Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Forefathers Would Be Shooting By Now


Americans do not understand their soldiers. Most of the time, I do not care. 

What bothers me is the 99% of Americans who never serve and criticize a phenomenon that they do not understand. While most Americans honor soldiers, the best way to thank a soldier is to be a conscientious citizen of our Republic. In other words, we should strive to deserve the freedoms and the liberties that our soldiers defend. 

Instead, we have ivory tower elitists who never heard a shot fired in anger pontificating about the immorality of war and soldiers. I would like to remind these hypocritical assholes that American soldiers do not send themselves to war. In the United States of America we have a long tradition of civilian control of the military: admirals and generals obey politicians, most of whom are unworthy of their responsibilities.

We permit this noble tradition to be hijacked through our own apathy, our love of bread and circuses, and we are complicit in a doctrine of endless war. We endlessly reelect politicians who care most about their own reelections and the intoxication of power. Beholden to Wall Street, not Main Street, our politicians serve the interests of globalist financiers and the military industrial complex, and the revolving doors between Goldman Sachs, the Federal Reserve, the Department of the Treasury, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Booz Allen, the Department of Defense, and the CIA never stop.

We Americans are lazy, we are buffered by geography and the greatest standing Army on the planet, and we have not fought on our home turf since the war of 1812. The spectacle of 9-11 was mostly psychological, killing 3,000 of our loved ones did not physically impact most Americans, and at no time was American territory threatened. 

But our self-imposed political overlords manipulated our fears, foisting the Department of Homeland Security and TSA upon us. They wasted billions of dollars, running roughshod over our civil liberties with suspicionless NSA mass surveillance and FBI National Security Letters, all justified by the ironically misnamed Patriot Acts.

I am not certain when it happened, but we as a people abdicated responsibility for waging endless warfare to the power elites of Washington and the globalist financiers of Wall Street. Certainly the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution of 1964, which magnified a minor skirmish into a pretext for a decade of war in Southeast Asia, serves as precedent for the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), which justifies the Bush administration's and now the Obama administration's wars against Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and ISIS.

Our Constitution reserves the declaration of war to the Congress, and to no other, and this fundamental power cannot legally be delegated: no Presidential Executive Order can supplant a Congressional Declaration of War, as we are a Constitutional Republic, not an imperial monarchy. 

But what happens when the Congress fails to debate a Declaration of War? We the people should not tolerate such malfeasance, as it is our sons, our daughters, and our treasure, that the Congress spends as it feeds the military industrial complex.

Those who criticize war and malign soldiers forget their own complicity in electing George Bush and Barack Obama, and we as a people forget that we keep sending bad politicians to the House and Senate. We have short attention spans, bad memories, and we are apathetic. Characteristically, we give our legislative branch historically low approval ratings. But we sent them there. We the people are responsible for reelecting Harry Reid, John Boehner, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, and Paul Ryan to elective office. We sent those assholes there, and we did it to ourselves over and over again. 

As a people, we forgot Eisenhower's warnings about the military industrial complex, and most of us never heard of Smedley Butler's "War is a Racket." Even now, as I tell you that our entrenched power elites are ruling on behalf of obscenely wealthy central bankers, I can feel you rolling your eyes and dismissing me as a conspiracy theorist.

We soldiers just happen to be the trigger pullers in this sick system. 

Do not blame us. You need us. Most of us are good sons of America. 

Blame yourselves.


Most Americans have no idea what is happening beyond our borders, and we have forsaken all responsibility for the actions of our government. We hold no one accountable. It is absurdly ironical that upon the release of a film about the sniper Chris Kyle, that Americans decided that we must engage in a national dialogue about war and soldiers. When the worst Americans suddenly weighed in, that was when I lost my temper.

If you never humped a rucksack in an infantry battalion, if you never suspended your own liberties for the honor of wearing the uniform, if you never fired a shot in our collective self-defense, and most of all, if you never swore an oath to defend the Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic, then you should shut the fuck up and listen to those who did. You should not consider yourself competent to judge soldiers or entitled to express an uninformed opinion about soldiers. 

Most of all, we should reflect on the mess that our country has become, for it is mostly our fault, and we should admit that most American citizens are not worthy of the franchise. The American electorate chose Barack Obama, indisputably the most unqualified politician ever placed in the presidency. How stupid was that? Pretty stupid. We will be cleaning up Barack Obama's messes for decades. 

Some of us seem to be waking up, however. Our last electoral cycle saw a vast correction, and those Americans that voted, voted against Obama, we voted against the ruinous policies that perpetuate war, against the policies that leave America impaired, divided, and reviled internationally. Those policies are still underway. They should not be. 

Hear this, Republican Party: you were not voted into majorities in the House and the Senate to collaborate with the lobbyists of big business who are so adept at speaking with forked tongue. You were elected to reorient the course of our Republic, and so far, you have done nothing more than confirm for those of us with eyes that see that John Boehner and John McCain are part of the problem, they are card carrying members of the political classes in Washington. 

As for Paul Ryan, just send him home. He tried to shrink the pensions of disabled veterans, and we will never forget it, and we will never forgive him. Send him home so that we do not have to waste our time to defeat him at the polls in the next election, two years from now. 

Finally, fix yourselves, or get out of the way. Straight talking Americans are standing up, and we are coming. If you get in our way, we will stomp on your heads. You have been warned.

There is a class of American citizen that knows these things in their bones, they understand them and they believe them, and these are the Americans who honor soldiers. This demographic cannot be quantified by race, nor even by political orientation. And I thank those Americans for their courtesy. It was my honor to serve them. There is no coincidence that it is overwhelmingly their sons and daughters who comprise our ranks. 

For the puffed up bloviators who blame soldiers and indict the military for the disasters our political classes have foisted upon the world, read on. I have more to say to you.


Chris Kyle was a sniper. His job was to shoot bad guys in the head. That those bad guys were Muslim, brown in skin pigmentation, traditionally complicit in abominations like Man-Love Thursday, and had carnal knowledge of goats, was irrelevant. If they were armed, and waging warfare against American forces on terrain beneath Kyle's observation, that was their death warrant. Simple as that.

It is a matter of record that we collaborated with brown Muslims who engaged in Man-Love Thursday and fucked goats, and we are sending an incredible amount of military hardware and military advisors to those same Muslims right now. 

Dismiss me if you like, and call me a racist. I do not care. I have seen these people with my own eyes, and you have not. You revel in your moral superiority, when you should be ashamed of yourselves. Watching ISIS beheadings on YouTube does not make you an expert. 

Obviously, the American government does not care about their religion, their skin tone, their schizoid homosexuality, or even their bestiality. Why are we supporting a Shia government in a chimerical nation of Iraq that, to the degree that it barely exists, is no more than a client state of our enemy, Iran? Indeed: We are sending this imaginary government F16's and M1 Abrams tanks. American advisors and pilots are fighting there right now. Why? Why are we not supporting the independence of Kurdistan, people who are our natural allies? 

Why are we permitting Barack Obama to conduct unmonitored negotiations with the Mullahs of Iran? Why are we permitting Barack Obama to dangle the nuclear carrot before their noses, and unlock serial decades of financial embargo that impaired the ability of Iran to wage terrorism? Obama released billions of dollars that were formerly seized to the Islamic Republic of Iran. What did we receive in return? Nothing. To the Mullahs, we remain the Great Satan. Why continue this charade?

There is no need to make these matters any more complex. What is happening with our current policies towards Iran, Iraq and Syria serves no end beyond that of stoking the flames of war, so our military industrial complex and the bankers that own it can profit. Endless war means endless profits. Most bankers will never see the business end of an M4 carbine. But every M4 built and fired puts money in their pocket. Every bullet sent downrange enriches them.


As for soldiers, the truth is that we do not care whether our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were justified. We do not care that no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. We do not care that our politicians and the military industrial complex profited madly from these wars, and continue to profit. We are soldiers. We go where we are told, and we fight our enemies. That is our nature. Some of us were born to be soldiers. The rest of us learn from them.

Veterans are grateful that our politicians started such nasty wars for us to fight in. I was only in Baghdad for a while, but I had a hell of a good time while I was there. Everyone that I knew there enjoyed themselves. We had a lot of guns, only occasional shortages of Copenhagen snuff, and we were paid very well. Most of the time, the war was just dangerous enough to make it interesting. Most of us did not get to fight in Fallujah. For those that did, I take my hat off to you. For most of us, the past fourteen years of war were a big reunion for old soldiers. It was awesome, it was evil, and we did not care. We still do not.

Yes, sometimes we died, and that hurt. Veterans like me have a lot of dead friends, and we will never make peace with that. But since I got over the need to justify my wars, and I admitted that what truly mattered to me was only my own honor, I realized that dying is just part of the phenomenon, it is part of warfare, it is part of the human condition. 

Iraq and Afghanistan were not worth even one American death, but we did not go to those countries and fight jihadists because they are abusive to their women. We went there and we fought there because the bankers that own the Fed wanted those wars. As long as we permit the bankers to pull the strings behind the scenes, we will always have wars. They will usually not be for good reason, and our military industrial complex and the internationalist bankers will profit from them. 

It does not matter to me. Men like me will always volunteer to go to those wars, and we will kill our enemies. That is what soldiers do.

I am sure that Chris Kyle did not need the praise of civilians. Being a warrior is its own justification. 

Civilians will never understand this. The honor of a combat veteran has nothing to do with civilians. We do not need Americans to understand us, and we truly do not need your thanks. I think that Americans thank soldiers for their service because they feel obliged to say something, and they really have no idea what to say. 

If you want to do something helpful, then take the following under consideration.

1. Vote for Tea Party Republicans, and condemn Paul Ryan, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, because they are emblematic of what ails America. The "conservative wing" of the GOP will return America to constitutional government. And then it will leave you alone. If you consider this view retrograde, then move to a communist paradise like Cuba or North Korea. 

2. Insist that the VA take care of veterans. Not enough bureaucrats have been fired from that monstrosity, which we are happy to have. The Secretary of the VA claimed that he served in Special Forces. That was my honor that he stole when he uttered that lie. Yes, the VA is expensive. Competent management could save billions, and better serve veterans, but first we must purge entire generations of corrupt bureaucrats. If you do not want to pay for soldiers, then stop having wars. 

3. Buy guns, stockpile ammo, exercise the 2d Amendment, and use your 1st Amendment right to worship as you see fit. Tolerate no illegal searches, whether at police stops or of your private data. Understand "Shall not be infringed." Defend it. 

4. Insist that American police return to "protect and serve," and cease militarizing themselves. Police are not intended to wage war on the American people. They should not seek a war with the American people. There are more of us, and we are better armed, than all the police that ever existed. No amount of cool Gucci gear will protect police from getting shot in the face. Support police who do it right. 

5. Boycott Jane Fonda, we will never forgive her, and we will never forget her treason.

6. Stop buying Ché Guevara t-shirts. The next time that you see a kid wearing one, explain to him that Ché murdered homosexuals. Yes, it is true. He really did. 

7. Stop hiring illegal aliens who steal jobs that should go to Americans, and seal our borders. 

Before you wash your hands and tell yourself that you bear no responsibility for our current morass, remember that it is your taxes that pays the salaries of soldiers, and buys us the bullets that we use to shoot practitioners of bestiality. Remember that it is our government that gives them guns and tanks to fight others just like them, and for no good reason.

We are all complicit, for as long as we permit this anathema form of government to continue. 

Our forefathers would be shooting by now. 

Are those ideals truly gone and obsolete?


Endless war is the fault of every American. We permit our political classes to serve the interests of the military industrial complex and the central bank financiers. We could stop it, and we do not. How, you ask? The following will serve as a start:

1. We have an IRS that should be dismantled completely and replaced, and a tax code that should be revoked along with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. If you understood the implications of this statement you would demand that we implement it immediately. Most of you are already mystified, and dismissing me as a conspiracy theorist. 

That is why we are in this place. Because most of us are stupid, we lack an understanding of our own history as a Republic, and we abdicate our responsibilities to representatives who are untrustworthy and corrupt. Some of us have systematically voted to remain poor and to subsist in the equivalent of a plantation for decades now. America now has a permanent underclass. We should not. 

2. We should dismantle the Department of Homeland Security, and we should selectively restore its constituent agencies back to their former places. Many of them should be eliminated entirely, like Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, which should be a convenience store, not a federal agency. We have no need for an über-agency, DHS, that does no more than replicate useless bureaucrats, waste money, and oppress the American people. We should ban the TSA. I could go on. We have precisely the government that we deserve, because we do not stand up as a collective and fix it.

3. Rather than demobilizing experienced Army combat brigades, and reducing the size of the Marine Corps, we should be placing our seasoned combat formations on our Southern border, where we could finally cease endless illegal immigration, and seriously impair the importation of illegal drugs.

4. We should end the war on drugs. Know this: the only reason that the war on drugs continues is because the banks profit by laundering the proceeds of that industry. Where do you think that the Mexican cartels bank? 

Government agencies justify endless budget increases and headcounts, and politicians are never held accountable for decades of failure, while illegal drugs of all variety are more plentiful than ever before, more pure than ever, and cheaper. Shall we finally admit the truth to ourselves? 

We cause the war on drugs, because of our addictions. If there was no demand for illegal narcotics, farmers in South America and Afghanistan would not grow them. 

The war on drugs, like all wars, benefits the bankers and those who are building law enforcement fiefdoms. It is a war on the American people. We have more prisoners behind bars than any other nation worldwide. 

The war on drugs has failed. We should stop it. 


If you want to understand what I am talking about, understand this: our Congress illegally abdicated its solemn obligation to mint money to the Federal Reserve over a hundred years ago, and the result has been a century of war, with more on the horizon. This is not conspiracy theorizing. It is conspiracy fact. Why do you think that the Fed resists all attempts to audit its activities? Think about it. And wake up. 

Our stupidity knows no boundaries. We have credulous politicians that allocate billions of dollars to a rogue NSA that is funding a global surveillance leviathan in the form of FVEY, a global system that will enslave us, subject to no independent oversight. Nobody oversees FVEY. Black budgets cover up unknowable waste, fraud and abuse. Our politicians are clearly incompetent and corrupt.

We keep reelecting politicians whose patriotism is fake, who care only for their own enrichment and their own power, which derives from the total economic control exercised by central bankers. Because your head is swimming now, and you still do not understand what I am talking about, I will leave it with this:

Do not worry about whether there will be enough soldiers for future wars. There will be. I guarantee it. Just stay out of our way. And quit worrying about whether our wars are noble or justifiable. They are not. Our wars are fought for the benefit of the military industrial complex. A lot of you have jobs because of it. I do not defend it. I merely make the observation, and I am not the first. It is what it is.

If you want to get rich, then buy stock in Halliburton, go intern for Goldman Sachs, and learn to write computer code. If you have the itch to be a soldier, then sign up. There will always be wars. Rest assured, new ones will come along. They always do. The bankers will see to it.

But be forewarned: if you cannot run with the big dogs, then you best not piss in the tall grass. War is not for the meek. 

As for Revolution ... America had one. We can have another. 

Wake up, America.