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The Despicable Case of Jimmy Savile 10

The Despicable Case of Jimmy Savile

The Savile case is noteworthy for the swathe of sexual abuse that its perpetrator cut. At least 450 separate victims are identified, the youngest aged 8, and one of them was a terminally ill male aged 11 or 12. 

In 2012, a “former BBC colleague of Jimmy Savile accused him of being a necrophiliac whose usual sexual partners were “underaged subnormals.”

In another newspaper article dated 2012, a former director stated that he interrupted Mr. Savile in the act of sex with a 16 year old girl in his dressing room. He reported the incident to BBC officials who did nothing. 

“Everyone knew what was going on. That includes senior BBC people—chiefs at the highest levels.” Explaining, Mr. David Nicholson continued, “There were always girls in Jimmy’s dressing room. Everyone would have known about it—all the hair and makeup people, the wardrobe, show directors, producers.”

Further in 2012, an ITV1 documentary, “Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile” was shown. BBC stated, “no evidence of allegations on its premises had been found.”

Also in 2012, BBC suspended all Newsnight investigations after allegations that Conservative politician Lord McAlpine was a pedophile unraveled. 

Also in 2012, BBC  “described claims of a coverup around the sexual assault allegations about Savile, who died in October 2011, as malicious and unfounded.”

Mr. Savile's depravity was detailed in a joint report by the Metropolitan Police and the charity NSPCC that chronicled 214 sex crimes between 1955 and 2009, when Mr. Savile was 82 years old. 

Mr. Savile illustrates the British policy to identify pedophiles after they are dead. Living pedophiles, particularly establishment figures, are inexplicably given a pass. 

Exemplifying the challenges investigating establishment pedophile networks, some 114 government files out of a total of 527 detailing child sex crimes in the UK unexplainably vanished.

Finally, British reporters who publish about the pedophile menace in British society keep turning up dead. Mrs. Liz MacKean worked for the BBC for more than 20 years, but she resigned in 2013 over BBC suppression of her work on Jimmy Savile. 

Mrs. MacKean died at age 52 in August 2017 from complications related to a stroke, immediately stoking conspiracy theories. 

Ms. Jill Dando, a former host of the program Crimewatch, tried to warn her superiors at BBC about pedophile rings operating at the heights of the British government. 

Ms. Dando was gunned down on the doorsteps of her home in 1999 in a crime that remains unsolved. She exposed the existence of the pedophile rings in the mid-1990’s, passing a file to her management. 

BBC suppressed the information, and pedophiles continued operating with impunity. 

Establishment Pedophile Rings in the UK

When a newspaper editor for The Bury Messenger in the UK received dossiers confirming that the highest ranking law enforcement official in the nation was aware of elite pedophile rings, investigators from Special Branch seized the materials, brandished a "D-Notice," and threatened the editor, Mr. Don Hale, with arrest if he pursued any investigation. 

The politician behind this act of suppression was Liberal Party Member of Parliament Cyril Smith. Despite some 140 accusations of child molestation against him, despite the discovery of "indecent images" in his personal vehicle, Mr. Smith was never prosecuted. 

Even the British intelligence agencies, MI5 and MI6, were implicated in the coverup. The longtime director of MI6, Mr. Peter Hayman, was apprehended with "explicit" materials and never charged. In his case, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher herself ordered "his depravity to be concealed from the public." 

Mr. Hayman was accused of pedophilia by a Member of Parliament when a Conservative MP, Mr. Geoffrey Dickens, named him using Parliamentary privilege on the floor of the House of Commons in 1981.

Also accused was former Soviet spy Sir Anthony Blunt, an unnamed Sinn Fein politician, a Labour MP, and several Conservative politicians. 

The Chief of the Home Office, Mr. Leon Brittan, himself accused of molesting young boys, was implicated in the coverup.


In 1983, Mr. Brittan received an explosive pedophile dossier directly from the hand of Tory Member of Parliament Geoffrey Dickens. The dossier vanished.

Mr. Brittan, Mr. Hayman, and other establishment pedophiles of the era were members of an organization known as the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). 

Indeed, the Dickens dossier alleged that 16 Members of Parliament and Members of the House of Lords were members of PIE, along with 30 high profile figures from the Church of England, private schools and business. 

In the early 1970’s, PIE campaigned that the age of consent should be reduced to the age of four, if not abolished, and incest legalized. PIE also facilitated secure communications between members and personal meetings. 

An interview with a convicted pedophile PIE member, Mr. Tom O’Carroll, was included in the Australian 60 Minutes documentary, Spies, Lords and Predators. Produced by Stephen Rice, this documentary blew the coverup of elite pedophile predations apart. 

A videoclip of a prepubescent girl, aged approximately 8, shows her holding a vibrator. 

Asked “what constitutes consent,” meaning the consent of a child to participate in pedophile sex, Mr. O’Carroll replies, “the willing involvement of the child, it’s really quite simple.”

Later in his unspeakable interview, he insists, “if they were traumatized they would not have gone along.”

Mr. O’Carroll continues, “PIE was an organization for people who had a sexual attraction to children, and we thought our illegal interest in children ought to be made legal, if it concerned relations with young people who were consenting to a relationship, or willingly involved.”

The narrator states, “Tom O’Carroll is a self-confessed, unrepentant pedophile, and one of the founding members of the Pedophile Information Exchange. He now shies away from advocating the age of four, “too easily misunderstood,” he says. 

Mr. O’Carroll then explains, “the age of four came into it, in so far as children by that age are normally verbal, and can normally say whether they are liking a particular kind of activity or not.” 

The interviewer replies, “you believe and advocate that it should be ok for an adult to have consenting sexual relations with a child aged 10, so long as it does not involve penetrative sex.”

Mr. O’Carroll says, “well the emphasis here is on consenting, the willing, free, un-coerced involvement of the child, yes.” 

When asked by the interviewer “do you believe, still, that the majority of children at the age of 10 can communicate their consent to a sexual act?”

“Yes I do, yes” he says, “I do not see that is a problem communicating their consent.” When asked, “what constitutes consent?” He responded, “the willing involvement of the child, it is really quite simple.” 

Asked, “But how does one judge that?” He responds, “that is a matter as it is with adult consent, for the people involved.” 

The documentary then tells us that O’Carroll and 4 other members of PIE were prosecuted and jailed for crimes of pedophilia in 1981, while a 6th member of the group was identified at the time only as Peter Henderson.

Mr. Peter Henderson escaped prosecution. Mr. Henderson was later unmasked as Peter Hayman, former “deputy head of the British Secret Service, MI6, one of the most powerful men in Britain.” 

A surviving victim explained that Mr. Hayman kept a “brown book” in his pocket, “a brown diary,” and recorded his acts and his sordid pedophile fantasies in it.

The documentary explains that Hayman was “caught with diaries full of sadistic sexual fantasies about children, but the spy chief was allowed to walk free.”

Returning to the explanations of Mr. O’Carroll, he argues that pedophiles should be allowed to have sex with children. He explains that sexual intercourse, “penis in vagina,” is not what he means by “sex with children.” 

Pressed, Mr. O’Carroll describes it as “erotic contact with children.” And what would that involve? “Touching, or masturbation.”

Mr. O’Carroll insists that victims only become victims after they are indoctrinated by society, by media, and they are told that they are victims. He says that, “if they were traumatized, they would not have gone along.” 

Told that “that is another lie that pedophiles spin,” he says that victims would not be traumatized if they were not convinced that they were abused. 

Then the interviewer refers to a book that Mr. O’Carroll wrote, citing an example of a young girl sitting on the knee of an adult male pedophile. Mr. O’Carroll explains that sexual relations can be negotiated by the little girl showing “enthusiasm” for sexual contact. 

“A little girl cannot possibly be a consenting partner in that kind of power relationship,” the interviewer says. Mr. O’Carroll disagrees. He insists that the little girl can consent to sex. 

This video by Australian 60 Minutes is a vital piece of testimony about elite pedophilia in the highest reaches of the British establishment.

Then in June 2016 Sir Clement Freud, a former broadcaster and Member of Parliament, was unmasked as a pedophile who sexually abused female children as young as age 10. I cannot fail to note, yet again, that establishment pedophiles unveiled to the British public are all deceased. 

An article in The Telegraph related that Liberal Member of Parliament Freud shared an office with the notorious pedophile Cyril Smith. 

Freud, who was the grandson of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, was knighted in 1987 and appeared as a panelist on the Radio 4 show Just a Minute from 1967 to his death in 2009. 

British society is now sensitized to systemic pedophilia, and pedophiles who complete their terms of imprisonment are shown little mercy. 

In July 2017 a convicted child rapist was exposed working as a manager at McDonalds. 

Mr. Oliver Harwood was incarcerated for 16 months for sexually abusing children and making indecent images of them. A member of the public tipped The Sun newspaper after the UK Database, a website that tracks pedophiles, was informed of his new job. 

Mr. Horwood, now aged 20, was required to register as a sex offender for 10 years, after admitting in court that he tricked young girls into sending him explicit images, and he used a fake identity with 10 victims aged 13-15. 

Mr. Horwood reportedly threatened 2 of his victims with exposure on the internet if they did not comply with his perverse demands.
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This is my 10th installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

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