Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Deep State, Seth Rich, Russians

Our mainstream dinosaur media, epitomized by the disgraced Washington Post, the failing New York Times and the Clinton News Network (CNN), is a sick trifecta of fake news resembling state-controlled media in authoritarian countries. 

I rarely link to their content. The majestic newspaper that broke the Watergate burglary is now a propaganda mouthpiece for the deep state and the intelligence community, which are not one and the same. 

The intelligence community is amply represented within the deep state, but not all intelligence officers are leakers and traitors. Just a few who gamble with classified information, dealing themselves into the great card game of American politics. 
"2.13 Limitation on Covert Action. No covert action may be conducted which is intended to influence United States political processes, public opinion, policies, or media."

CIA officers are not supposed to operate domestically. That is in the Bible of the intelligence community, EO12333. But we see what we see. Some spooks are off the reservation. 

Former DCI Brennan set a bad example. So did General Hayden. Our problems with intelligence officers meddling in domestic politics go back further than we like to think, and a strong argument can be made that the Kennedy assassination was the malign apex of all deep state ops. 

This past weekend, we saw the Washington Post yet again publishing the "official version" of events that the deep state wanted to plant in the media, the claim that the Obama regime "failed to punish the Russians." 

The deep state will stop at nothing to perpetuate its cover story, even if Obama gets splashed with this fable of his incompetence. 

The Washington Post dances for its deep state puppeteers, and its owner, Mr. Bezos, will accede to it since he just got a fat $600 million contract for hosting the intelligence community cloud. 

Julian Assange repeatedly stated, "Russia was not our source." He obviously cannot confirm that Seth Rich leaked the DNC and Podesta emails, but Mr. Assange can pledge $20,000 for the arrest of Mr. Rich's murderers, and you can draw your own conclusions. 

In fact, when you watch the infamous video where Julian Assange refuses to confirm that Seth Rich was his source, you can actually see Mr. Assange gently nod after the 1:02 mark just before he speaks. Body language is more evocative than mere words. 

The murder of Seth Rich contradicts the deep state's cover story, so the investigation into his assassination is suppressed, despite the right of the Rich family to know who killed their son and why. 

Gunning down Seth Rich, and then imposing a coverup before our very eyes, means that the deep state can literally kill American citizens on our own streets and get away with it. Why not? They murdered President Kennedy, in public, as he was seated next to his wife. 

But ask yourself another question: The investigation into the murder of Seth Rich is frozen. Who has that kind of juice? Who has the capability to censor Mr. Rich's social media accounts after his death? 

Worse, who could ensure that Seth Rich did not survive his critical wounding? 

But bear with me. I do have a point. Vladimir Putin, who is admittedly an epic liar, also insists that Russia was not the WikiLeaks source. 

We see in the Vault 7 leak, purportedly the worst breach that CIA ever suffered (but stay tuned), the capability for CIA to spoof the telltale fingerprints in malware code that security analysts use to identify hacking perpetrators. 

Dubbed MARBLE, this "obfuscating" framework enables CIA to falsely pin an attack on China, Iran, Russia, or North Korea, though those who know actual NSA geeks will tell you that they joke about blaming everything on the Israelis anyway. Maybe this is why NSA only had "moderate confidence" that Russia was the hidden hand behind the DNC and Podesta leaks. 

Just three intelligence agencies weighed in on that assessment, FBI, CIA and NSA, and it was an assessment, not a formal estimate, a distinction that is lost on civilians but one that speaks volumes to intelligence insiders. Intelligence estimates include input from all seventeen intelligence agencies, and are products of the National Intelligence Council. 

Only two agencies, CIA and FBI, confirmed with high confidence that it was the Russians. But Hillary Clinton will inveigh that "seventeen intelligence agencies said that it was the Russians!" Which is a dirty lie, but what do you expect from Crooked Hillary. 

Then it comes out that the DNC forbade FBI access to their hacked servers, no agency within the US government ever did a forensic analysis of those servers, and the entire edifice of the Russian / Trump collusion narrative is collapsing because it depends upon findings from an increasingly discredited private firm, CloudStrike. 

The hacker Kim Dotcom offered to tell his story to the DOJ, he claimed that he knew Seth Rich as "Panda," but for a price. Mr. Dotcom is embroiled in a legal dispute with the Department of Justice, so he has personal matters on his mind. 

Mr. Rich did use the Gmail accounts [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected], but Mr. Dotcom has yet to furnish any forensic evidence confirming a relationship with Mr. Rich, and Mr. Dotcom has a criminal record. 

Among others, these two protagonists of debatable integrity,  Mr. Putin and Mr. Dotcom, insist that Russia had nothing to do with the DNC and Podesta hacks. It seems crazy to assert that Mr. Assange has more credibility and a longer track record of truth telling than everyone in this sordid mess, but that is where we are. 

After six months of orchestrated deep state information warfare in the American state media, no proof of Russian culpability exists. The intelligence community leaks like a sieve, the deep state plants tall tales everywhere, yet evidence of Russian complicity is yet to be published by partisan fake patriots. 

The deep state leaks everything else, including the smear that President Donald J. Trump​ hired Russian hookers to urinate on a bed in a fancy Moscow hotel, a calumny that the FBI paid $50,000 for Mr. Steele to corroborate. And it sure did get Senator McCain exercised, but not enough to give him a stroke. I am also at risk of having a stroke, so I will not wish one on him. 

Even Senator Feinstein, whom I do not like one bit, concedes that there is no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. So did that other liar, DNI Clapper. Even discredited former FBI Director Comey admitted that there is no proof. After six months of investigations. 

This article links to Wired. I will still link to them. If you wish to click through and read what the Washington Post said, you can. But I will abet neither state sponsored nor deep state propaganda by linking to them myself. 

I have my limits.

This article is based on a rant that originally appeared on my Facebook page, Magic Kingdom Dispatch.  

I edited and expanded this article on 28 June, 2017. 

One more thing: HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH. 


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