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Debunking Aside, Pedophile Arrests Continue 5

Despite a Policy of Debunking, Pedophile Arrests Continue.

While the dinosaur media insists that PizzaGate, and its successor, PedoGate, are "debunked conspiracy theories," pedophile arrests continue. One recent debunking theme is that “PizzaGate is a 4chan hoax!” And yet, pedophiles continue molesting children, and the media continues reporting on these incidents in piecemeal fashion. 

The controversy is illuminated by the case of James Alefantis, who was named by GQ Magazine as the 49th most powerful person in Washington, DC. 

Mr. Alefantis's access to establishment Democrat party networks enabled him to retain lawyers unavailable to the rest of us and those lawyers pushed back hard against PizzaGate accusations. 

Radio announcer Alex Jones, whose network InfoWars extensively covers PedoGate, was forced by his lawyers to publicly apologize to James Alefantis. 

Nonetheless, after Mr. Jones apologized, he and InfoWars pursued PedoGate material with unstated fervor. 

Arrests keep rising, and PedoGate reporting by alternative media like InfoWars tries to keep pace. 

Dr. Phil’s Episode.

In March 2017, Dr. Phillip McGraw ("Dr. Phil") aired an episode featuring a victim of elite establishment sex trafficking. Directly contradicting the reporting of establishment media in America, the segment confirmed that PedoGate is real, it is ongoing, and its true dimensions remain unknown. 

Airing the episode had consequences: the media network Dutch Media RTL canceled the show despite hosting it for 15 years. 

Mainstream media ignored the Dr. Phil episode into irrelevance. It fell to alternative media like The Last American Vagabond to cover. 

Another consequence of the Dr. Phil PedoGate episode is the emergence of sustained pedophile debunking campaigns that specifically attack the comments sections of YouTube content creators. 

These campaigns are also detectable on Facebook, and on Twitter. 

Hired trolls, who appear to be minions of multiple George Soros-connected firms, and primarily, of organizations linked to David Brock, interfere with organic comments and dismiss sources as: 

  1. A 4chan hoax.
  1. Autistic trolls. 
  1. Weird people obsessed with pedophiles. 
  1. Conspiracy theorists. 
  1. “Alt-right” partisans. 
  1. “Internet sleuths.”

Such PizzaGate debunking trolls never acknowledge evidence, and they never engage with facts. Apparently their purpose is to sow confusion and misinformation, distracting from legit information, and most of all, to ensure that our awareness of the systemic epidemic of pedophilia is diffused and contained. 

The involvement of Democrat party elites is indisputable, as Mr. Alefantis was romantically linked to Mr. David Brock, the founder of the neoliberal media watchdog Media Matters for America, and the Pro Hillary Clinton Super PAC Correct the Record. 

Mr. Brock was described by Time Magazine as “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party,” and George Soros contributed sizable donations to PACs involving Mr. Alefantis. Mr. Soros is also a major backer of Media Matters. 

Lady Lynn de Rothschild listens as David Brock speaks on the stairs. 

Still not investigated, is a mysterious blackmail effort that implicated Mr. Alefantis and Mr. Brock. Mr. Brock paid a “former domestic partner” $850,000 to suppress “damaging information involving the organization’s donors and the IRS.”

Mr. William Grey, who was Mr. Brock’s “domestic partner of more than 10 years,” apparently filed the lawsuit after Mr. Brock became romantically involved with Mr. Alefantis. So far, legal settlements between the three remain sealed.

And finally, Brian Podesta, potentially a relative of John and Tony, was discovered working at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) as a senior analyst.

John Podesta’s WikiPedia page cites only his brother Tony, and is mute on whether Brian Podesta is related.

As researchers observed, Brian Podesta theoretically enjoys access to the greatest archive of child porn in the world, and is also in a position to warn pedophiles when they come to the attention of investigators and authorities consulting the NCMEC.  

This development remains unexamined and unconfirmed, but there seems little question that pedophilia runs in families. I decline to assume that Brian Podesta is related to John and Tony Podesta, absent verification. 

However, I hazard no guess whether there is a genetic component to pedophilia, but there is no doubt that its incidence is contagious, many pedophiles were themselves abused, and many victims grow up to later commit pedophilia themselves. 

I warn readers that the following content is harrowing, and you should brace yourself for a sensation that I can only compare to endless fingernails scraped on a blackboard. If you are a normal human, you will be discomfited. 

You have been warned. 

The Operation Playpen Bust

Last May, FBI and Europol announced the Operation PACIFIER busts which arrested nearly 900 pedophiles involved with the Playpen pedophilia network on the dark net. 

The Playpen arrests are significant because the FBI rooted its servers and actually ran the network for a period of weeks, planting malware on over 1,000 computers, leading to the arrests of many participants. 

The Playpen arrests appear to be connected to arrests in Norway, where some 51 perpetrators were indicted for pedophilia as part of Operation DARKROOM, an investigation that exposed multiple other pedophile networks operating on the dark net.

"According to VG, Norwegian police began their investigation after receiving a tip-off from the FBI, whose agents had managed to hack their way into one of the paedophilia sites and track its users."

The article states, "One of the involved men had a pregnant girlfriend and discussed plans with another man to sexually abuse the child once it was born." 

The article continues, "Some of the accused men also live-streamed their abuse online and performed atrocities with their own children."

Among the 51, not further identified, were "two current or former elected officials," a kindergarten teacher (“at least one has been employed in several kindergartens”), a police officer and a lawyer. 

The police press conference noted that "several highly educated individuals with high IT skills" used "encryption and anonymity to hide their tracks." 

Another article on Sputnik News reported that the case broke after a 22 year old male in the city of Bergen was apprehended for sexual intercourse with a 14 year old girl. 

During a search police confiscated images and video of child porn. As police followed the various tendrils, they ultimately seized 150 terabytes consisting of video, images and chat transcripts. 

The chat transcripts revealed that pedophiles communicated through encrypted dark net networks. The article concludes that “the list of alleged perpetrators includes politicians for the Progress Party and the Labor Party, as well as a police officer.”

Potentially Related, Pedophile Streaming from the Philippines. 

David Timothy Deakin lived in Angeles, a notorious sex haven that was formerly a US military base, hosting and distributing child porn across the dark net. His customers in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia paid him to live stream webcam child molestation.

What pedophiles look like. David Timothy Deakin of Peoria, IL, in his dark net rat hole in Mabalacat, PI, May 2017, photo courtesy of The New York Post

FBI estimates that worldwide, potentially 750,000 child predators are online. In the text accompanying a video about the apprehension of Mr. Deakin, and in an article by the AP, the FBI uses the forbidden term "epidemic."

An article by the AP says that the youngest victim ever rescued was just 2 months old. Most are younger than 12. 

In Mr. Deakin’s filthy apartment last April 20, Philippine National Bureau of Investigation officers found meth pipes, bondage cuffs and ropes, fetish restraints--and children's underwear and toddler's shoes. 

What pedophiles look like. Australian pedophile Peter Scully, 60 Minutes, perpetrator of Daisy's Destruction.

Another exposé dated 2016 from the Philippines details the sex crimes of Mr. Peter Scully, 51, who allegedly filmed himself raping and torturing young girls, ranging in age from 18 months to 12 years.

Australian 60 Minutes broadcast a segment on Scully. 

One video, titled Daisy’s Destruction, was allegedly published to the dark web.

This is the fifth installment in a long series. Stay tuned, and stay buckled in. This will be a long, rough ride.  

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