Thursday, April 20, 2017

Conspiracy and the Assassination of JFK

Mr. Still revisits the Congressional testimony of Black Umbrella Man, aka Louie Steven Witt. Mr. Witt was fingered by associates who identified him to local Dallas police authorities--fifteen years after he occupied a front seat to the assassination of JFK.

After the gunfire, Mr. Witt and his colleague, known as The Cuban, calmly sat down on the curb side by side while the local crowds panicked. The Cuban broke out a walkie talkie, spoke briefly into it, and then he and Mr. Witt took their time exfiltrating from the kill zone, walking away in separate directions.

Mr. Witt claims that he did not know The Cuban, which may be true. Perhaps a better question would have been whether he was collaborating with The Cuban to signal hidden shooters with his infamous black umbrella and The Cuban's walkie talkie.

Just the body language alone of these two co-conspirators to assassination belies the claim that they were acting independently and benignly.

Mr. Still correctly points out that the actions of just these two gentlemen in particular does not pass a sniff test, and their behavior supports the conclusion of the Otis Pike Committee of 1976, that there was a conspiracy to assassinate the president.

The reason that no investigation into this assassination has ever been convened is because successive Departments of Justice claim that no compelling evidence of conspiracy justifies it.

The Warren Commission was no investigation. It was a CIA coverup, supervised by the former DCI who sat on it, Allen Dulles.

We are dealing here with a conspiracy that is so complete that it spans decades and multiple administrations from both sides of the aisle.

Yet another piece of evidence pointing to the existence of a deep state, a hidden hand, acting on American politics.


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