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An Interview with Mr. William Binney

Here is Mr. Bill Still's interview with Mr. William Binney, the preeminent NSA whistleblower. 

One point that Mr. Still makes is that Mr. Binney was compelled to resign from NSA in 2001, before 9-11 transpired, because NSA was pointing its collections capabilities at the American people: this was then and remains today a violation of the decree, "thou shalt not collect on American citizens."

This illegal suspicionless mass surveillance of the American people offended the Constitutional convictions of Mr. Binney, a great patriot, and he immediately began sounding the alarm, acts which drew the ire of the national security state, to the point where fascists in our own government sent FBI HRT teams to hold up this superb American at gunpoint. 

Nobody ever apologized to Mr. Binney for that grotesque abuse of authority, and others that were visited upon him. It is my conviction that mandarins of the intelligence community who persecuted Mr. Binney and other NSA whistleblowers of that era should themselves be investigated, indicted, prosecuted and jailed. Appoint independent prosecutors to investigate them. Justice demands it.

The American Republic has no space for fascists who act like the Stasi. Their authoritarian reflexes should be reversed upon them, and they should be subjected to the same abuses that they presumed to impose on a man who served NSA for 37 years. 

The proscription against domestic SIGINT collection was one limitation imposed as a consequence of the 1976 Church and Pike hearings in the Senate and the House. This prohibition was long burned into the very DNA of the NSA, and if you talk to an NSA employee even now, they will insist that this proscription remains inviolate. Unless they are among the anointed few read into certain programs, which we discuss now. 

The program that compelled Mr. Binney to resign in 2001 and to file complaints alleging waste, fraud and abuse was then known as STELLARWIND. It later metastasized into several other programs, one of which was the PSP, or the President's Surveillance Program, which was detailed in an infamous DOD IG Report, which I encourage you to read. 

These programs were and remain an unconstitutional, systemic, ongoing criminal conspiracy violating the Fourth Amendment, committing literally billions of felonies every month. RICO was made to prosecute criminal conspiracies just like this. 

I did not previously realize it, but Mr. Binney's timeline is suggestive. The sadly misnamed Patriot Act and the FISA Amendments Act all came out of Dick Cheney's shop in the White House, and there is no question that the legislation was pre-prepared, so when 9-11 occurred, Vice President Cheney's lawyers responded with off the shelf legislation that eviscerated American civil liberties.

My point is that we see here yet more posthumous evidence of a hidden hand. We joke and we call Mr. Cheney "Darth Cheney," (ok, I call him that), but there is no question, when you examine Mr. Cheney's biography, that he is a lifelong, card carrying member of something which we still cannot define, yet we see its effects all around us. 

And this unnamed entity is getting bolder. Or sloppier. Perhaps they sense that they are nearing a goal. Or maybe they feel the will of the American people turning against them. Because we increasingly address this phenomenon as the "deep state." We now have a name for them, and you no longer have to be a conspiracy theorist to acknowledge that they exist.

Early in Mr. Binney's interview, he is asked whether he knew that Mr. Snowden's claims were factual. His reply: "I knew that they were true." He then defends Mr. Snowden, pointing out that Mr. Snowden was acutely aware of the persecution visited on Mr. Binney, Mrs. Diane Roarke, Mr. Thomas Drake, Mr. Kirk Wiebe, Mr. Edward Loomis, Mr. Thomas Tamms, and other early NSA whistleblowers. 

Mr. Binney says that there is no difference between him and Mr. Snowden, with the exception that Mr. Snowden exfiltrated documents which could not be gainsaid. In fact, this is why Mr. Snowden stole documents. Without documents, he would just be persecuted and subjected to character assassination like Mr. Binney, Mrs. Roarke, Mr. Drake, Mr. Wiebe, Mr. Loomis, and Mr. Tamms. 

The American intelligence community, the Snowden Task Force (yes, there is one), and the organs of the American dinosaur state media, attacked Mr. Snowden using multiple attack vectors. Mr. Snowden remains standing and pertinent and impregnable precisely because he released documents that confirm our wildest speculations. 

Again, Mr. Binney asserts that he resigned from NSA because of illegal spying on our domestic population. He says that it started in October, 2001, with phone records, and with US phone calls. 


The above discussion addresses part one of Mr. Still's interview with this epic patriot. The discussion below addresses part two

For the sake of the Republic, carve out fifteen minutes and watch these two interviews. Consider it your daily red pill prescription. It is time to wake up. 

Mr. Binney served at NSA for 37 years. He is a great patriot, a whistleblower who is beyond criticism. Mr. William Binney cannot be debunked, or dismissed, or discredited. We ignore him at our peril, and make no mistake, powerful and unelected constituencies are engaged in subversive activities designed to encourage you to apathetically dismiss this fine American. It is time to wake up. 


Mr. Still then focuses on FAIRVIEW, an illegal program that captures telephone content. NSA of course will insist that FAIRVIEW is legal, but it was authorized by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the FISC, a rubber stamp Star Chamber that meets in secret, hears only classified pleadings from lawyers with clearances, historically admitted no adversarial representation, and issues secret decrees, betraying both jurisprudence as we know it and the Constitution. 

There is no provision for secret laws in the Constitution. Think on that for a moment. Our imperial overlords want us to believe that we require secret laws in order to save us. They are domestic enemies of the Constitution. 

Mr. Binney estimates that FAIRVIEW committed three billion felonies a day. He talks about the NARIS SDA 6400 devices which tapped the fiber trunks, then he explains that NSA upgraded to NARIS INSIGHT devices which captured a whopping 10GB/sec. 

Mr. Binney then explains that NSA henceforth had the capability to sessionize the entirety of all email traffic traversing the global fiber network. All of it. Worldwide. 

And the distribution of NARIS devices was within the Continental US. Not positioned on the coasts, where NSA would logically position them if they were prioritizing incoming and outgoing traffic, if NSA were focusing on its statutory responsibilities, collecting on foreign targets. The NARIS devices were collecting on the American people, and they still are, today. 

Mr. Binney emphasizes that this collection was all done without a legitimate warrant or court order, no probable cause, no legitimate judicial oversight. Congressional oversight is a travesty, most of these matters are only briefed to the Gang of Eight, and the most sensitive programs are only briefed to the Gang of Four, supported by a very limited staff. Mrs. Diane Roarke, in fact, used to be one of those staffers, until she resigned and became a whistleblower herself. 

We are talking about billions of dollars in black budgets disbursed with no audits, no oversight, no supervision. How do you think that NSA funded FVEY? This is how. 

America is now a de facto police state. We see confirmation of it in the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign, the multiple felonies committed by leaking General Mike Flynn's private conversations with the Russian ambassador, the misdeeds of former National Security Advisor Susan Rice, and a litany of ongoing criminal conspiracies that endlessly grace our front pages. 

Again, we sense the touch of that hidden hand, and the deep state worries that Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act, a primary authority which is abused to illegally surveil Americans, is soon coming up for reauthorization in the Congress. 

This time around, Section 702's reauthorization may not be so pro forma. There is no question that there are other gaping back doors that enable NSA, FVEY, and allied SIGINT agencies to collect on American citizens, like the infamous EO 12333, but if by some miracle the Congress tells NSA "NO" to a renewal of Section 702, NSA will simply pivot to another authorization and twist it to sanction their collection of American civilian data. 

In fact, we should assume that NSA is prepared for a Section 702 "NO," and already has legislation cued up to replace it. Deep state actors have a track record of tucking nefarious legislation into otherwise benign bills, which are passed by Congressmen who never, ever, read them. 

Moreover, the danger to Americans and to netizens worldwide posed by allied SIGINT agencies is acute and present. Reporting streams from foreign SIGINT agencies in fact violated the Constitutional rights of General Flynn and President Trump, and no American legislation can thwart it. 

I wish that I could feel the slightest bit of optimism, but I feel none. America is a police state. Criminal mandarins of the intelligence community did this to us, General Michael Hayden, a former DIRNSA and DCI, preeminent among them. We know about many other co-conspirators. Can anyone claim that this is not the right time for fresh Congressional hearings on the intelligence community? 

I have long called for the empanelment of a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance and Other Intelligence Activities, an act of oversight that you will never see championed in the organs of the dinosaur state media. Indeed, no politician will dare endorse the idea.

The intelligence community was last surveyed by the Church and Pike Committees in 1976. The anemic restrictions codified in law then and updated since then desperately require a deep overhaul, chief among them restoring the proscription against domestic SIGINT collection against American citizens. Intentional or inadvertent, absent legitimate court orders from a real court, such surveillance is illegal.

As it stands now any NSA analyst with sufficient permissions can log on to his XKEYSCORE terminal and read literally anything from your email outbox. It may take a few minutes for an algorithm to locate the desired data in one of NSA's gigantic data repositories, but he can just grab a cup of coffee and come back to it. Oversight of such data access is nonexistent. Snowden himself confirmed this. 

Some prominent individuals need to go to jail and eat baloney sandwiches for the rest of their lives. 

Again, carve fifteen minutes out of your day and watch these two interviews. This is the rest of your red pill dose for the day. 

America, it is time to wake up.

Mr. Still, Interview with Mr. William Binney, Part 1:

Mr. Still, Interview with Mr. William Binney, Part 2:

Article updated 25 April 2016.


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