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Hollywood Pedophilia 26

Another day, another pedophile sentenced to life in prison for child rape. The headlines are endless, and so horrifying that we now have calluses on our collective consciousness, and we barely register the incidents when they surface in our newsfeeds.

Poster for the movie An Open Secret at Cannes. 

Hollywood Pedophilia

The Amy Berg film, An Open Secret, has been released in a pirated samizdat version. This link works as of today. You may need to google a bit to find the “unedited” version in the event that this link is suppressed by YouTube

Here is a review and a link to the trailer. 

In February 2017, Jay Greenberg wrote in NeonNettle, “Elijah Wood: Hollywood is Run By a Powerful Elite Pedophile Ring.” 

“Actor Elijah Wood has come forward to expose the true nature of Hollywood pedophilia, claiming that the entire industry is run by a powerful pedophile ring that’s shielded by elite ties in Washington, DC.”

Mr. Wood claimed that Hollywood is run by “very powerful figures” who enjoy political protection in Washington by figures “right at the top.”

This was previewed in May, 2016, when Matt Agorist wrote, “Elijah Wood Just Exposed Hollywood’s Organized Pedophilia Ring.” 

Elijah Wood. WikiPedia

This article quotes the actor Corey Feldman, whose accusations of rampant Hollywood pedophilia were successfully marginalized by mainstream media. 

Declining to name his molesters, Mr. Feldman nonetheless describes one of them as a “Hollywood mogul,” who is surrounded by other pedophiles. 

Then actor Elijah Wood chimed in. “Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.”

Corey Feldman. WikiPedia

Even Elijah Wood is being ignored into irrelevance, a feat which is explainable when the concentration of media ownership is taken into consideration. 

Hollywood elites are able to control narratives and quash them at their whim, a phenomenon which we all see occurring as PizzaGate and PedoGate themselves are suppressed before our very eyes. 

“The same owners of Hollywood also own the majority of other mainstream media.” 

Also in June, 2017, the Department of Justice “conducted a series of raids across Los Angeles and arrested 238 people in connection with a Hollywood pedophilia network.”

Conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes against Children task force, Operation Broken Heart III targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography.

Raids conducted in May and April 2017 swept up “entertainers, community leaders, white collar professionals and clergy.” 

Another article in the Los Angeles Times stated that team members “found pornographic images of children as young as 9 months old. They have arrested suspects in tony neighborhoods and roach-infested motels…they have arrested paramedics, teachers, police officers and city attorneys.”

“Last year, police arrested Christopher Richard Garcia, a former deputy Los Angeles city attorney. Detectives found child porn on his computers and other electronic devices.” 

Mr. Garcia, who previously worked with the US Attorney’s office and a joint electronic crimes task force, pled no contest in October and was sentenced to 5 years of probation and registration as a sex offender. 

Faces of pedophiles. Christopher Richard Garcia, Deputy Los Angeles Attorney. Pedophiles look like this. ABC7

John Reynolds, acting special agent in charge for Department of Homeland Security Investigations, stated, “The incidence of child sexual exploitation has reached staggering proportions.” 

Some 238 participants in various aspects of commercialized pedophilia were arrested in Los Angeles in June 2017 as part of Operation Broken Heart III, including Michael Quinn, who was misidentified in American reporting as an Australian politician. 

Faces of pedophiles. Australian gay rugby player Michael John Quinn, age 33. Pedophiles look like this. Facebook.  

This Australian “politician,” who was actually a gay rugby player and a genetic specialist in InVitro Fertilization (IVF), Mr. Michael John Quinn, aged 33, traveled to Los Angeles in order to “complete a deal to buy a 6 year old boy for sex,” according to the US Attorney’s Office. 

“Undercover agents met Quinn on a social media networking site, where he had communicated that he wanted “to meet up with a dad who shares his young one.”
“Quinn explained to the undercover agent he was hoping to meet “other pervs” in the US and ultimately agreed to pay a human trafficker $250 to provide him with a young boy with whom he could engage in illicit sex.”

The article explains, “Quinn went to a hotel in Los Angeles, where he planned to meet and party with three other child predators and engage in sex with boys….Instead, undercover agents were waiting inside the hotel room.”

“After Quinn handed money to an agent, who was posing as a sex trafficker, law enforcement authorities entered the room and arrested him.”

Sentenced to 12 years in prison, Michael Quinn claimed that he was addicted to methamphetamine and was himself a victim of child abuse. We see the same patterns repeated. 

In an article by The Daily Mail, US District Court Judge John Walter said, "the defendant had every intention of raping a boy."

An article in NeonNettle also revealed, “authorities arrested Kounzong Saebphang,” aged 26, “a monk at his home in the Wat Lao Buddhist Monastery in Riverside.” Investigators found at least one digital device containing child porn, and alleged that Mr. Saebphang also distributed child porn through a social media site.

In February 2017, NeonNettle again reported that hundreds of pedophiles and their facilitators were arrested in Los Angeles and throughout California by the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, a consortium of more than 30 law enforcement agencies. 

Those agencies are listed in a press release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Human Trafficking Bureau. The Task Force is said to be the nation’s largest co-located task force of its kind. 

Operation RECLAIM AND REBUILD made 474 arrests, including 142 male adults arrested on solicitation charges, and 36 men accused of pimping underage victims. Some 28 sexually exploited children were rescued, the article states, as well as 27 adult victims. 

RECLAIM AND REBUILD is a repetitive enforcement operation, and KTLA5 News reported that this was the third annual rendition.

Michael Egan. Variety

It is important to emphasize that these are not the first accusations about elite pedophile abuses in Hollywood. In April 2014, “top Hollywood bosses” were accused in a lawsuit filed by Mr. Michael Egan, a former child model. 

“Days after filing suit against (X-Men director Bryan) Singer, 31 year old Michael Egan has filed additional suits against former BBC Worldwide America president Garth Anchor, former Disney TV president David Neuman and theme park design firm head Gary Goddard.” 

The Daily Mail continued, “Details of the abuse allegedly suffered by Michael Egan emerged in an affidavit from 2003, which alleges the horrifying sexual abuse four teenage boys endured at the hands of two internet businessmen, Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley.”

Then the Mail states, “Collins-Rector was charged with 21 counts of sexual assault, and served time abroad as well as registering as a sex offender. His last-known country of residence was the Dominican Republic.”

At the bottom of the article, the Mail links to Mr. Egan’s lawsuit against Mr. Singer, filed in US District Court in Hawaii. An exhaustive review of the allegations and counter allegations was published in a September, 2016 issue of New York Magazine by Robert Kolker, and remains on the net at

An Australian Case Involving a TV Reporter

As I began this installment, citing yet another daily pedophile bust, so I end it. 

Mr. Ben McCormack, a gay reporter for a local program called A Current Affair, was arrested in Sydney on charges of distribution of child pornography. 

Faces of pedophiles. Ben McCormack, gay reporter for A Current Affair, pled guilty to child porn charges.

His electronic devices were seized from both work and home addresses, and he was immediately suspended by his employer, The Nine Network

Mr. McCormack later pled guilty to 2 counts of trafficking in child porn. 

Links in order of precedence. 

Poster for An Open Secret, Courage to Act Foundation. 

This is my 26th installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

Read dispatches 1-25 and forthcoming segments at, or on Medium:

Edited September 29, 2017, 0113 hrs Bangkok local: After the sharp eyes of readers on reddit helped me see more clearly, I pulled two sections from this original piece. One cited Brad Pitt and the other Robert Downey, Jr. Both were weakly sourced. 

I thank the readers on reddit for their sharp eyes and for their corrections. 


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