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The Dutroux Affair 11

“Only very few reporters are still listening to me, listen to my cry for help. They are not allowed to publish or broadcast. They all tell me that they are stonewalled by their bosses…. 
The aggression of some of the magazines, newspapers and tv programs is frightening. This is not normal anymore, this is a war in which the victims have become disposable waste.” 
-Victim-witness Regina Louf (aka “X1,” about the media’s reaction to the initially open-minded reports about the X1 case by De Morgen and Panorama in January 1998 (1998, “Zwijgen is voor Daders,” p. 257). 

“The power of the Dutroux affair and its X-Dossiers is that it will enable anyone to see how a state can be controlled and undermined by a cabal that is able to place its “members” in crucial positions in any investigation that might lead to its own exposure. 
“The question of why the majority of the media is so cooperative is the only aspect that cannot be fully explained in this article, although it can be shown that the media is willingly working with official investigators in manipulating and debunking all aspects of an investigation that are not appreciated by this cabal.”

The Dutroux Affair: Evidence of a Global Epidemic

In Belgium, the Dutroux Affair again illustrates the impunity enjoyed by establishment pedophiles. In 1995, multiple young girls disappeared around Bertrix. The BOB (equivalent to the FBI) developed a break in the case in 1996, finally arresting a known, previously convicted sadistic pedophile, Mssr. Marc Dutroux

A critical analysis of the Dutroux affair notes, “…the arrest of Dutroux and some of his associates turned out to be only the beginning of the biggest scandal in Belgian history.”

(Note: this article leans heavily on research by Joël van der Reijden at

In time, it was understood that two 8 year old girls, Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo, kidnapped together from Grâce-Hollogne on June 24, 1995, starved to death in a dungeon that Dutroux built in his basement while Dutroux was in police custody for 3 months over a car theft. 

Mssr. Dutroux’s wife, Mme. Michele Martin, remained at liberty and at home, working as an elementary school teacher. She fed their German Shepherds but not the girls, attesting that she was too afraid to enter the dungeon. 

Prior to his arrest, Dutroux subjected the girls to repeated sexual abuse and videotaped himself in the acts. Their corpses were buried in the garden behind the Dutroux residence. 

Police previously received tips from informants (one of whom was Mssr. Dutroux’s own mother) and actually visited his premises, and received a videotape depicting Mssr. Dutroux’s construction of his dungeon. Police failed to find the girls, despite hearing their voices.

After the case was transferred to the judiciary, the coverup became insensible. The lead prosecutor was fired, although he enabled police to rescue two girls who were held captive, igniting outrage across the country. 

An activist, Mme. Marie France Botte, alleged that police suppressed a list of politically sensitive customers of videotapes sold by Mssr. Dutroux. A parliamentarian named Mssr. Marc Verwilghen conducted an enquiry and reported that magistrates and police refused to cooperate. A parliamentary panel determined that 30 government officials were complicit in the coverup. 

Eventually, Mssr. Dutroux, his wife, Mme. Michele Martin, and his accomplices Mssr’s. Jean-Michel Nihoul and Michel Lelievre were implicated in a child trafficking ring that imported children from Slovakia. 

“In the following days (after their arrests) their testimonies led to the retrieval of two girls, 12 year old Sabine (Dardenne) and 14 year old Laetitia (Delhez), from Dutroux’s basements. Belgium’s case of the century was about to begin.”

The two girls were kidnapped separately. Sabine Dardenne was snatched by Dutroux on her way to school on May 28, 1996. Laetitia Delhez was kidnapped on August 9, 1996 while walking home from a public swimming pool.

On August 15, 1996, both Dutroux and Lelievre confessed and Dutroux led police to his basement dungeon. Two days later Dutroux took police to another home owned by him where the corpses of Mmes. Lejeune and Russo and the remains of Bernhard Weinstein were exhumed. 

Dutroux testified that he “crushed Weinstein’s testicles until he gave him money, then drugged him and buried him alive.” Sometime later Dutroux told police where the bodies of Mmes. Marchal and Lambrecks were buried, beneath a shack where Weinstein lived for three years. 

Elsewhere at the time, multiple child sex rings were dismantled in Latvia, Mexico, Russia, the Netherlands, Italy and France. The Wonderland case for example “originated in the United States but also operated in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Britain.”

Backing up a few years, in November 1988 Dutroux was previously convicted for kidnapping, photographing, torturing and raping 5 girls between the ages of 11 and 19. Dutroux was also convicted for torturing an older woman by placing a razor in her vagina. 

The Dutroux case never should have happened. Previously, in 1989, Dutroux was sentenced to 13 years in prison, but then was inexplicably freed after serving just 3 years. “A (prison) medical report described him as a perverse psychopath, an explosive mix. He was an evident danger to society.”

As the analysis by Joël van der Reijden of observes, PSC Minister of Justice Melchior Wathelet approved the release of Dutroux from prison in April, 1992. 

“Interestingly, Wathelet would be accused in the X-Dossiers of being a violent child abuser himself, together with some of his known proteges and associates.”

Although Dutroux was unemployed, psychiatrically disabled and hence drawing state welfare benefits, he inexplicably owned 6 residences and lived a lavish lifestyle. 

Shortly after his release from prison, young girls began disappearing in the vicinity of some of his homes. 

Dutroux also talked his physician into prescribing him an abnormally large quantity of sleeping pills and sedatives, which he later used to subdue the girls that he abducted.

But the tale gets even worse. Dutroux was actually under inept police surveillance beginning in August, 1995. The surveillance was so incompetent that Dutroux was able to kidnap An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks after they attended a show by Rasti Rostelli, a “prominent magician” who hypnotized the girls. 

Dutroux kidnapped the girls and smuggled them into his home beneath the eyes of watching police in Marcinelle on August 22, 1995. 

Days later, on August 25, Eefje crawled out of a bathroom window and shouted for help. Police failed to notice. Weeks later, the girls were removed from the residence and murdered. Police noticed nothing. 

Dutroux also kidnapped 3 teenagers that he suspected of double-crossing him and locked them up in his home with no cameras or observing police noticing. Dutroux also murdered Bernhard Weinstein during the timeframe that he was under surveillance. 

During a search of Dutroux’s residence on December 13, 1995, police failed to heed the voices of girls heard in his dungeon, and found nothing unusual in the vaginal creams, chloroform, speculum (a medical instrument used to dilate body orifices like the vagina and the anus), and chains found in the residence. 

Videotapes, including one which depicted Dutroux raping a girl, were seized but never watched and were later returned to Dutroux’s incredulous wife,  Michele Martin. Police alibied that they did not have a videotape player. 

On December 13, police conferred and one of them, Mssr. Christian Dubois, advised the head of the Dutroux investigation, Rene Michaux, that he had an informant who claimed that occupants of white Mercedes vehicles were following and photographing schoolgirls. 

The informant advised that the vehicles belonged to a pedophile network using a cover company called Achats Services Commerces (ASCO), located in a Brussels suburb. The occupants of the vehicles were compiling catalogs of children. Clients could select them, the children would then be kidnapped, locked up in Belgium, then exported to Eastern Europe or Thailand. The children were priced at 7,500 Euros. 

Later, judicial authorities stated that they confiscated some 300 videos from the Dutroux residence. Over time, the number was said to exceed 5,000 videos. Reports that Dutroux and many high level officials were depicted on these tapes swirled, and Dutroux was filmed abusing underage girls.

Dutroux also videotaped himself and his wife when they engaged in sex, and his wife was witting of his activities and his proclivities. Indeed, since his dungeon already held Mmes. Lejeune and Russo, Dutroux chained An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks to a bed in a room of his home. 

At this point, the article on the X-Dossiers reviews the subjects of its interviews. 

Mme. X1 was born in 1969 into an abusive family, and was sent at age 2 to the custody of her grandmother in Knokke, who owned a villa that was used as a brothel for establishment pedophiles and sadists. Pedophile videos were produced at this location. At age 4, she was taken to other locations and sexually abused and tortured. She is diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder / Dissociative Identity Disorder (MPD / DID). 

Mme. X7 was also born in 1969. Her interviews were later cancelled by investigators because her testimony implicated members of the royal family and other establishment elites. Mme. X4 identified Mme. X7, later known as Mme. Nathalie C., as a victim filmed in pedophile movies. 

Mme. Chantal S, also born in 1969, was contacted by the BOB after the testimony of Mme. X1. She also was sexually abused by her parents, and her grandmother was a Satanist. She was sexually abused at the pedophile villa in Knokke at the age of 6. She attempted suicide and was remanded to a mental institution. Mme. X4 also identified Mme. Chantal S. as a victim in pedophile videos. 

One witness, Mme. X2, was a police officer who was a mistress to a magistrate in Brussels and a Justice Department spokesman who were implicated in a network which abused her in the mid to late 1980’s. 

Mme. X2 was present at a hunting party, where children were hunted, and her testimony corroborated that of other X-witnesses. She withdrew as a cooperating witness after she perceived the sabotage of the investigation. 

According to X2, hunts on children were conducted in the woods of Chateau de Chimay. 

Supporting testimony by Mme. X1 states that “X1 identified Madani Bouhouche as the very violent driver of the BMW who took her to “the factory” and Christian Amor as a sort of slave driver who brought her and her fellow victims to recording studios or parks where older men shot at hunted children.”

“One of the colonels belonged to that group, X1 says. Her account about these kinds of hunting parties on human game, about which X2, X3, X4 and Nathalie W. later also speak, is by far the most controversial part of her testimony…”

“One of the individuals that was recognized used to be a driver in a service [the Diana Group] that was headed by Lhost  and was in the possession of heavy black BMWs [earlier reported having seen by X1].”

Mme. X3 was interviewed 5 times before investigators finally wrote anything down, as her testimony implicated members of the royal family. It is an unwritten rule in Belgium that accusations against royalty are not documented as the king theoretically cannot be prosecuted. 

Born in 1965, Mme. X4 was loaned by her mother to a pimp named Jacques  V., who produced sadomasochist movies featuring children. Her testimony supported that of other victims, naming perpetrators and victims that others identified. 

Mme. Nathalie W. was born in 1965. She attempted to make a report to the gendarmerie in February 1996, 6 months before the Dutroux affair exploded into the public consciousness. The officer who interviewed her refused to write an official report. 

In July 1996 she finally succeeded in filing an official complaint which recorded that she was raped by her father, a member of the Rotary Club, beginning at age 6. She was sexually abused and raped at several villas in the Waterloo region. At the age of 10, she was delivered by her father to a prince and his aide, who took her to multiple abuse parties in Belgium. 

Mme. Nathalie W.’s testimony confirmed that of Mme. X1, specifically about the Les Atrebates Club and Mssr. Nihoul. Mme. X1 in turn recognized Mme. Nathalie as a victim of the network and accurately placed her at the Les Atrebates Club.  She was also diagnosed with severe MPD / DID. 

The analysis correctly notes that these victims were pimped into pedophile networks by members of their own families. Much evidence emerged that systemic child abuse was perpetrated by “degenerate families and their acquaintances,” who were in turn protected by corrupt authorities. 

Many of the victims were diagnosed with MPD/DID, a psychological disorder which results in multiple alternative personalities which enable them to function in normal society and to cope with their sexual abuse and torture. 

“Last week Italian police seized 3,000 of Kuznetsov’s videos on their way to clients in Italy, sparking an international hunt for pedophiles who have bought his products. The Italian investigators say the material includes footage of children dying during abuse…” 

“The Russian videos, which had been ordered over the internet, were intercepted when they came into Italy by post, repackaged and then delivered by undercover police officers. They cost between Pounds 300 and Pounds 4,000, depending on what type of film was ordered.” 

“Covert film of young children naked or undressing was known as a “SNIPE” video. The most appalling category was code-named “Necros Pedo” in which children were raped and tortured until they died.” 

“The Naples newspaper Il Mattino published a transcript of an alleged email exchange between a prospective client and the Russian vendors. 

“Promise me you’re not ripping me off,” says the Italian. 

“Relax, I can assure you this one really dies,” the Russian responds. 

“The last time I paid and I didn’t get what I wanted.” 

“What do you want?” 

“To see them die.”

The article points to a bad "404" link which cannot be resolved: I was unable to successfully coax the article from the site. 

The link to October 1, 2000: The Observer, “Special Investigation: British link to “snuff” videos is truncated. Apparently the text below has been edited from the original piece, which The Guardian credits to The Observer

September 28, 2000: Aftonbladet (Sweden), “Pedofil-företag mördade barn inför kamera” (Pedophile company murdered children in front of camera.)

“The pictures are unbearable for normal people to watch. Here are prolonged rape sequences with children begging to be spared. They are abused until they faint. Then they are murdered before the cameras… Yes, there are even scenes of actual autopsies on young people ….” 

“In the “product catalog” of the pedophiles were pictures of a 10 year old girl who had been killed by hanging. A five year old girl with a grimace of pain as she is raped. An adult is killed by gradual crushing. The worst images are labeled “Necros Pedo” and showed children being killed during abuse. Such cassettes are sold for (US) $20,000.”

“The arrested persons had specifically asked for assurances that the children actually were killed and that it was not simulated by trick photography….” 
"What has happened is absolutely unforgivable,” said the leader of the opposition and the media boss Silvio Berlusconi, whose TV station chose not to show the images, according to Reuters.” 

“There have been at least 20 to 25 suspicious deaths tied to the Dutroux case, with just as many reports of intimidation. At some point the deaths became so obvious that Jean Denis Lejeune, the father of one of the girls kidnapped by  Dutroux, remarked: 

“As if by coincidence people die. There is no explanation for their deaths. For instance, they are victims of a deadly traffic incident just when they are under way to testify. Or one finds their charred bodies. Our judiciary apparently doesn’t have sleepless nights over this.” 

fn 87: 2004, Herwig Lerouge, “Het Dossier Nihoul: De knoop in het proces-Dutroux” (“The Nihoul Dossier: The knot in the Dutroux trial), p. 192. 

Dutroux was finally arrested in 1996, along with his wife, Michele Martin, an elementary school teacher. Also arrested: an unidentified “policeman,” a tenant, and Michel Lelievre, “an associate with political connections.”

As one of Dutroux’s homes was searched, two 14 year old girls were found imprisoned in his self-made “dungeon,” chained and starving. They told police that they were forced to work as child prostitutes and to participate in child porn videos. Police seized more than 300 videos. 

In August, 1996, police excavated the bodies of two 8 year old girls at another Dutroux home. Police came to understand that the girls were imprisoned in a dungeon, repeatedly tortured and sexually assaulted on video, and then left to slowly starve to death. Alongside their corpses was the body of a former associate of Dutroux, Mr. Bernhard Weinstein, who was buried while still alive. 

Then 2 more dead girls were found buried beneath concrete at another Dutroux residence. Two more corpses and parts of a third body were recovered from the freezer of a Lebanese restaurant in Brussels. 

As the investigation continued, an accomplice of Dutroux’s admitted organizing an orgy at a Belgian chateau that was attended by government officials, a former European Commissioner, and law enforcement officers. 

A Belgian senator observed that such orgies were systemic, part of a conspiracy “which operates to this day and is used to blackmail the highly placed people who take part.”

Evidence of police complicity in covering up the crimes of Dutroux was inescapable, as 9 out of 23 detainees questioned were themselves policemen. 

Prosecutor Michel Bourlet alleged that a pedophile ring comprising wealthy and powerful participants was protected for 25 years.

Dutroux himself insisted during his trial that he was involved with a pan-European pedophile ring that included police officers, businessmen, doctors, and ranking Belgian politicians. 

In October, 1996 some 350,000 Belgians marched dressed in white, in the famous White March, demanding reforms of a judicial system so corrupt that it would protect rapists, torturers and killers of children.

Ultimately the State Police Chief, the Interior Minister and the Justice Minister were compelled to resign. 

Nearly 10 years after their arrests, Dutroux, Martin, and Lelievre were finally sentenced. Dutroux received life imprisonment, his wife 30 years, and Mssr. Lelievre 25 years. 

Mssr. Michel Nihoul was later exonerated on charges of kidnapping and conspiracy, but convicted on drug charges, receiving 5 years.

 Faces of pedophiles. They look like this. Mssr. Michel Nihoul, Dutroux Affair accomplice. 


The article cites the following interview of Michel Nihoul by Der Spiegel in 2001:

“I control the government … Everyone has compromising dossiers on one another, to be used as leverage in the right situation. … This is the Belgian disease. …”

“Give me another 20.000 Marks, and I give you a serving minister who is embroiled in a murder. … I know the killer and will have him contact the minister by telephone. You can listen along, okay?”

“[Voice recorder turned off. For a 6-digit sum] I will give you a picture on which then Prince Albert jumps a 16 year old girl. Naked. Shot at the second floor of the Mirano Club 20 years ago [where a pedophile blackmail ring allegedly was situated, according to other witnesses]. … Then I do have to leave Belgium.”

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This is my 11th installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

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