gaping back doors that enable NSA, FVEY, and allied SIGINT agencies to collect on American citizens, like the infamous EO 12333, but if by some miracle the Congress tells NSA "NO" to a renewal of Section 702, NSA will simply pivot to another authorization and twist it to sanction their collection of American civilian data. 

In fact, we should assume that NSA is prepared for a Section 702 "NO," and already has legislation cued up to replace it. Deep state actors have a track record of tucking nefarious legislation into otherwise benign bills, which are passed by Congressmen who never, ever, read them. 

I wish that I could feel the slightest bit of optimism, but I feel none. America is a police state. Criminal mandarins of the intelligence community did this to us, General Michael Hayden, a former DIRNSA and DCI, preeminent among them. We know about many other co-conspirators. Can anyone claim that this is not the right time for fresh Congressional hearings on the intelligence community? 

I have long called for the empanelment of a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance and Other Intelligence Activities, an act of oversight that you will never see championed in the organs of the dinosaur state media. Indeed, no politician will dare endorse the idea.

The intelligence community was last surveyed by the Church and Pike Committees in 1976. The anemic restrictions codified in law then and updated since then desperately require a deep overhaul, chief among them restoring the proscription against domestic SIGINT collection against American citizens. Intentional or inadvertent, absent legitimate court orders from a real court, such surveillance is illegal.

As it stands now any NSA analyst with sufficient permissions can log on to his XKEYSCORE terminal and read literally anything from your email outbox. It may take a few minutes for an algorithm to locate the desired data in one of NSA's gigantic data repositories, but he can just grab a cup of coffee and come back to it. Oversight of such data access is nonexistent. Snowden himself confirmed this. 

Some prominent individuals need to go to jail and eat baloney sandwiches for the rest of their lives. 

Again, carve fifteen minutes out of your day and watch these two interviews. This is the rest of your red pill dose for the day. 

America, it is time to wake up.

Mr. Still, Interview with Mr. William Binney, Part 1:

Mr. Still, Interview with Mr. William Binney, Part 2:

Friday, April 14, 2017

Encryption for the Masses

Let us talk a bit about encryption. 

Most of us never really use encryption, unless we use it passively, when we do our banking over the net using an encrypted app, or we visit a secure website using the https protocol. 

It has taken time, but encryption is finally becoming accessible to the rest of us. My own crypto education leapt forward primarily due to a service called KeyBase, found at

I noticed that some smart dudes that I met had KeyBase addresses on their Twitter profiles. Being curious, I clicked. 

And now, so should you. Just open up a new window with my KeyBase profile on it from and refer to it as you follow along with me.

What KeyBase is, is a service that:

*Generates, archives and serves PGP keys.

*A service that offers encrypted chat (which everyone can use on occasion).

*KeyBase is a service that makes it dead simple to encrypt and sign text.

*You can also decrypt text.

*And digitally sign your own messages.

*You can confirm the digital signature of your correspondents. 

KeyBase also offers encrypted file sharing, and using the KeyBase app on a computer instead of the web interface on a tablet or smartphone teaches you how to use a command line interface, an interface that is wickedly fast. 

I was always jealous of my pal Ted Pukas, he was a Unix genius, an über-geek of the first order, and he could fly using a command line interface. When I limp through commands using the KeyBase app, I flash back to the fact that even Ted Pukas was once a neophyte like I am now.  

But most of all, what KeyBase offers is ID verification. You can use the KeyBase service to confirm that you are talking to the real me, and not to an imposter. 

I have one friend in particular, let us call him Jeff, a great man of some notoriety, who is plagued by fakes abusing his name and his likeness to engage in fraud, who should look hard at KeyBase. KeyBase can save him from much drama. 

When someone receives a message that Jeff is stranded in a foreign capital and was just robbed and can somebody please send him some money, it takes just a moment to confirm whether the request came from the real Jeff or from some dude in Nigeria.

What Jeff could do is, he could post a statement that any communication that does not link back to a verified account on his KeyBase profile is null and void. 

This would invalidate the fake accounts created in his name daily. He could send a short statement to the legions of the lovelorn wondering what happened after they sent him money: "If the communication did not come from an account listed on this page, it is fake." 

Jeff, please let me know if you need assistance. I am pleased to help.

KeyBase at first is not that intuitive, but this is actually a virtue, for as you figure it out and you set up its various verification mechanisms, KeyBase is actually teaching you, and raising your digital IQ. 

I have stepped through each of KeyBase's verifications, with the exception of proving a Hacker News identity, and setting a Zcash address. Setting a Hacker News identity and a Zcash address is a proverbial bridge too far for me. As for the rest, I now understand things that used to mystify me. And so can you. 

I generated new PGP keys. You may have noticed that my PGP fingerprint is now on my Facebook page and on my website. A link to my KeyBase profile is posted everywhere else. My PGP fingerprint is now in the .sig of every email that I send. 

It looks like this:

PGP Fingerprint:
1B92 CCE6 D7FD 8AC4 7E0B
661D AC2E 605D AA73 5DF0

For what, you wonder? Indeed. It is so that anyone communicating with me can readily drop into an encrypted communications medium. All that you need to do is click on the icons in the upper right of the KeyBase interface. You can encrypt, decrypt, sign, and verify with a simple click. 

You have nothing to hide, you say? I bet that John Podesta is now using encryption. 

What happened to Podesta, clicking on a phishing link, can happen to any of us. Yes, Podesta was epically stupid, he created a new password on a fake Gmail page, he actually used "password" as his password. We are collectively shaking our heads. But honestly, his own errors aside, what happened to John Podesta could happen to any of us. 

After John Podesta's Gmail account was owned, his emails were published on WikiLeaks, PizzaGate was spawned, and the presidency went to Donald Trump. The Podesta leaks were a critical blow to Hillary's campaign. 

If Podesta used encryption back in the day, Crooked Hillary would now be our president.

So. If you do not wish to see your own emails enshrined in perpetuity on the net, please bear with me, indulge me, and hear me out. Creating a KeyBase account, generating PGP keys, and actually using them is now child's play. Anyone can do it. 

But there is more. You can also authoritatively identify yourself on the net, courtesy of KeyBase. 

Confirming your identity on services like Twitter, Facebook, Github and Reddit using KeyBase is dead simple. Anyone can do it. As you can see when you look at my own KeyBase profile page, I have proven that my username on those services is in fact held by me. Malefactors can attempt to masquerade as me, but their claim can be debunked using my KeyBase profile, an unimpeachable authority.

It is a bit more complicated to confirm your ownership of a website, or more specifically, your ownership of a web address, a website URL. It did take me a couple of days to figure this out, and I got a crash course in DNS, the Domain Name System, in the course of the exercise, which is the protocol that serves up the content that you reading right now. 

If you are a content creator with a website, KeyBase offers a beautiful way to confirm that that domain belongs to you. 

Finally, I set up a Bitcoin wallet. This was as simple as registering an account with Coinbase, a service that I already knew about from watching YouTube videos by David Seaman ( You can do this, as well, and link a Bitcoin wallet to your checking account. If you like, you can send me some Bitcoin

Here: 1GSiJSmaW8T9R3bMHoqTLSqBqpxmZUZHkH

Making a Bitcoin wallet means that you can receive funds or send funds using the Bitcoin protocol. You can then engage in transactions with anonymity. There are many potential applications for this, for both good and ill. I consider Bitcoin to be just another currency. But this currency has several advantages over dollars, for example, or over Euros. 

Entire videos and websites explain the benefits of Bitcoin, so I will just assume that you are curious about Bitcoin and you can follow the path that I took, registering a Coinbase account.

I just made my first investment in Bitcoin a few days ago. I am now a netizen indeed. :)

And so can you be.

I encourage you to read the FAQs on KeyBase and Coinbase, and by all means, register your own PGP keys! 

Encryption for the masses. Because what is said between consenting adults should remain private between them unless they choose to share it. 

Using KeyBase and PGP can nullify the apathy that NSA and FVEY utterly rely upon to snoop on us all. 

As I always say: if you want to know what I said, get a real warrant from a real judge. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Some Historical Photos

Please Accept My Apologies for posting these photos here. I have a good reason, beyond ego. 

I need to make them accessible with a single URL click to a special audience, and I am not bright enough to ensure that they can be hosted properly on Facebook or other media. 

The photo above is of me with the First Couple at the Rose Garden on 7 November, 1983. This photo was, or is, on display at the Reagan Library, and this photo of it was taken by my Ranger brother Jeff Mellinger. 

The photo above is of me with Mrs. Maureen Reagan and her mother First Lady Nancy Reagan at the State of the Union Address, January 1984.

The photo above is of me receiving the Silver Star from BG Joe Lutz, who was the commander of 1st SOCOM at the time, at a formation of the 2d Ranger Battalion at Fort Lewis, Washington in April, 1984. This photo was taken by Randy Houseman. 

The above is the front page of the Seattle Post Intelligencer, November 8, 1983, featuring a photograph of me with President Reagan at the Rose Garden ceremony for rescued students from Grenada. I was on the front page of newspapers across America, though I was bumped off some because a Puerto Rican separatist group chose that same day to detonate a small bomb at the US Capitol. 

Again, please accept my apologies for posting these. I would not do it under normal conditions, but these are not normal times for me. 

I appreciate your understanding. 

ETA: Here are links to previews of my first book, Idioms of Dreams, which were published on the Daily Beast and the Huffington Post

ETA: I added the photo of the Seattle Post Intelligencer on 12 April 2017. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Military Channel Documentary on Urgent Fury

Here is an old documentary that was aired on the Military Channel, this had to be back in 2005. I remember that I went to New York to be interviewed for this, and I appear in silhouette.

The strange thing is that we all stayed in the old Paramount Hotel, and the filmmakers interviewed us all there. I was in the same hotel as my brother Dale Killinger, and I did not know it at the time. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Corruption and Cocaine in Peru, New York Times, April 7, 1992

A friend found this copy of my first article published in The New York Times, April 7, 1992. I published a follow-on piece the next day, "Peru's Maoist Drug Dealers." I posted both articles on, and I will republish them in coming books. So if you are curious, just search under my name on and you shall find them. 

These two articles are teasers, if you will, of the sort of content that will be featured in my fourth book, projected for publication in 2018, In the Valley of the Shadows: A Place of Smoke and Rivers Like Mirrors.

That was the book that I was writing in 1991, and I adapted these articles with an NYT editor for publication on the OP-ED page. We were going back and forth in an interminable process, when President Albert Fujimori perpetrated what history remembers as the autogolpe, and we went to press the very next day. 

I actually went up to New York on that day, my good friend Herb Bryant helped me, and I met with an agent who got me a meeting at Crown. The publisher there wanted me to write a book like Marcinko's Red Cell, and I had to tell him that that was not what I was about, at all. 

It has been a long, lonely road writing in obscurity since this early and isolated success in 1992, but I do not regret it. My first book, Idioms of Dreams: A Tale of the Grenada Raiders, is in the hands of an über-agent in Los Angeles, and I pray that he decides to represent the manuscript. I think that it would make a great screenplay, and that is not just greed talking. 

The Grenada memoir, which has been complete for some months now, has been reviewed on a secret Facebook page by all the Rangers named within it. They responded by sending me a deluge of further materials, which made yet another book an inevitability. 

That book is now titled Tales of the Rangers: The Oral Histories of the Early Modern 2d Ranger Battalion. It is now up to 777 pages, I am not kidding, and it consists principally of the stories told by Rangers to other Rangers around fires deep in the South Rainier rainforest. Much of it was written by those Rangers who lived those stories, and there are some doozies in it. 

Idioms of Dreams, in fact, was pulled from the first chapters of In the Valley of the Shadows, it was the first chapters of the larger masterwork, and then it just kept getting bigger and better. So I had to yank it out and publish it on its own. 

Then the bridge chapters that connected the Grenada tales to the Peru stories got too big, and I had to pull them out of Idioms of Dreams, and they now comprise my second book, Insomniac Reminiscences: Seeking the Rosetta Stone of Memories

Insomniac Reminiscences is mostly complete, as far as the narrative is concerned. I have some work to do sourcing old documents and photos to illustrate it, and I will get to that as soon as I get Idioms of Dreams into print. 

I apologize that this process is taking so long, I am very much a cherry where the publishing world is concerned, and I have to place myself in the hands of smarter people than me. 

Many of you know that I am now in Orlando, getting treatment at the VAMC here. I am in good hands, but they are very slow. So I wrote a letter to President Trump. It went out in Saturday's mail, so we shall have to give it a couple of weeks and hope that it does not get lost in the deluge of mail that the leader of the free world assuredly receives. 

If it somehow makes its way from the White House mailroom to his desk, I am confident that things can happen at a faster pace. I asked him to delegate my case to one of the young killer interns that he has working for him, I need someone to wave a magic wand for me here in Orlando and to crush some heads. I am surrounded by bureaucrats, administrators, who are trying very hard to handle an overwhelming crush of veterans seeking treatment. 

They seem to think that I need to have a heart attack before I see a cardiologist. I beg to differ. I would like to see a cardiologist before I have a heart attack, I have already had several false alarms, "unstable angina," my cardiologist in Bangkok called it, so we shall see what happens. 

It is sad being in Orlando, though I am staying with very, very good friends. I miss my wife and my silly cat in Bangkok, and after 13 years residing there, Bangkok is very much my home now. 

Anyway, the MSS of Idioms of Dreams is complete. Fingers crossed. 

Convene a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance

Finally, InfoWars publishes proof of suspicion-less mass surveillance of Americans. 

And this will be just the tip of the iceberg. FBI, CIA and NSA will deny everything, they will demand proof, they will admit nothing and then they will make counteraccusations all day long. Some of us went to the same schools. We know their dance. 

But here is evidence. And more will come. 

There are patriots in the ranks of these intelligence agencies. They will leak. 

Time to convene a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance, and bring all of these agencies to heel. Cut their head counts. Cut their budgets. Audit their black budgets, demand accountability. 

The last time that America had hearings on the intelligence community was 1976. We are due. These agencies and the mandarins that run them have been running amok. They are a threat to democracy, they are a threat to we, the people, they have all of us under suspicion-less surveillance, they hoard our data in gigantic databases and they query it at their will, sharing it among agencies like never before. 

They are engaged in a massive project to surveil the planet using FVEY. No one audits FVEY. There is no oversight over it, and no one, in fact, actually controls it. The only control that NSA wields over FVEY comes from its funding which uses unaccountable black budgets, and again, there is no oversight. Zero oversight. 

Time to drag these agencies out into the harsh glare of full sunlight, and time to depose the slimeballs who built FVEY. 

Time to depose Mr. William Binney before Congress under oath. He can set the table, and explain which scumbags need to be deposed. Mr. Binney has been talking himself blue in the face over the violations of the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment, the serial billions of felonies committed by the intelligence community every month. 

And then all the Michael Haydens and the Keith Alexanders can be introduced to the American people. We deserve to know who perpetrated the worst violations of American civil liberties in the history of the Republic. 

And then they need to be prosecuted and imprisoned. In real prisons. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Four Words of the Magus

In occultistic lore, Scire is the first “power of the Sphinx” that the initiate needs to master. 

The four powers are ScireVelleAudere, and Tacere, or To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent. 

Eliphas Lévi wrote: 

“To attain to Sanctum Regnum, in other words, the knowledge and power of the magi, there are four indispensable conditions—an intelligence illuminated by study, an intrepidity which nothing can check, a will which cannot be broken, and a prudence which nothing can corrupt and nothing intoxicate.

TO KNOW, TO DARE, TO WILL, TO KEEP SILENCE—such are the four words of the magus, inscribed upon the four symbolical forms of the sphinx.” 

Eliphas Lévi, Transcendental Magic (1896), 30."