Thursday, October 15, 2015

Our Governments Want You to Be Stupid.

More from the PrisonPlanet interview with Mr. William Binney:

“They have been collecting content all along, it is stored in Utah and San Antonio and other facilities.” Binney says that NSA is trying to cover this up, claiming that they collect only metadata. 

All of this is illegal. Metadata or content, it is all unconstitutional, and impeachment and criminal charges should be brought against the decision makers who imposed what is becoming a new dark era in the American nightmare. 

At about the 15 minute mark, Alex Jones interrupts Binney, and diverts him into a digression, asking him to talk about himself. 

Right at the point where Binney was revealing what NSA has been doing, Jones interrupted him and diverted him. Why? You got to wonder. 

Mr. Binney is smart. So he began guiding the interview back on track. 

At 17 minutes, Binney reveals that NSA just filed environmental impact statements for a new facility that is more than twice as large as Bluffdale, which is roughly a million square feet in capacity. 

The new facility is roughly 2.4 million square feet in size. He does not reveal where the new facility is located. I believe that he may be referring to a new facility under construction in the Washington metro area, in Virginia, or in Maryland. 

“It is a slide into totalitarianism and imperial presidency…they keep everyone in the dark….some in the Congress realized that they were being lied to….they had an uninformed Congress and an uninformed electorate, *by design.*”


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