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Q Files: An Interview with Paul Furber

Rob Dew of InfoWars interviewed Paul Furber (aka BaruchtheScribe) and James Coleman Rogers (aka PamphletAnon), on December 27, 2017. YouTube censored this interview when they de-platformed Alex Jones. I consequently link to a complete and unaltered pirate copy. This interview introduced Q to the InfoWars audience, and catapulted QAnon beyond 8chan to Reddit and YouTube, where Q was embraced by deplorable supporters of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump.  

Millions of Trump supporters follow a gnomic modern-era Delphic Oracle known as QAnon. Many of us subscribe to Q whisperers to interpret Q drops for us, and some of them make a comfortable living do so. 

Some 1,700 YouTube subscribers to the 24/7 Patriot's Soapbox livestream (70,000 subscribers) are watching Q programming as I write this. Q whisperers on YouTube rack up millions of views and donations on Patreon. Q swag is for sale--t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs. Q is all over Facebook and Twitter (#QAnon). 

Q terrifies the mainstream media: the fake news is nonstop condemnation of deplorable Trump loyalists, we are racist "cult members" and "conspiracy theorists." They demonize our red hats. These enemies of the people who propagandize us and dare call it news, insist that Q is baseless and debunked. 

We know better. Since QAnon first spoke on October 28, 2017, millions of us awoke: we asked hard questions, we did our own research, we came to our own conclusions, all made possible by alternative media and the internet. Untold millions of us are now red-pilled: we are awake, never to go back to sleep. 

I just completed a two-hour interview with Mr. Paul Furber of South Africa, a technologist of some notoriety who was among the first to notice QAnon when s/he posted on 4chan on October 28, 2017. 

I posted an audio file of the entire interview, and a transcript with commentary on my other site, Samizdat. I am updating this article to point to it. 

QAnon (IAMBECAUSEWEARE, ed.), The Storm (Aggregated Q Drops) Version X.VI, Updated May 2, 2019, p. 44. These were the first two Q drops, posted on 4chan on October 28, 2017. 

Mr. Furber became a proselytizer of Q, indeed I consider him the original Q evangelist, coordinating with other Anons in Discord chatrooms: They took Q from 4chan to 8chan, to Reddit, to YouTube, and then to Voat. History will remember Mr. Furber as a reason why Q went viral. 

I began my interview with Mr. Furber convinced that Q is a LARP, a Live-Action Role Play, and a psychological operation. I still believe this, but I now understand that Q is much more. 

Understanding Q as a LARP and as a psyop is useful, but it is not the whole story. QAnon borrows from previous LARPs, like Operation Chanology, and Cicada 3301, and any alumnus of the Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg can discern that Q is a psyop. 

Marketing professionals likewise recognize Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the Q drops, and tricks from the dark arts of advertising. Social scientists perceive the programming in Q, and political scientists marvel at the ideology of the Q superconspiracy. 

What I realized in the course of my interview with Mr. Furber is that all of these different ways of approaching Q, these different methods of understanding Q, all fall short: they do not encompass the entirety of a phenomenon that is becoming a movement, even an influence on modern conservatism. 

Democrats and neoliberals, the fake news media, desperately fear QAnon. They deride and dismiss Q, they paint millions of American patriots like you and I as lunatics, they claim that we are deluded. 

I hope that they continue believing this, as we combatants in the ongoing war for the popular conscience will hence defeat them. Our ideology rises: theirs fades. 

The fake news media publishes endless articles trying to hypnotize us. History will remember the Pravda media's coverage of QAnon as an epic error, as most Americans were introduced to QAnon through the mainstream media. Now we look to alternative media for our explanations.

And Q is ubiquitous on alternative media. Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, MeWe, Minds, Gab, Spreely, SteemIt--Q communities flourish on forums and websites--and Q programming on YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, DLive, DTube, and BitChute is legion. 

Q posts exclusively on 8chan, one of the lone remaining bastions of free speech. Anons then spread the Q testament. One Anon known as @IAMBECAUSEWEARE on Twitter freely publishes the aggregated Q drops in .pdf format as The Storm on Patreon (Version X.VI, Updated May 2, 2019). The more that the ideological Left screeches about Q, the further Q spreads. 

Mainstream media is losing us forever. We are unplugging and canceling our cable contracts and watching what we want, when we want. We are not just saving money, we are liberating our minds:  the endless propaganda, the fake news, the slow, dishonorable seppuku of the dinosaur networks, all is laid bare. The Fourth Estate is dying. 

Back to my interview with Mr. Furber. Some may not realize it, but we are natural lie-detectors. With training, we can detect deception. Some liars--intelligence professionals, criminal confabulators and the schizophrenic--present a challenge, but a trained observer using a timeline as an interview tool can detect a liar perpetrating a lie. 

Police detectives elevate this to an art form. Telling a lie sequentially is easy. Telling a lie backwards, not so much. 

Polygraphers manipulate complicated apparatuses as a tool to put liars off their stride. What they are actually doing is observing your body language, a host of physical indicators, and your language patterns. The "box" is not the lie detector: the operator is. 

I did not begin my interview with Mr. Furber intending to trip him up. I am not a journalist. I do not practice gotcha journalism. I am a political scientist and an historian, and I also happen to be a school-trained 18F intelligence sergeant. I wanted to verify some facts and to flesh out the Q narrative. 

I did that much, and more. As we talked, I realized that Mr. Furber is not a co-conspirator in a LARP. He did not fake the Q drops. He does not know who authored them. His story is believable, fluid, continuous and coherent. He could tell his tale chronologically and backwards, with no internal inconsistencies. His body language is not deceptive. 

So I did not learn from Mr. Furber who is perpetrating Q. I do not believe that it is Mr. Furber, and he was on a short list of suspects before our interview. We must never forget that QAnon could literally be anybody. 

I reinforced a suspicion that Q changed hands at certain points, that different crews took over Q, and Mr. Furber agreed with this thesis. Further investigation, textual analysis cross-referenced to events, may eventually reveal this part of the story. But neither of us knows who wrote the first two Q drops, though claims were made, and neither of us is certain who is running Q at this time. 

I do harbor suspicions. I know that Q is not an intelligence professional. I will publish the proofs of this soon. Nor is Q a lone individual. Q is a group, and Q says as much. Whomever is running the Q operation is literate in historical conspiracy theories. 

Q could be a political scientist, someone with long familiarity with conspiracy literature over decades, like myself--or like Mr. Furber. This likely describes just one or two members of the Q team. But I do not think that Mr. Furber is Q. Nor does he know who is posting Q drops now. 

I will integrate my interview with Mr. Furber into my ongoing research. I will post it to a censorship-resistant video host like DLive, given time. I finally posted the audio file of our interview and the transcript with commentary on Samizdat

But I now need to adjust my working hypothesis, and I need to modify several chapters of my book-length Q analysis. Q is not just a LARP. Q borrows from historical LARPs, but Q is much more. 

There is no question that Q is a psyop. I will publish an analysis explaining these aspects of the Q movement in time. Perhaps most significant, Q is also new media: to say that QAnon is  native to alternative media is true, but again, it is not the whole truth. 

This is what we all must admire: whatever else Q is, however this great mystery is eventually explained, Q red-pilled millions of sleeping Americans and others around the world, and we will never go back to sleep. 

Millions of us will never trust mainstream media ever again.

This is the triumph of QAnon. Whomever is doing it can own this much, and they should sleep well at night. 

We will never go back to sleep. 

Revised May 19, 2019: 1937 hrs. Bangkok Local. 


Blogger rafanna said...

Followed the link from Furber's twitter.

Thank you for your reasoned approach. I do have a question however. How is the poster(s) "Q" able to predict future events as cited by Paul's example of the Lord's prayer in Dew's coverage? I've been reading the Q posts for about a year (best news source I've come by), which is to say that future proves past has happened over and over. Just smart anons? How does that happen?

I look forward to your future installments. Fascinating!

10:59 AM, May 02, 2019  
Anonymous Denise Matteau said...

I tried to comment on your WordPress site but that didn't work. You have some very serious slander about me in your interview with Lestat, a man who has never spoken to me but who provides you with a small part of the "leaked emails" that are central to the Q story, the emails that were sent to me by that extortion ring. Lestat has never spoken to me and he lied to you about me. If you are seriously objective, you will contact me and get the rest of those filthy aol emails including the proof that the Schoenberger hijacking of the Cicada game is part of a much more serious criminal ring. Read those emails in DeFango's pastebin carefully. They are one tiny bit of the emails that criminal gang sent to me. There is far more documentation and factual evidence I can supply about who is really behind these grifters.

3:02 PM, August 16, 2019  

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