Sunday, June 24, 2018

Facebook Banned Me

Facebook censors conservative voices. 

This is my rant page at I post commentary on conservative news curated from Drudge and Google. As you see, it has a mere 737 likes. This is no mistake. Facebook has the page under a species of shadowban, they limit the reach of my posts, and they ensure that nobody sees my posts unless you specifically subscribe to them. Will you permit Facebook to tell you what you can read?

I ask you to Like the page. Subscribe to its feed. If you do not like it, you can always unsubscribe, or just ignore my posts. My bet, if you are a conservative, is that you will stay and join a very elite audience. We welcome you. 

When Facebook bans free speech like this, we are one step closer to Police State America.

Facebook's methods are transparent They pick us off, piecemeal, as each of us can say, "it sucks to be him, but nobody is bothering me." And we continue to live our lives. One by one, quietly, unnoticed, we are silenced.

Facebook can block me, but they cannot make me shut up about it. I will make their ban stick in their throat to the extent that I legally can.

Scroll down to learn how to file an FTC Complaint. When Facebook can label commentary like this "hate speech," we surrender our right to free speech. As you can see, I hate no one. I do not like criminals, but it is not yet mandatory in America to love criminals. Under no rational standard can this commentary be called hate speech.

This is what happens when Facebook relies upon the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for its hate speech standards. I ask you to take the time to file a complaint on my behalf. Soon, it will be your turn, and Facebook will block your right to free speech as well.

For those of you who have already been blocked by Facebook censors, file an FTC Complaint every time. Every time. It is the only form of redress that we have, until we are banned from Facebook entirely. Facebook will gradually ban all conservative speech. Do not give them the satisfaction. File complaints! Or lose your right to speak freely. 
Here is a cleaned up revision of the commentary that got me banned from Facebook:

"I am not surprised that this community, which voted Trump 2:1, is generous with the children of illegal aliens. They are Christians. 

Our laws must be followed. Illegal aliens are criminals. They should do the responsible thing and do whatever will get them straight with the law, just as you or I would do. 

They victimize their own children when they break the law. 

Illegal immigration is not a human right. We should show mercy when possible, but illegal aliens have the option of migrating legally, just like everyone else. Nobody should expect to be rewarded for line cutting. Immigrate legally, or go back to your countries of origin. 

Ankle monitors are a good solution. After a hearing, they should be expelled. What they do with their children, citizens or not, is up to them."


When Facebook bans us for speaking words like this, it imposes standards that it has no right to impose. It is true that Facebook is a private company, and they can categorize content on their service in any way that they like. They can ban anyone, and they can use any pretext whatsoever to do it. And they do. 

Facebook, like YouTube, like Twitter, is a communications utility. We have laws to regulate communications utilities. It is just a matter of time before Facebook is subject to those laws like every other communications utility in America. In my complaint to the FCC, and my complaint to the FTC, I demanded that Facebook be regulated like a communications utility. 

These companies, these bastions of neoliberal orthodoxy, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, all need to be broken up under antitrust laws. They are controlling too much discourse, and wielding too much unelected power. And they are discriminating against conservatives, suppressing conservative commentary. 

I thank you for your support!

May God bless President Trump, and may God bless the United States of America.


Here is a screen shot of my rebuttal to Facebook. 

And here is Facebook's response, when I tried to submit my rebuttal. 

I then spent an hour looking for a way to file a protest with Facebook. I could not find one. I still have not found a way to file a complaint with Facebook. If you know how to do this, please let me know. Thanks. 

It is long past time for the FCC to regulate Facebook, YouTube and Twitter like communications utilities! No private corporation should be able to censor conservative voices. 

Not in our America. 

Update 2

I filed a complaint with the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission. You can file your own complaint by clicking on the link below. 

Here is the text of the complaint that I filed using the Complaint Assistant. It took about five minutes, including a survey upon the completion of the complaint. 

Here is the FTC's email confirming the receipt of my complaint, assigning it reference number 97134209. 

And that is where this rests, for now. When I hear back from the FTC, I will update this page further. 

If you have ideas to help push this complaint against Facebook further, please post them in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading, and thank you for sharing!


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