Thursday, October 15, 2015

Will Trump Be Permitted to Be Trump?

One thing that occurs to me watching Mr. Donald Trump speak, is that he is threatening the finances of a lot of wealthy, powerful people worldwide. 

Trump pillories China, and he explains how we have systematically failed to negotiate good deals with China. Well, what he is not saying is that globalist financiers are making fiendish profits making these bad deals that benefit China, and they are doing it because their profits are obscene. Mostly we are talking about Goldman Sachs, and City of London financiers, real central bankers that run the Club of Rome, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of International Settlements. The real rulers of the world. 

Will they sit still and permit Trump to mess up their business? There are many examples, Trump keeps threatening the bailiwicks of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, and the last time that a president did this, he was shot in the head by a lone gunman who fired a magic bullet, who was himself gunned down by a mafia associate who vanished into a prison and was never heard from for the rest of his days. 

I worry that Trump could be assassinated. It mystifies me that he does not realize what he is doing, I cannot believe that a billionaire who moves in exalted financial circles, does not recognize that he could be interfering with the moneymaking of the greediest people on the earth. 

At some point, powerful constituencies will have a meeting, and they will decide whether The Donald encounters an accident or not. Because he is threatening the profits and the systems that powerful people have spent years putting in place, TPP has taken years to develop and negotiate, and it is a pillar of the rulers of the planet, one of the legs of a tripod of power that facilitates their globalist designs. 

The most mature leg of the tripod of power is the central banking paradigm, while the secret leg is the mechanisms of mass surveillance in the form of FVEY. We are talking about the mechanisms used to run the world. TPP, FVEY, central banking. You get the impression that TPP could be challenged in the Congress, it could fail ratification, though when you look at how President Obama somehow pushed his stupid Iran deal that no one favors through, you realize that the fix could be in for TPP, and it could get approved by the Senate. Trump could disrupt these plans, he could cost the central bankers of the world trillions of dollars, and disrupt the implementation of their plans for decades. 

Will they just let him do it? Will they attempt to circumvent him? Or divert him? These are smart people. How will they respond? 

They killed one president. Fifty years later, despite the statutes of limitations, the records of that assassination remain classified, the CIA refuses to release the files that could reveal precisely who perpetrated that coup d’etat, so what would prevent them from doing it again? They got away with the Kennedy assassination. Why would they not get away with it again? 

There have been no consequences of that historic coup d'etat for the perpetrators. They profited, they continued to profit, they are profiting to this day. Otherwise, the files would have been opened, and the answers to many questions would have been settled. The Donald told the Secret Service that he wants a detail. That could be a very risky move. Why trust the Secret Service? Kennedy trusted them. Kennedy got whacked, and on their watch. 

President Kennedy was murdered. No one buys the bullshit of the Warren Commission. The Pike Committee determined that a conspiracy killed Kennedy, it rejected the patsy tale that Oswald was the lone gunman, but then what happened? DOJ refused to investigate. They claim that the evidence does not support the existence of a conspiracy. And so nothing happened, and nothing happens, to this day. 

And CIA refuses to declassify the assassination files. More than fifty years later, they refuse to declassify them, and the only conclusion that you can draw is that they refuse to declassify them because the perpetrators remain in positions of authority, they benefited back in the 1960's, and they continue to benefit to this day. 

Be careful, Mr. Trump. I believe that you will be permitted to go just so far. And then the real rulers of the planet will make a decision. 


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