Sunday, June 04, 2017

David Seaman, Revolutionary

In this video journalist David Seaman contrasts the uproar incited by President Trump​ tweeting “covfefe” to the echoing silence of the mainstream media ignoring elite pedophile rings in Washington. 

When the elite media suppresses all coverage of PizzaGate, and derides researchers as conspiracy theorists, they become co-conspirators in a criminal coverup. 

I just posted documentaries about pedophilia in Hollywood and within bloodline families on my Facebook timeline, so this subject is on my mind. 

I posed the basic question: Elijah Wood and Corey Feldman know the names of powerful pedophiles acting with impunity in Hollywood. Where are the Hollywood Police Department detectives interviewing them and arresting the pedophiles that they can name? 

This is an obvious question. Has no one else asked it? 

This video by Mr. Seaman is just one among many on his YouTube channel. It is not unique. But Mr. Seaman is an emerging thought leader and his ideas are important. 

One idea addressed in this video is the existence of establishment Luciferian pedophile rings in politics, media, and in Hollywood. This idea seems outrageous, and yet evidence is not just abundant, it is convincing. What is missing is the willingness to believe the evidence and to draw logical conclusions because the conclusions are monstrous. 

The existence of elite pedophile rings among members of the mainstream media and within our political organizations seems outlandish, and yet investigations, arrests and convictions are constant. 

There is no question that institutionalized pedophilia is rampant within religious institutions. Why the resistance to the idea that it also exists within politics, within the media, and within Hollywood? Especially when the pace of arrests and convictions is accelerating? 

Another idea is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology and it is an existential threat to the global central bank paradigm. Bitcoin redefines currency, the foundational fact of money. Best of all, Bitcoin belongs to no nationstate, to no existing political or economic order. Bitcoin is a decentralized better idea that is going viral.

Both ideas are revolutionary, both ideas attack the establishment. I define revolution in this article as the overthrow of the old by the new, both ideas attack establishment structures in social, economic, political and cultural spheres, and both seek to supplant old orders with new, more moral ones. 

This article is written with the intent that you read it as you step through and watch the video in a separate browser window. I will gist the content of the video and comment on it as you play it and read. Towards the end, I transcribe this video word for word, for reasons that will leap out at you. 

At the 4:50 mark, Mr. Seaman laughs after a viewer named Tracy comments that “covfefe" means that I was up late trying to save our country.” 

Mr. Seaman’s viewers support President Donald J. Trump. We are the deplorable alt-right, and some 37,926 of us watched this video at the time that I wrote these words, out of 150,306 subscribers to Mr. Seaman’s YouTube channel

Mr. Seaman is infamous for his reporting on PizzaGate, which he now terms PedoGate, and for his relentless pursuit of alleged pedophile John Podesta

Mr. Podesta was Hillary Clinton's campaign director, and his hacked Gmail inbox was published by WikiLeaks in the weeks prior to the last presidential election. 

The result was Hillary's historic defeat, and President Donald J. Trump’s improbable victory. 

Whomever it was who hacked John Podesta's Gmail inbox, Russians or not, we the American people owe those hackers a debt.

Photo courtesy of

The hack of Mr. Podesta’s Gmail inbox also birthed the PizzaGate conspiracy theory, inciting neoliberal promoters of Madame Clinton to insist that "Russians” interfered in the election. Despite a deluge of establishment media coverage, no proof of Russian complicity has yet been confirmed.

Repeating an accusation does not make it factual, and the tsunami of media claims of Russian “interference" in the past election remain meaningless until actual evidence is published. 

Nobody accepts nebulous intelligence community assertions "with moderate confidence" that Russians hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) or the Clinton campaign. We want to see the beef.

Congressional committees are now investigating, so we shall see what they turn up. 

Mr. Seaman previously wrote exposés about NSA and the Obama drone program in Business Insider and the Huffington Post

After Mr. Seaman committed the cardinal sin of discussing Hillary Clinton’s health on the Huffington Post, his articles were pulled, he was fired, and the Huffington Post failed to give him the courtesy of an explanation. Mr. Seaman's censorship by the Huffington Post marked his final publication in mainstream media.

Henceforth, Mr. Seaman became an independent researcher wholly funded by viewers on YouTube, and his maltreatment by the Huffington Post made him more radical in his statements and in his conclusions. 

If we did not appreciate Mr. Seaman's analyses, we would not fund him. Working as a researcher on YouTube is Darwinian. Clearly Mr. Seaman strikes a chord among his clientele. 

Continuing at the 4:50 mark, Mr. Seaman defends President Trump: "He did not run a drone program that killed hundreds of the wrong people. Obama did." 

Mr. Seaman continues, "he did not use the FBI to spy on American citizens. Obama did." 

Mr. Seaman then speculates that former President Obama froze investigations into child trafficking and pedophilia over the past eight years. He says it: "Obama did.”

Mr. Seaman recommends the cryptocurrency vendor Coinbase and the BitPay app, which I mentioned recently on my own Facebook feed

I opened Coinbase and GoldMoney accounts based on Mr. Seaman's endorsements several months ago, and I am a satisfied customer. I just today linked my BitPay app to my Coinbase account. It is awesome technology.

The Satanic Elites. 

After Mr. Seaman “enjoys his covfefe” at the 7:22 mark, he emphasizes that the mainstream media suppresses coverage of elite pedophile rings, commenting that many elite powerbrokers are literal Satanists. He says that these members of actual Satanic orders are losing their minds over the Trump presidency. 

At the 10:50 mark, Mr. Seaman stresses that pedophiles are rampant in Hollywood and in Washington. “It is a Satanic order,” he says, "and they are in positions of power and influence in Hollywood, and within the media and politics."

At 11:05, Mr. Seaman concludes, “this is, as far as I can tell, the biggest conspiracy of all time, the fact that there are people in our government, and people in our entertainment complex, you know, in Hollywood, who are pedophiles, and who worship Lucifer.”

"And six months ago or a year ago, I would feel crazy saying that, but my claims are well supported. You know, John Podesta is getting personal invitations in his emails, which have been leaked, his emails of course have been leaked to WikiLeaks, which is how we all know about this.”

An email from Satanic artist Marina Abramovic to Tony Podesta. In the complete email chain he forwards this email to John Podesta. This email can be found in its entirety in the Podesta email archive on  

He says, "John Podesta was getting personal invitations to Satanic Spirit Cooking events, where they spray blood, and semen, and breast milk on effigies of young children." (11:40).

"So that is weird shit, I did not learn about that when I was in civics class, I did not learn that the Clintons are into that stuff, and yet they are, they are very into it.” (11:50).

"John Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, not a nobody, John Podesta was also Bill Clinton’s chief of staff in the White House, and this man is getting personalized invitations to Spirit Cooking events.” 

At 12:16, Mr. Seaman confirms, “It is real. Members of the elite, certainly not all of them, but some of them, are members of a Satanic order which abuses children.”

Photo of John Podesta courtesy of Cathy Fox. 

Mr. Seaman’s solution, however, is conventional: "Now these people need to be rounded up, they need to be given trials, very fair trials, I do not believe in vigilante justice, I do not believe in mob justice, very fair trials, and then they need to go away.” (12:25).

“They do not belong in this society with the rest of us. These people are the biggest losers that I have ever seen in my entire life. Losers on a cosmic scale.” 

"Sorry, I am a very tolerant person, very tolerant of different views, and different lifestyles."

"If you use your wealth to worship Lucifer, and to crisscross the globe in your private jet, and to torture and abuse children, the future, children are literally the future of our civilization, if you are perverting the next generation, and mentally and physically destroying them, we will get you, we will bring you down." (12:50).

At the 13:18 mark, Mr. Seaman clarifies, "It is not just me, there are many of us involved at this point, we will bring you down." 

"At the 14:00 mark, Mr. Seaman taunts Mr. Podesta, reminding him that "you know that is the thing, the Podestas, millions of us have already read your most intimate emails, and we will never forget. You will pay."

To the left of David Brock of Media Matters and Correct the Record is Lady Lynn de Rothschild. 

Luciferian Banking Families. 

I appreciate Mr. Seaman’s narrative, as he is one of few researchers who links modern banking, the reigning petrodollar and Federal Reserve central bank paradigm, to the historical Rothschild family, leaning on G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island

While Mr. Griffin is dismissed as a racist conspiracy theorist, this does not invalidate his assessments. Any discussion of the Rothschild banking family is characterized as antisemitic, effectively buying them a pass. It is possible to discuss their role in the evolution of modern banking without racism. 

Further, any discussion of the central banking paradigm is dismissed as "conspiracy theory." I actually do not have a problem with this, to the extent that we are discussing theories. We are, however, discussing facts, facts which are conspiratorial. Should we be described as conspiracy factualists? 

At the 14:15 mark, Mr. Seaman characterizes Rothschild financiers as "a bunch of inbred, Luciferian banking losers," asking "what happens when my generation no longer covets rectangles of paper above all else? You are fucked, Rothschilds.” (14:20). 

At the 14:30 mark, Mr. Seaman continues, referring to the Rothschild banking family, "The second your average Millennial wants a Bitcoin or a scrap of gold before one of your rectangles of paper, then that family is truly fucked, because they do not create anything of value. They just create political tokens, and then manipulate us through financial shenanigans. That family is over." 

Mr. Seaman points out that more and more of his viewers are awakened, and we realize that the mainstream media is complicit in covering up for "Luciferian banking families.” 

At the 15:05 mark, he continues, “But the collective outrage from PedoGate and from the fact that, you know, a lot of Americans are waking up for the first time to the fact that this stuff is real, they did not know that there are a bunch of Satanic pedophiles in Hollywood and in Washington, DC calling the shots.”

“And now that Americans are waking up, and now that Europeans are waking up, they do not like that, they do not like discovering that a bunch of financial elite Luciferian pedophiles are calling the shots.” (15:21). 

At the 15:42 mark, Mr. Seaman tells us, "people are not just waking up, they realize that the media is intentionally lying to them, that has quite an impact on the psyche of a person, to realize that the media is intentionally lying to you."

Mr. Seaman then asks why journalists fail to cover elite class pedophiles, singling out Ms. Anna Merlan (@annamerlan), who recently published an indictment of independent researchers investigating the murder of Seth Rich in The New York Times

At the 16:47 mark, Mr. Seaman continues, "Right, if you are a journalist, your cause is the truth, exactly. If you are a journalist, outing corruption is what you do." 

"You do not cover up corruption, you do not cover up corruption like Anna Merlan does. You do not write opinion pieces in The New York Times, calling the people looking into Seth Rich's murder, looking into Seth Rich's assassination, you do not call those people "demented detectives."

Anna Merlan (@annamerlan), her twitterfeed. 

"You do not use your media platform to cover up wrongdoing, you use it to expose wrongdoing, right? Did we not all learn this in journalism school?" 

"Am I the only journalist out there who actually sat through a couple of journalism classes? I mean it really has not changed that much, the practice of journalism has not changed, the guidelines have not changed." 

"What has changed, is that we now have a bunch of nobodies, people like Anna Merlan with very minimal followings of their own, getting placements in huge publications like The New York Times, to discredit things which are intuitively obvious. Seth Rich was assassinated." (17:48).

Mr. Seaman pauses to drink more covfefe. 

Then he continues: "Millions of Americans will never rest (18:10) until Podesta is in an orange jumpsuit, and those connected to him. So I think that is the most logical outcome, especially since people in the government know about PedoGate, they know that it is real, and it pisses them off, too." 

"My suspicion is public trials ahead, a lot of public anger because the media has been lying to us, and because people like Kathy Griffin are members of occult orders that are Luciferian in nature."

"I think that just the combination of all this media lying, six months of lying about RussiaGate, which is not real, while covering up a scandal which is disgusting and real, the public are going to lose their minds." (18:53). 

"So, to appease the public, I do think that the Trump administration and the Congress will eventually call special investigations, because the level of anger is going to be so great, that is what is called for, that is what I see ahead." (19:07). 

"So whenever I see something I always tell you guys, of course when Bitcoin was $80 bucks each, I told you guys look, I am seeing this, this is really significant, I do not know, it could change the whole world, and I still feel that way today." (19:20). 

"Bitcoin, as expensive as it is, is probably nothing compared to where it will be in a year or two. Not financial advice, but the price of Bitcoin today is probably nothing compared to where it will be in the future, if Millennials just decide to pull out." (19:37). 

I think that what Mr. Seaman means here is, if Millennials decide to disengage from the American economy and use cryptocurrencies instead of dollars, the value of Bitcoin will soar. 

Anyone with access to the internet can use the BitPay app, and the BitPay VISA card, which converts Bitcoin to $US dollars on the fly and is usable at any ATM. 

Mr. Seaman continues to explain at the 19:38 mark, "You know that I have decided to pull out, because of the fact that there are so many liars in our media, and so many pedophiles in our government who belong to a Luciferian ring, and because they bought so many outright shills, so many dishonest people, I do not really want anything to do with this society anymore, I do not want its rigged currencies." (19:58). 

Oompa Loompas v. Bitcoin and the Digital Literati.

Mr. Seaman shows us photos of Mrs. Janet Yellen, the current Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, unforgettably calling her an "Oompa Loompa." Because she does look like an Oompa Loompa. 

At the 19:58 mark, Mr. Seaman continues, "See, this Oompa Loompa, Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve Chairwoman, this Oompa Loompa, she creates our currency out of thin air and I do not trust her." 

"She is unelected, and for eight years, for eight years she artificially starved our economy, she kept the interest rates artificially low to make Obama look good, which starved savers, starved people doing the right thing with their money." (20:25).

"So I do not trust this Oompa Loompa that none of us elected, and none of us have talked to, she is in charge of the currency? I trust Bitcoin more, I trust gold more, I trust silver more, for that matter, I trust almost anything more than the rectangles of paper being created by that Oompa Loompa in a conference room in New York." (20:47). 

Unlike other contemporary journalists, Mr. Seaman explains that Bitcoin is revolutionary, and it is a unique form of revolution, as it is nonviolent and voluntary. 

Mr. Seaman characterizes fiat currencies as "rectangles of paper created by pedophiles and Oompa Loompas and unelected freaks," and he promotes Bitcoin as the ultimate threat to the global central banking paradigm.

The fact is, the decentralized Bitcoin blockchain is a better technology for transferring large sums of money, hoarding money, and escaping the debt slavery of the $US dollar, with its programmed depreciation and intentional inflation that saps the savings of those who bank in dollars, undermining the purchasing power of those who must transact in American currency. 

Best of all, Bitcoin belongs to no nationstate, if it belongs to anyone or to anything, it belongs to the internet, and to those of us who live our lives on the net, the digital literati.

At 20:48, Mr. Seaman notes, "Someone says that the Federal Reserve is a Ponzi Scheme. Correct. It is a Ponzi Scheme, and as I said in one of my recent shows, a good currency, you go out and you mine it. A bad currency mines you." 

To understand this statement, a work like Antony Sutton's The Federal Reserve Conspiracy is helpful, or William Greider's Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country

Do not fear the term "conspiracy." We are talking about conspiracy facts here, not conspiracy theories. Critics loyal to the ruling regime of global economic control want you to believe that learning about the founding of the Federal Reserve System makes you a conspiracy theorist. This is untrue. You can be a conspiracy factualist. 

We are talking about an historical conspiracy when we discuss the Federal Reserve. We can do so using facts. 

Mr. Seaman continues: "And what is this old woman in New York doing? What is this Oompa Loompa doing? She is mining us all, because it does not take her any effort or labor to create new dollar bills, it takes her no labor whatsoever, and yet we have to labor to earn them. That is not very fair, is it? That does not seem fair." (21:20). 

This is the essence of fiat currencies like the $US dollar. They are rectangles of paper with no intrinsic value, nothing backs them, no gold, no nothing, only the promise to back them with the "full faith and credit" of the US government for the payment of all debts public and private. 

Economic theorists are certain that fiat currencies like the $US dollar and the Euro and all the others will one day no longer be accepted as legal tender. 

Nobody knows when that day will come, the collapse of the petrodollar economy will herald the demise of an old order, a slave order, and it is for this reason that using Bitcoin is a revolutionary act. 

As the financial rulers of the planet will not go quietly, it is inevitable that they will soon attempt to counteract or absorb Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin is an existential threat to the global financial order. If we use Bitcoin, we are no longer using the system run by the central banks of the world, the central banks acting at the behest and in the service of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Our financial puppet masters desperately fear that we will en masse cut our strings by using Bitcoin and wake up and shrug off our programming. 

It seems like a relatively simple thing, to use Bitcoin rather than petrodollars, it seems trivial to just turn off your television. These are revolutionary acts, and if you do them, you are engaging in sedition against the subtle regime implemented with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913

Sometimes being bad feels good. 

It is clear that Mr. Seaman is awake, he is "red pilled," he sees more clearly than most of us, he broke his programming. If you wish to join us, if you wish to also wake up, if you wish to cut the lines that tie you to the puppet masters, if you wish to break your programming, all that you need to do is stop watching television. Just turn it off. 

You can also just cancel all of your cable channels, and purchase an AppleTV, and watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it on the internet. 

But it is imperative that you cease watching CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or any dinosaur news shows. They lie continually, they are the equivalent of state sponsored television in a communist country, dispensing an endless pablum of the party line. 

You undoubtedly noticed the crescendo of criticism of the president that we elected? It is not universal, it is still possible to find alternative sources of news and information, but there is no question that a sustained and coordinated effort is underway to discredit and undermine President Trump. 

Have you noticed how CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and most other mainstream establishment media orchestrate their criticism of our president? 

This is clear proof of the nefarious control exerted over the media by six infamous private corporations. Guess who owns the controlling shares of those media giants? The most prominent banks in New York and London. This is not conspiracy theory. It is conspiracy fact. 

Watch David Seaman on and wake up. If enough of us wake up and shrug off our programming, it is quite possible that over time, enough free humans will patronize the Bitcoin system to make the global central bank paradigm and its ACH SWIFT network irrelevant, if not obsolete. 

Using Bitcoin is a revolutionary act, though it may just seem like common sense. What most of us do not realize is that money is a mechanism of control, it is, in fact, a mechanism of slavery, condemning us all to an invisible system where we must pay endless debts to the Federal Reserve.

Every Federal Reserve note is an instrument of debt, the Fed prints those rectangles of paper in exchange for Treasury notes from the US Treasury, but it lends them to the Treasury, and we the American taxpayers pay interest on those loans to the Fed every year.

If you check the accounting reconciliation that the Fed delivers to the Congress every year, it claims that the Fed delivers a certain amount of revenue to the Treasury. This is true. But remember that the Fed cooks those books, it creates those accounting instruments, and there is no effective oversight over the Federal Reserve. 

There is no question that the private banks that are the majority shareholders of the Federal Reserve enjoy vast profits and economic control from their ownership of the Fed. 

This is deliberate, this system was created in 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and it is tantamount to an epic scam perpetrated against the citizens of the United States.

Efforts to "Audit the Fed" in the Congress are attempts to conduct a true audit of the Fed, and the Fed resists such legislation fiercely, claiming that its vaunted "independence" will be impaired. 

This is true. The "independence" of the Fed will be impaired, and it should be. The Federal Reserve realizes that if the American people understand how they manipulated our finances and saddled us with unpayable debt for the past hundred years their very existence will be imperiled. 

The Federal Reserve can be wound down, and it can be replaced with a true national central bank, a central bank where the government on behalf of the people is the sole shareholder, rather than private banks. 

The Federal Reserve is a private corporation, there is nothing "federal" about it, that name was chosen to help hoodwink the American people, and it worked gloriously for more than a century. 

Then a great man, Congressman Ron Paul, was elected to the House of Representatives. Congressman Paul, more than any other individual of our era, tirelessly attempted to explain how the Federal Reserve System is injurious to the body politic.

Indeed, the Fed is incompatible with the ideals of our Republic, and Congressman Paul explains how the Fed is, in fact, a system of debt control and profiteering. 

Congressman Paul wrote the seminal work, End the Fed. He explains the entire caper.

To "End the Fed" we must repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. We should also repeal the Revenue Act of 1913 and its amendments over the past century while we are at it. 

A committee that limits the participation of the great banking interests that are the true rulers of America must be empaneled, and a new and simple replacement national central bank that prioritizes the interests of the people of the United States must be created. 

This can be done. To begin, you need to wake up. 

Turn off your television. 

Use Bitcoin. 

Join us.  

Returning to our video, at the 27:10 mark Mr. Seaman observes that Bitcoins lately are taking some time to be delivered, which he considers a good sign, as heavy transaction volume is stressing the systems that Coinbase and other Bitcoin firms use. 

More and more money is cycling through the Bitcoin system, and this represents money that is taken out of the central bank system and used in the Bitcoin blockchain. Whether you realize it or not, this is revolutionary. 

I guarantee you that the central banks of the world, led by the central bank of central banks, the New York Federal Reserve, and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), are acutely aware of the amounts of Bitcoin that are no longer circulating in their antique ACH SWIFT system. 

I myself purchased more Bitcoin a couple of days ago, and Coinbase advised me that it would take six days for the transaction to catch up and to appear in my account. Coinbase will honor the transaction price at the time of purchase. 

Good enough for me. My initial purchases of Bitcoin amounted to $65. Those $65 dollars in Bitcoin were worth $100.33 at the time that I began this piece on 3 June, 2017. 

Checking my Coinbase dashboard as I edited this article on 5 June, I see that my Bitcoin are now worth $106.54. My Bitcoin appreciated more than $40 in value over the past several months. That is why I purchased more. 

You should purchase Bitcoin as well. Like Mr. Seaman, I endorse the cryptocurrency firm Coinbase. You can begin small, purchasing notional amounts that you will not mind losing, should Bitcoin unexpectedly crater in value. 

What is important is that you begin

All great journeys, all revolutions, begin with one step.

The Biggest Scandal of All Time.

At the 28:00 mark Mr. Seaman returns to the "Luciferian scandal," which he considers the biggest scandal of all time, as more and more of his viewers are waking up and realizing that the dinosaur media is coopted and corrupt and incapable of addressing such monstrous debacles. 

"Here we have seen horrific things in John Podesta's confirmed emails, in his verified emails, we have seen adult men, joking about hot dog stands and joking about child orgies and joking about, "would you rather have dominos on pizza or pasta?" What are these sickos talking about?" (29:22).

Examples of pedophile code from an FBI document. 

Now I am transcribing Mr. Seaman word for word. "Well," he says, "dominos" is short for "domination." "Would you rather have dominos on pizza or pasta" means, would you rather dominate a very young girl, or a very young boy, that is what researchers believe." (29:40).

"And they are not talking about "Dominos" the chain of pizza places, it is very clear that this is not what they are talking about. They are using a code language. Do you know why they are using a code language in their emails? Because it is illegal to abduct and rape and kill children. Did you guys know that?" (29:56).

"That is why they are using a code language. John Podesta is aware that it is actually illegal in the United States to traffic, to abduct, and to rape little children. Now John Podesta may not have gotten that memo, but I can assure you, John Podesta, the law will catch up to you. Too many of us know. Too many know." (30:12).

Taking a moment to double-check, YouTube reports that Mr. Seaman's video has been seen 37,949 times. Ruminate on that, Mr. Podesta. Ruminate on that, pedophile elites. 

As Mr. Seaman states: "Too many know."

"Universal Basic Income" is a Scam.

At the 30:56 mark, Mr. Seaman then explains how the Bitcoin source code works, and he says that those who cannot step through the open source Bitcoin code themselves, because they are ignorant of programming languages, must take it on trust that the code is doing what it claims that it is doing, "just like any other software." 

Responding to a viewer comment, Mr. Seaman then addresses "universal basic income," explaining that it is not just creepy, "it is the elites, it is the elite families who are just caught in a global pedophile ring, just caught in a global Luciferian pedophile ring, and these same families now want to give all of us "universal income." (32:10).

I am again transcribing Mr. Seaman's statements word for word, as what Mr. Seaman says here is vital. 

"What that means is that they want to create new currencies that they mostly control, new rectangles of paper, they want to award most of them to themselves, but then they will give some of it to us for free, just to jumpstart their own system." (32:32).

"Do you know what I have to say to that? I have to say "fuck you" to that. We do not want your scraps. We do not want your "universal basic income." Why do you elite pedophiles not take some scraps? You take the "universal basic income" that we give you, and that is it. You get nothing else. How about that?" (32:47).

"No. "Universal basic income" is a scam, these pedophile elites think that they will be able to start new fiat currencies, just by giving some of us a stake in it. We are not interested. You know if you want to earn money? You can earn money anytime that you want, by going out into the world and saying, "hey I want to earn some Bitcoin, pay me in Bitcoin." (33:06). 

"Or you can mine Bitcoin, or you can mine gold or silver, or you can start using gold or silver, but I think that it is a mistake to wait for the elites to just give us income. "Universal basic income" makes us more reliant on them, makes us more reliant on global pedophile losers who do not really do anything for our economy, and the transaction cost is too high." (33:28). 

"So we have had fiat currency for centuries, right? And as it turns out, I think that the transaction cost of having these rectangles of paper that are convenient, but they are always losing value, and they enrich pedophile families who do nothing except for fly around the world in private jets, and rape kids, and worship Lucifer, and financially back despicable families like the Clintons, con artist families like the Clintons, that is what they do, that is the transaction cost." (33:52). 

"So we get the "convenience" of paper currency, but at a heavy cost, and that heavy cost is enriching the Rothschilds, that is the cost." 

"So we really need to think of a better way to do money, and get rid of these elite families that are not doing anything, and one of the solutions is Bitcoin. Of course it is not the only solution, there is gold, there is silver, but it is one solution." (34:32). 

 Wars of Ideology. 

Then Mr. Seaman points out that he now has unpaid viewers who say that he is not a shill, in a reference to the paid trolls who historically haunt his videocasts. Mr. Seaman has been plagued by paid trolls who infest his videos at the behest of David Brock, financed by the Sith billionaire George Soros. (34:51).

"Continuing to expose them is very important," he says, "it is funny. I meet people, I will meet somebody, and then they google me, and some people really take this information well, and some people do not."

"But because I am an adult, and because I have good sources of information, I am not going to slow it down, to appease the people that do not really know anything." (35:14).

"That is not our responsibility. We are aware, we are aware that there is a global pedophile ring, we are aware that some celebrities who hate Trump and who are still resisting his win, even now."

"As of tomorrow it is June of the year after the election, despite that, there are still some celebrities who spend every waking moment opposing Trump." (35:38).

"Why is that? Well maybe they just do not like him, but a big part of it is that they are members of a Luciferian pedophile ring. So it is very important to out this by talking about it." 

"There is a Luciferian pedophile ring, it impacts people in Hollywood, it impacts people in the financial world, and I think that we just have to bring the whole thing down, and start fresh, right?" (36:01).

One of many problematic emails from the John Podesta archive on WikiLeaks with apparent pedophile implications. 

"We get rid of these people, we give them fair trials, and then our society can continue to move forward and can continue to grow, but our society cannot really move forward as long as there are pedophiles just allowed to wreak havoc on Twitter all day, like John Podesta." (36:25). 

"Hey, John Podesta, we are not going to let you and Hillary Clinton just foment revolution on Twitter for the next four years. There is going to be accountability." 

Then Mr. Seaman pauses to drink some covfefe and to read viewer comments on his YouTube feed, which is good, as I need to catch up with this transcription. I do not guarantee that this transcript is word-for-word accurate, but it is pretty damned close.

Recap: The Luciferian Pedophile Rings Are Real.

Mr. Seaman continues as a viewer asks for a recap. "Recap please? Uh, sure. There are a lot of pedophiles in Washington and in Hollywood. They belong to a Luciferian pedophile ring." 

"It is a religion, you know, it is a set of religious beliefs, it is not Christian, it is not Jewish, it is actually Satanic, and it is unfortunate that so many celebrities and so many people in finance have been caught up in this." (37:25).

"There is a reason why I never thought that people in Hollywood were all that smart, and it is because people in Hollywood, a lot of great people, but also a lot of people who are not all that smart, and who are easily influenced and hoodwinked, and unfortunately many of these celebrities in Hollywood are, factually speaking, members of a Luciferian pedophile ring." (37:47). 

"And I am sick of being attacked for saying simple truths, it really gets old, it gets old as a person who is just doing my job to be attacked like that, it really is unfair." 

Mr. Seaman pauses to read. "It is extremely unfair. And these losers with no organic followings think that they can continue to hoodwink the public. It is going to blow up in their faces." (38:12). 

"These nobodies like Anna Merlan trying to cover up the assassination of a young man, Seth Rich, that will blow up in her face." 

"And anybody who tries to cover up the truth. The truth is stronger than nobody freelancers like Jennings Brown, or Anna Merlan. The truth is stronger." (38:36). 

For those who do not know, Jennings Brown wrote an infamous hit piece about Mr. Seaman that was published in the Daily Beast, a news site founded by Tina Brown that boasts Chelsea Clinton on the board of directors of its controlling corporation. 

Ms. Anna Merlan is a journalist of modest repute who got a piece criticizing Seth Rich murder researchers published in The New York Times. She interviewed Mr. Seaman for the piece, though he is not mentioned in the actual article. 

Mr. Seaman continues, "There is a Luciferian pedophile ring, it implicates many people in Hollywood and many people in DC. That is part of why they hate Trump so much." 

"They are terrified that at any minute, there will be a knock on their door. Because Obama is no longer president. Obama may have been protecting the pedophiles." (38:55). 

"That is what it appears, because Obama, or Comey, or somebody, was directly protecting the pedophiles, because where were all these arrests? All these arrests that we are seeing now, where were these arrests during the Obama administration?" (39:17). 

It does seem like there is an accelerated stream of pedophile arrests, arrests for human trafficking, prosecutions of elites connected to the Democrat political machine, since the election of President Donald Trump. 

It must be emphasized, however, that the plague of pedophilia reaches across the political aisle. The former Republican Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, a personal friend of the Podesta brothers, is now in prison for financial misdeeds trying to cover up historical crimes of pedophilia that he perpetrated decades ago. 

Mr. Seaman advises: "The American people are getting fed up, I can feel it. I can really feel it. There is no patience left. There is no patience left for people like Kathy Griffin." 

Comedienne Kathy Griffin and the simulated decapitated head of President Donald J. Trump. 

"Really, you think that it is art to have an effigy of the president's fucking chopped off head, covered in blood, and you are holding that up like a terror fighter? You think that is art, Kathy Griffin?" (39:41). 

The Demonic Art Movement.

"Well maybe years of being in a Luciferian pedophile ring, if you are a member of it, Kathy Griffin, many people in Hollywood are members, and if you are a member, maybe that is why your taste in art is so fucked up. I mean, have you seen some of the images of John Podesta's favorite artists?" (40:02). 

"I was an art history minor in college. This is not just bad art. This is stuff that is profane. I mean one of John Podesta's favorite artists is a woman who paints these...I cannot even describe it, that is how sick that it is... I cannot even describe it." (40:21). 

Sculpture by Patricia Piccinini. 

"They are like these demonic ... demonic pig slug things that wrap themselves around little children. That is the kind of art that he is into, demonic pig slugs, wrapping themselves around little children. That is not just bad art. Again, I was an art history minor, I had to study all the different movements and genres and so on." (40:40). 

"That is not bad art. That is profane, mentally unhealthy stuff, right?" Mr. Seaman continues, "it is very important to remember that these people are not Christian, they are not Jewish. They have their own belief system." (41:04). 

Then a troll in the chat stream chides Mr. Seaman, calling him an "art snob." 

That pushes a button. Mr. Seaman gets up to close the door. Perhaps because the art that he is going to show us is problematic. 

Mr. Seaman then sits at his laptop, and he pecks at the keyboard. He then looks back at the chat feed, reading, then he acknowledges a viewer named Mantra, who says, "some of that art tells the literal truth about what is happening." (42:08).

"Exactly. Yeah. It is very disgusting, but some of it I think is hinting at, and mocking what they really do to children, which is sad. And this is what they think about. This is what they idolize, right?" I think that Mr. Seaman means "idealize." But you get his drift. (42:15). 

"So if you have this great landscape in your office, if you have this big landscape in your office of like a mountain range, that is what you idealize, right? A part of you does not want to be in the office, it wants to be out there in the mountain range, right? So that is why you have that art in your office." (42:27). 

"Everything around the Podestas is cannibalism and child rape and child torture, that is the art that they hang on their walls. What does that tell you about their minds?"

"Well, when they are not in the office, they want to be out in that mountain range. Except, oh, wait, it is not a beautiful mountain range, it is photos of little children being raped. That is what the Podestas are into." (42:43). 

"It is not just one artist, it is multiple artists. What does that tell you about their character? I mean, really?" Here. Mr. Seaman points us at photos of an infamous Rothschild dinner party, depicting partygoers wearing perverse papier mâché party heads.

Partygoers at an infamous Rothschild dinner party. 

"Here. Pictures from an early Rothschild dinner party, owners of the central bank of central banks, or BIS (Bank of International Settlements). This is what you are enriching with fiat currency. These people. The Rothschilds? They are not like you and me. They are fucking freaks. Look at these people." (43:16). 

"That is what you are enriching every time that you use the US dollar or the Euro, or any other rectangle of paper that they control. You are enriching these losers. But that is not the art that I wanted to show you guys. Let us look at Podesta's art." (43:30). 

More sculpture by Patricia Piccinini. 

"Now here it is. Now you guys tell me, is this normal? This is one of Podesta's favorite artists, one of his absolute favorite artists. Again, just as a doctor or a lawyer will hang up a landscape because that is where they really want to be? They want to be on vacation in the Rockies, or they want to be surfing." (43:45). 

"What does John Podesta want, when this is one of his favorite artists of all time? What is this? What even is this? What the fuck even is this? Monsters. This man could have been Secretary of State, John Podesta, this man who considers this to be beautiful art, he could have been Secretary of State if Hillary had won." (44:03). 

"Now do you know why I am so angry when people say to me that PedoGate is not real? I mean is this normal art? This is one of the Podesta family's other favorite artists. This is a Spirit Cooking event. Is this art? Again, I was an art history minor, this stuff is not just bad art, it is despicable." (44:33). 

Spirit Cooking art by Marina Abramovic. 

"You know what this is. That is a baby. That is an adult man. What are they doing? What is that adult man doing to that baby? Why is that baby right there? So do you guys understand why I am upset about PedoGate yet? That this is an incredibly real thing that implicates people in Hollywood and in DC." (44:52). 

This appears to be pedophile art by artist Kim Noble.
I am not certain that there is any direct connection between this art and John Podesta. 

"They tried to destroy my life for covering it. They called me a "mentally unstable con man" in Newsweek. Attacked my reputation in the Daily Beast. Attacked my reputation in Buzzfeed." (45:09). 

"Collectively those articles have been read by millions of people. There are millions of people that when they see my face in the street, they think that I am a mentally unstable con man, because I helped out (expose) a global pedophile ring." (45:22). 

"Now do I like that? No I really do not. The fact that the media is used as a weapon to slow down awareness of a pedophile ring, that is not acceptable, and we need to bring accountability to that one as well." (45:36).

"But hopefully after looking at some of that art, you guys understand why I have been so tortured by this story, it is that it is real, and yet the public is not taking it seriously, and the compromised media is taking it even less seriously." (45:48).

Mr. Seaman pauses to read his chat comments, as the ceiling light above him hovers in a position that nearly graces him with a saintly nimbus. 

"Yeah, no. If the media is covering this up, they are complicit as well. That is not normal art. Again, I studied lots of art, lots of art movements in college. Demonic pigs, wrapping their claws around little children, I missed that movement, I missed that movement in school." (46:09).

The Truth Will Come Out--And So Will the Covfefe.

Mr. Seaman drinks some coffee, reading more viewer comments. 

He continues: "And it makes you wonder, when they are doing these things to kids, is that how they feel? Do they feel like demonic pigs, who are stealing innocence? Because that is what they are doing." (46:34). 

"So am I the crazy one, for reporting on these sickos? Or are they the crazy ones," he leans into the camera for emphasis, "for being sickos? I wish that I never had to look at that art. It is not like that is my choice of things to report on. I wish that I never had to look at that." (46:52). 

"But it becomes newsworthy, when that is the favorite art of the man who is running Hillary Clinton's campaign, and the man that Hillary wanted to be Secretary of State, when that is his favorite art, that should absolutely be red flagged, at the very least, this man has mental problems, but at the very worst, he is, as many people suspect, a Luciferian pedophile." (47:05). 
This art by Kim Noble was adapted by James Alefantis's Comet Ping Pong and Pizza for a show. That the show begins at 10PM and welcomes "All Ages" is perplexing, particularly when the content of the art is considered.

Mr. Seaman drinks some more coffee, and he reads more viewer comments. He quotes a viewer named Robert, who observes that children have the right to grow up. "That is what it all comes down to, is it not?" One of the troll attack vectors against Mr. Seaman is that he flogs the PedoGate beast to boost his royalties from an out of print marketing book. 

Mr. Seaman emphasizes that he makes no money off of PedoGate. "Where is all the merchandise and all that shit? I have not made money off of this." He says that it was important to get this information into the public domain, because "people like John Podesta are raping and destroying the next generation. Not very progressive, John Podesta, to rape and torture the next generation." (47:55).

Mr. Seaman begins wrapping up this video, saying "God bless you all," thanking his viewers for their support. "And remember," he says, "if somebody says that this is crazy, just take them right to WikiLeaks, just go right to, and click on the John Podesta email archive, and search for "torture chamber," or search for "walnut sauce," or search for "pizza," or search for "hot dog stand.” (48:13).

More perplexing pedophilia art by artist Kim Noble. 

“And it becomes obvious, there is no other logical explanation for this stuff, these people are pedophiles, they need to be brought down. I am sick of talking about it, I am sick of the fact that this has affected my social life, that people google me then they see the Newsweek article that I am a mentally unstable con man, I do not like that." (48:37). 

"But it is the cost that will be paid because I am not going to be silent about a global pedophile ring. What kind of person would be silent about that? And what kind of person would be silent about the despicable art that I just showed you guys? Thanks again for watching, and stay loud." (48:57). 

"Doing these little live shows that I do, it does nothing unless each one of you watching gets charged up and then goes out and tells everybody else about what is going on in the world, because that is the only way that we will bring these people down." (49:16). 

"They control too much of our media, they control our money, but they are just Luciferian pedophiles, and they will be brought down, and Donald Trump is much stronger than they are, these pedophiles in the deep state who keep complaining, and keep hatching little schemes, all of your schemes will fail, because you are not very intelligent people." (49:31).

"Pedophiles are not smart. They are driven by lust, and they are obviously fucked in the head. But I have noticed that they are just not that smart. Everything that Podesta has been doing, is a totally predictable basic bitch move. He just is not a very smart guy. He is not playing 4D chess with us, he is just insulting our intelligence, which is not how to silence a scandal." (49:52).

An Instagram post by James Alefantis, aka jimmycomet. The hashtag "chickenlovers" refers to male pedophile preference for infant male children. The yellow beaded necklace is a pedophile code reference to analingus.

"By insulting the intelligence of the public, you are not going to silence anything, John Podesta. Someone just said, "the truth will always come out." That is a great place to leave this one." 

"The truth will always come out, John Podesta, it will always come out. And so will the covfefe." (50:15).

Mr. Seaman laughs. 

And that is a wrap. 


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Excellent writing Sgt! Thank you for doing this, my outspokenness on this and other things has me targeted and again banned on fb, as well as some entity throttling my data to prevent me from watching David. Thank you. Im happy that you made it back to your home and happier yet that the VA got you squared away. Viva La Pineland!


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