Thursday, April 20, 2017

America First

So the Syrian sarin gas attack looks like another babies murdered in their incubators tale like that told in the run up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, like the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and other events manipulated to justify political decisions. 

As the writer states, "corrupt, imperial governments overseeing societies in deep economic and cultural decline lie even more." As he says, this is not "conspiracy theory, it is what obviously happens when you combine tremendous power with human nature."

What does seem encouraging is President Donald J. Trump himself saying to the New York Post, "we are not going into Syria." He felt the need to make a point, and to send messages to several recipients, and he did so with his Tomahawk cruise missiles. So far, this seems like a lone strike, not a wholesale change in policy. 

The fact is that President Donald J. Trump made promises to the American electorate, and one of those promises was to extract us from wars waging democracy at gunpoint, imperial wars that benefit nobody but the military industrial complex. 

I said before that Syria is not worth one dead American soldier. Not one. Nothing that happened in the past months changed that opinion. Iraq is not worth any more dead Americans, nor is Afghanistan.  

Bring our boys home, Mr. President. We have issues to face here at home, and the world will just need to get along without us. We lack the hubris as a people to be an empire, and while I understand that many wealthy people are invested in ensuring that we remain an empire, they are not fighting in our wars, and neither are their children. 

Bring our boys home.

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