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Evidence of Epidemic Pedophilia 14

Early Evidence of an Epidemic.

It is difficult to define the margins of PedoGate, and systemic pedophilia of epidemic proportions intimidates the imagination. 

So we focus on what we know. 

A 1990 article in The New York Times was followed by another in 1991 in The Chicago Tribune

“All nine children tell the same story, a grisly tale of being taken out of school and abused in a blue house. They name the same culprit, a school administrator who, they say, performs satanic rituals as part of his twisted routine.” 

The article states that in 14 months of investigation, investigators conducted some 150 interviews and could never substantiate the claims of the children, aged 5 to 9. 

The explanation, it seemed, was the fact that nearly all the children were interviewed by a Mr. Rick Doninger, “founder of a local chapter of a child abuse rescue network.” Police theorized that Mr. Doninger “asked leading questions.” He of course denied this. 

Another theory was that “Some offenders may introduce occult (rituals) into the abuse so the kids won’t be believed.” Mr. Kenneth Lanning, an FBI expert on cult crime, mused that in some cases, “child abusers intentionally stage the rituals to cast doubt on the credibility of their victims.” 

“That is their M.O. (mode of operation) … People are getting away with molesting children because we can’t prove there are satanic devil worshippers eating people. Pretty soon it becomes unprosecutable.” 

Intellectual honesty requires that we observe that some historical cases of Satanic child abuse were found to be groundless, and this led to a phenomenon called “the Satanic panic.” 

“Allegations of satanic ritual abuse go back centuries, but they have taken a sharp upturn since 1980.” 
“Jeffrey Victor, a sociologist at Jamestown Community College in New York, has studied 33 such stories from the late 1980’s and found none to be verifiable.” 

The article continues, “how could so many children, many of whom didn’t know one another, make up such a similar story? They said they were forced to participate in the killing of animals, that they were cut with knives, and that some of them were sexually abused. Their drawings depicted satanic symbols and people and animals being tortured.” 

Again, the article continues, “Susan Donaldson, a professor of psychology at the University of Southern Indiana who has interviewed all the children, agrees. Initially skeptical, she said that after interviewing all the children and seeing faint, nearly identical scars on their arms, she now believes them.”

“Something happened to those children,” she said.” 

An earlier article dated 1986 trumpeted, “Child Abuse Deaths Soar in Illinois.”

“State officials report that 82 children died from abuse or neglect in the year ending June 30, a 49 percent increase from the previous year.” 

In 1987, The Tribune reported, “Illinois Child Abuse Reports Up 28%.” The article stated, “Reports of child abuse and neglect have soared an estimated 28 percent in the last year, the largest rise in years.” 

I remind the reader that we are talking about the deaths of children. Each of them were individuals, they each had a name, and some 90,100 cases were reported in Illinois in fiscal year 1987. 

In 1988, The Tribune reported, “Child Abuse Rise Worst in Illinois.” The article states, “Illinois had 91,723 reports of abuse and neglect, a 30 percent rise over the previous year.”

“In Illinois, state officials found evidence to substantiate 39,006 of the 91,723 reports.” 

Gruesomely, the article notes that “The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) substantiated 55 deaths from abuse and neglect in Illinois in 1987, a significant drop from the previous year’s 79 deaths.” 

Such statistics are numbing, but they inescapably confirm that we are addressing a phenomenon of epic proportions. 

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This is my 14th installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

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