Sunday, November 18, 2018

Metamorphosis: Forging an Airborne Ranger

Metamorphosis continues the narrative begun in A Tale of the Grenada Raiders. Metamorphosis is book 2 in Tales of the Rangers, and details the training pipeline that forges airborne Rangers and my training as a Special Forces medic. For those who complained that A Tale of the Grenada Raiders failed to explain where I came from or why I awoke in a safe house in Lima in 1990, this book answers those questions. 

Metamorphosis is now available as an eBook on Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle and GooglePlay at $9.99. It is not available on Barnes & Noble Nook as it is too large: too many photographs. 

Metamorphosis is now available from Amazon as a physical softcover in black and white at $24.99, and in full color from Barnes & Noble at $34.99

I made half the manuscript available free on GoogleBooks, so you can preview it and ensure that it is something that you wish to purchase.

Metamorphosis checks in at 260 pages long. It is stuffed with photos, so old Rangers will enjoy plenty of pics depicting the Usual Suspects that we all know and love.

I am grateful that it is done. I need to move on to Tales of the Rangers. That book is forecasted to drop in late 2019. It is already 777 pages long, so I will publish it in two volumes. 

Thank you for reading! 

Metamorphosis as a Barnes & Noble full color softcover: $34.99

Metamorphosis as an Amazon Kindle eBook: $9.99

Metamorphosis as a physical Amazon softcover: $24.99.

Metamorphosis on Apple iBooks: $9.99

Metamorphosis on GooglePlay: $9.99!

Metamorphosis is on GoogleBooks. Half the manuscript is available free. 


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