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More US Pedophilia 37

More US Pedophilia

Retired US Army General James Grazioplene was charged with six cases of rape of a minor in April, 2017. A former Pentagon official, General Grazioplene was also a Vice President at DynCorp between 2012 and 2015. DynCorp itself has been implicated in multiple cases of child rape and human trafficking. 

General James Grazioplene, Armor officer, Pentagon official, DynCorp Vice President. Accused pedophile. Disobedient Media

General Grazioplene was an armor officer, assigned to the Pentagon before his retirement in 2005 as the Director of Force Development, Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment. 

As a military officer, there is no statute of limitations on child molestation and even though retired, General Grazioplene remains subject to the UCMJ, or Uniform Code of Military Justice. 

If convicted on all charges, Grazioplene faces life imprisonment and loss of his military pension. 

Raymond Liddy, Colonel, USMC and Deputy Attorney General, CA. 

Accused child porn trafficker Deputy Attorney General Raymond Liddy. CBS News.

In July, 2017, the son of Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy, the Deputy Attorney General of California, Raymond Liddy was busted with child porn on his home computer and on a thumb drive. 

As Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Liddy was a very senior state law enforcement official. Taken into custody at his home in Coronado, the 53 year old Liddy was apprehended after an internet service provider tipped the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) that he had uploaded child pornography in January. 

A separate ISP reported 10 images of child porn uploaded in February. 

Mr. Liddy's lawyer, Mr. Knut Johnson, said, "He is a wonderful person. He is universally loved by a lot of different people who expressed that to me and he is a terrific human being." 

Except that the California cop, who is also a US Marine Colonel in the Reserves, allegedly patronizes child molestation sites and trades child porn across the internet. 

Mr. Liddy graduated from Fordham University with a law degree, and earned a MS degree from the US Army War College. 

Carlos Deangelo Bell, HIV Positive, He Went Where the Meat Is.

Carlos Deangelo Bell, age 30. Accused pedophile. Fox 5 DC.

Also in August, a fired Maryland track coach was indicted on 119 counts of sexual assault: 12 counts of child sexual abuse, 38 counts of second-degree sexual assault, and 44 counts of filming child pornography. 

Mr. Bell is also charged with 2 counts of solicitation of a minor, 5 counts of displaying obscene matter to a minor, 5 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, distribution of marijuana--and potentially worst of all, 3 counts of transmitting or attempting to transmit HIV to another person. So far, two victims tested negative for HIV. 

Mr. Carlos Deangelo Bell was accused of assaulting at least 24 victims without a condom after parents discovered sexual texts between their children and Mr. Bell, aged 30. 

Mr. Bell is facing up to 1,500 years in prison. 

Mr. Bell worked at La Plata High School as a track coach, but he also worked at JP Ryan Elementary School, Benjamin Stoddert Middle School, and Maurice J. McDonough High School. The New York Post reports that Mr. Bell's victims were young males. 

Daniel Sherlock, New York City Employee

Faces of pedophiles. Daniel Sherlock, convicted child pornographer. Pedophiles look like this. The New York Post

Further from The New York Post, Mr. Daniel Sherlock, aged 28, was arrested by Manhattan federal prosecutors and charged with a single count of possessing child pornography. Mr. Sherlock, who is described as having "a severe developmental disability," was hired by the city's Health & Hospitals Corporation (HHC), the nation's largest health care system. 

As a "senior consultant for management information systems," Mr. Sherlock earned $61,800 a year, despite his developmental disabilities. His mother was actually named his court-ordered guardian due to his disabilities, and he was so impaired that he was left off the sexual offender registry. 

Mr. Sherlock was hired one year after pleading guilty to child porn charges in 2015, raising the question of whether HHC investigated his criminal history or conducted a background check of any kind. Even a simple Google search turns up his conviction. 

Some 86 images of child porn were found on his work computer, including 11 featuring prepubescent girls engaged in sexual acts, including some portraying underage females engaged in sexual acts with adult men. 

Mr. Sherlock advised investigators that he is no longer permitted to own a computer at home as part of his sentencing agreement on 6 counts of child porn from his conviction on 3d degree obscenity charges in 2014, which is why he downloaded his porn to his work computer. He was sentenced to three years of probation--which he has now violated.

His lawyer, Joshua Ketover, said, "I can tell you my interactions with Danny. It's almost like talking to a 9 or 10 year old, a relatively bright 9 or 10 year old, but a 9 or 10 year old."

Hillary Clinton Suppressed DOS Investigations 

Many of us already know that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation were implicated in a case by the Haitian government against accused child trafficker Laura Silsby.

For those that do not know, files from WikiLeaks state that Ms. Silsby was the former director of The New Life Children’s Refuge. Later reporting alleged, “She was caught trying to steal 33 children from the country, most of whom were not even orphans and had families.” 

The lawyer that represented a “group of US missionaries” led by Ms. Silsby was Jorge Anibal Torres Puello, an accused human trafficker who had an Interpol Red notice out on him for allegedly trafficking Central American and Caribbean girls to work as prostitutes.

Jorge Torres Orellana Puello. Child trafficker. Daily Bastardette

An article by Shani M. King in the Harvard Human Rights Journal (Vol. 25) noted that 3 weeks after a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti in 2010 that former President William Jefferson Clinton was appointed special envoy for Haiti on behalf of the United Nations. 

His first priority, however, was to manage a child abduction scandal involving Ms. Silsby. Haitian authorities arrested 10 US Baptist missionaries 3 weeks after the earthquake attempting to exfiltrate 33 Haitian children across the land border with the Dominican Republic without appropriate documentation. 

A week after their arrest, Haitian prosecutors charged them with child kidnapping and criminal association. The missionaries claimed ignorance of Haitian laws and good intentions, while Haitian prosecutors insisted that they had bad motives. 

It appeared that the missionaries intended to put the children up for adoption—selling them, in other words. 

Within a month, former President Clinton negotiated the release of all missionaries with the exception of Ms. Silsby. Media scrutiny of Ms. Silsby uncovered several unsettling facts.

Laura Silsby aka Laura Gayler, Vice President, Marketing, AlertSense. SteemIt

In 2009, Ms. Silsby went to Haiti with the stated purpose of building an orphanage. She was effectively fleeing the US, where she faced multiple court cases over bad debts and unpaid wages. 

“In November 2009 she registered her New Life Children’s Refugee charity at an address in Boise, ID, and a month later the house was repossessed for lack of payment.” 

American officials later confirmed that the New Life Children’s Refuge was not listed as a US nonprofit organization nor as a US international adoption agency.

Soon, all 33 children were returned to their families. None of them were orphans. It transpired that the families were witting. It appears that the parents were promised education and care for their children, and one mother who gave her daughter up to the missionaries said that it was “only because the bus was full that more children didn’t go.”

The parents surrendered their children under the supposition that the missionaries were offering shelter and education. They believed that they would be able to visit their children in the facility in the Dominican Republic, which did not even exist. 

The intent of Ms. Silsby, on the other hand, was to place the children with adopting families. When Ms. Silsby’s lawyer, Jorge Torres Puello, was exposed as a human trafficker, criticism reached a fever pitch. 

Jorge Torres Orellana Puello. Child trafficker. El Diario de Hoy, El Salvador. 

Under alleged pressure from the Clinton Foundation, the criminal association and kidnapping charges against Ms. Silsby were were dropped. She was rather convicted under the charge of organizing illegal travel and sentenced to time served (3 months, 8 days). 

Ultimately Ms. Silsby landed gently. She is reported to now use her married name, Laura Gayler, and she works at AlertSense as a VP of Marketing. AlertSense provides a platform for issuing emergency alerts like Amber alerts for abducted children.

WikiLeaks revealed that Huma Abedin frequently forwarded emails concerning Ms. Silsby to Hillary Clinton. 

Attorney Max Maccoby. Attorneys Butzel Long

The incestuous hand of the Clinton Foundation is unmasked with the involvement of Max Maccoby, a Director of Friends of the Orphans, a charity linked to Ms. Silsby. 

Mr. Maccoby represented James Alefantis and David Brock in their $850,000 blackmail case. 

Madam Hillary Rodham Clinton. Slate

Beyond this, Hillary Clinton covered up a scandal at the State Department which implicated an ambassador and members of her personal security detail. 

Career Foreign Service Officer Patrick F. Kennedy. WikiPedia

Madame Clinton’s subordinate Undersecretary of State for Management, Mr. Patrick Kennedy, ordered the investigation ended. Ambassador Howard Gutman in Belgium, Ambassador Chuck Lisenbee in Beirut, and others benefited.

Ambassador Gutman was the Ambassador to Belgium when he was accused of “routinely ditching his “protective security detail in order to solicit sexual favors from both prostitutes and minor children” in a nearby park according to an internal memo written by a chief inspector general investigator.” 

The adroit bureaucratic tactics used were classic. The investigating agent in the Gutman case was notified that plans to place Ambassador Gutman under surveillance were canceled, and he was ordered to cease the investigation and return to Washington.

Ambassador Howard W. Gutman. WikiPedia

“Upon the agent’s return, SID management reportedly directed him not to open a formal investigation but instead to submit an Information Memorandum to U/S (Undersecretary) Kennedy.” And then the case died. 

Other squelched cases included accusations that Madame Clinton’s personal bodyguards routinely purchased the services of prostitutes when deployed overseas, and allegations that security contractors in Baghdad purchased narcotics from sources outside the American Embassy there, the largest American Embassy on the planet. 

An infamous Inspector General’s memorandum stated that no fewer than eight investigations by the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) were suppressed. DSS investigates misconduct by the 70,000 Department of State (DOS) employees worldwide. 

In one case, a State Department security official in Beirut sexually assaulted foreign nationals hired as embassy guards. 

One DSS agent sought whistleblower protections after 26 years on the job and took her concerns to Congress. 

Ms. Cheryl Mills, aide to Madam Hillary Clinton. The New York Times

Other cases were “immediately shutdown by Clinton’s former chief of staff Cheryl Mills.”

The Gutman case ended up being just one case that soon opened a floodgate of reported pedophile cases which are staggering in their number and depravity. 

Many are documented by a researcher named Dr. Lori Handrahan on Medium

Links in order of precedence. 

This is my 37th installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

Read dispatches 1-36 and forthcoming segments at magickingdomdispatch.com, or on Medium: https://medium.com/@estebantrujillodegutierrez.


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