Friday, November 08, 2013

Rose Garden ceremony.

I went to Washington DC with Ranger Scott Underdonk in early November, 1983. 

I had just gotten off a Huey somewhere in the South Rainier Training Area with a class of Rippies, when SFC Conrad pulled up in a jeep. He said, "Doc, you got to go to DC." We were in the woods. I have no idea how long that it took Conrad to drive to the infil point.

I said, "I am walking this patrol."

He replied, "You are going to DC. Get in." So I did. No one asked me, "Would you like to go to Washington DC?" I was told to go, given a packing list, and dropped off at Sea-Tac airport.

I remember very little of these events. I remember that an escort from the Old Guard met us at the airport, and he took us to billets on Ft. McNair. He took good care of us. He told us the time and uniform to be ready in the morning.

It turned out that Underdonk and I were sent to DC to represent 2d Bat at a Rose Garden ceremony for the students from Grenada. I hope that he will jump in here, as his memory is surely better than mine.


Big Daddy Klein, SFC Gerry Klein, the afternoon when we returned to Ft. Lewis.

Thanks to Randall for posting this image on Facebook.

Thursday, November 07, 2013


I am revising this site.

After several years, the Grenada narrative that so many of you await is almost complete.

Once I publish it, I will port over the previous posts about life in the Ranger Battalion in the early 1980's.

Here is a preview, published by the Daily Beast.

Here are some illustrations by my friend, the artist Michael Hafftka.

I hope that you like the new work.