Sunday, May 14, 2017

Presenting Judge Reed Chambers II

With apologies for the delay, I present here a post by Judge Reed Chambers II that he posted to my Facebook page on 10 May. Sorry for the delay. I had a bunch of teeth pulled so my administration of the page has been a bit slipshod. 

Here is what Judge Chambers shared, which I am honored to post:

"Why don't we just have an Independent Counsel appointed to take a critical view of the Clinton Crime Cartel of Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, the Clinton Foundation, and their codefendant accessories before and after the fact(s), their foreign and domestic racketeering conspirators, and all related bribery, sex crimes, "leaks" of classified matter, national security breaches, acts of treason, the apparent complicity in the Benghazi murders, arming the Syrian al Nustra Front of Al Qaida as being lawful enemies of the United States of which the US Congress has in fact by Joint Resolution previously authorized military force to destroy, money laundering, fraud, tax fraud, charitable fund personal inurnment of $900,000.00 unreasonable salary to Chelsea--an inexperienced college kid otherwise without a visible means of support, use of computer devices to facilitate a crime, wire fraud, mail fraud, and conspiracy to sustain an illegal alien without US Natural Born Citizenship to usurp the Presidency of the United States and 50 States participation in massive election fraud, together with the fund raising perpetrated by emails and direct mailing to defraud Presidential Campaign Fund Contributors to seat a Usurper in the White House.  
Jailing all of the Clinton Crime Cartel and Obama Racketeering Codefendant Democrats would instantly drain 85% of the D.C. Political Swamp and District of Columbia Felonious Cess Pool!" 
Judge Reed Chambers II State Admin. Judge (Ret.)

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