Thursday, October 15, 2015

You Got to Keep the Money Flowing.

“Bush, Cheney, Hayden, and Tenet are the ones who decided to spy on everyone on the planet.” 

That is when Binney resigned. Binney went to the House Intelligence Committee. “All the lawyers, all the senior managers, they all cooperated with this.” He fingers General Hayden as the man who operated at the heart of the conspiracy. 

Binney talked to Diane Roarke, the ranking staffer at the House Intelligence Committee with oversight responsibility for NSA. At her house. Because literally everyone else was compromised and a party to the misconduct. There was nowhere safe where they could have a private conversation about classified activities that were violating the laws of the Republic.

Binney: “At least 80% of the phone calls in the United States are now being recorded.”

Binney explains what is being collected and stored at Bluffdale. Basically, it is everything. 

He estimates that there are like 3,000 government employees who have formal access to these programs, primarily, I am assuming, through XKEYSCORE. This does not include the contractors. 

Contractors are unnumbered, because it is actually contractors who keep the systems up and running. No one controls their access to the systems. There is no monitoring system. This is how Snowden was able to do what he did. 

Binney: “That left the entire network system with no monitoring at all. This is why they cannot tell what Snowden took.”

Binney pulls no punches: “I see us moving to a controlled society, a totalitarian state … a government with a country, controlling the people, keeping us uninformed, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear, quoting Joseph Goebbels.” 

“What they did after 9-11 is trade the security of the people of the United States for money.”

“It is,” he says, a situation where they “keep the problem going, to keep the money flowing.” 


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