Thursday, October 15, 2015

In Which Mr. Binney Drops a Bomb.

Alex Jones asks, “how many people have access” to the systems that can collect on individuals? This is roughly at the 20 minute mark. Binney says that the number of analysts with access is roughly around 3,000. 

Then Mr. Binney drops a bomb. 

“Internally at NSA, they have no monitoring of the network and who is using it.” 

Jones: “The NSA does not monitor its own network?”

Binney: “That’s right.” 

Binney explains that he and other whistleblowers actually proposed a log-based monitoring system. He explains that NSA analysts opposed this, as they did not want to be monitored. He explains that the managers opposed it, because it would enable oversight, and what NSA management fears most: audits. 

There is no auditing of these programs. There is no effective oversight of them, and we are talking about programs that cost billions of dollars. The Congress just cuts NSA a blank check for their black budgets, and the cult of official secrecy ensures that no one monitors how that money is spent, where it is spent, whether it is wasted, whether it is effectively managed, nothing. 

The Intelligence oversight committees are useless, Binney says, and so is the FISA Court, by which he means the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISC.  

Binney proposes auditors, black hat hackers, who should be authorized to investigate anything anywhere. Obviously this proposal, which he and other whistleblowers made in a formal memorandum addressed to the president, went nowhere. 


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