Monday, November 19, 2018


My glorious header banner done for me by my Ranger brother John Czarnecki

I updated my Patreon page. I hate begging, but if folks donate to me via Patreon, I will swallow my pride and accept. 

Amazon is killing me. Their KDP engine fails to parse pages correctly, so I am forced to send files to professionals for reformatting. It is not that expensive, and if they do what they promise, it is worth it to me. 

But I am spending money to earn money, and I will have to sell a lot of Kindle copies to make up the discrepancy. 

Few of us are rich. Certainly not me. I need help to make hardware upgrades and budget for a trip back to CONUS so the VA will refill my medications. This sounds so pathetic. 

It helps when folks buy my books. My royalties for eBooks are between $3.00-$6.00, so I am not getting rich. My royalties for print books are $10. Not getting rich that way, either. 

I need help, friends! If you are in a position to be a patron to this poor old veteran, my gratitude will be boundless!

Thank you!


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