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The Singular Reporting of Dr. Lori Handrahan 38

The Singular Reporting of Dr. Lori Handrahan. 

One unbelievable case implicated a senior State Department Counterterrorism official, Daniel Rosen, age 45, who was arrested on 26 February 2015 for “computer solicitation of a child under the age of 15 years old for sex / sodomy.”

Faces of pedophiles. Daniel Rosen, age 45, guilty of voyeurism and solicitation of a minor. Fairfax County Sheriff

The Fairfax Country Police Department Search Warrant for Daniel Rosen included this unspeakable excerpt: 

“The text conversation continued for a period of time and arrangements to meet and have sexual intercourse developed. Mr. Rosen was very hesitant to meet until he had proof that he was texting with a real live fourteen year old.” 

If I am not publishing them, in this incredible deep dive down the pedophile rabbit hole, the details must be truly despicable. 

The LinkedIn profile of pedophile Dan Rosen is now offline. LinkedIn

Rosen worked in the Office of Strategic Plans and Policy in the DOS Bureau of Counterterrorism. He pled guilty to voyeurism and stalking charges in addition to the solicitation charge, after videos were found on his phone of neighborhood women. Rosen was also a peeping tom. 

DC Superior Court Judge Rhonda Reid Winston sentenced Rosen to 32 months imprisonment pursuant to a plea deal. Rosen later pled guilty to the solicitation charge, a crime with a mandatory 5 year minimum sentence. 

Dr. Lori Handrahan noted, “When Senator Lamar Alexander’s (R TN) Chief of Staff, Ryan Loskarn, was arrested, last year, for trading in the rape and torture of children, aka child pornography, not one journalist provided context to the story.” 

“The media reported Loskarn’s arrest, and subsequent suicide pending trial, as if it were a one-off event. As if, no other high-level government employees were being arrested on child porn charges.”

The Fall From Grace of Jesse Ryan Loskarn. 

Jesse Ryan Loskarn, aged 35, was arrested for possession and distribution of child porn. Mr. Loskarn was chief of staff for Senator Lamar Alexander (R TN). 

Mr. Loskarn was freed pending grand jury indictment, and granted permission to live with his parents pending trial. He was forbade access to the internet, and fitted with an electronic monitoring anklet. 

Details of his case were harrowing. Mr. Loskarn was apparently detected due to the bust of a Toronto child porn firm selling images and videos. Then on October 5-6, Mr. Loskarn shared a 28 minute video depicting the rape of a girl between 6-8 years old using the file sharing network Gnutella. Mr. Loskarn’s IP address was unmasked. 

Faces of pedophiles. Jesse Ryan Loskarn. Pedophiles look like this. Huffington Post

Reports allege that Mr. Loskarn attempted to conceal an external hard drive containing a video of young girl who was sexually assaulted and “hundreds of videos depicting underage boys engaged in sexually explicit conduct.” 

Mr. Loskarn placed the drive outside on the ledge of a window as police were battering his front door down.

That hard drive was later examined, and it contained “at least 200 videos of child pornography.” 

Reporter Betsy Rothstein of The Daily Caller revealed that searching Google for a username associated with Mr. Loskarn, “jrltulane,” turned up a porn website account that “favorited” videos depicting father-son incest and a “third grade teacher.” 

Ms. Rothstein wrote, “His online handle … reveals sexual tastes that range from pre-teen wrestling to anal penetration (both male and female), group sex and horror-filled sex acts.” 

Mr. Loskarn was also unmasked as a member of “,” a website for gay “older and younger members.” Videos that he favorited included “father and son,” “Breeding Cute Boy,” “Public Toilet Fun,” “Breeding a tight little boy hole,” and “Fucking my 4 Day Load Into a Twinky Latino Boy.” 

Ms. Rothstein observes, “Total number of videos: 1,908.” 

It occurs to me that many of Mr. Loskarn’s favorited videos would not be unusual for gay surfers of the internet. I would not know, as I am not gay, nor have I discussed his case with anyone who is gay. 

But some of them transgressed limits into child porn. 

Mr. Loskarn was uploading a video titled, “6Yo Girl Kidnaped and Raped in Woods ([Pedo] Fuckin Dad Takes His 8yo Daughter To the Woods and Fuck).mpg” on the Gnutella network when police raided his residence. 

The Criminal Complaint dated 2013 states that the video “begins with an adult male partially undressing a prepubescent girl approximately 6-9 years of age, with the male subsequently masturbating the girl and anally and vaginally penetrating her.”

Further statements in the Complaint make for difficult reading. One video “depicted a prepubescent girl standing next to an erect penis. The girl then touches the erect penis with her hand. The scene changes to a different setting where she places an erect penis into her mouth. … An adult hand is exposing her vagina, and eventually touches her vagina. An unidentified adult is then seen touching her vagina with his tongue.”

“The final scene depicts an erect penis rubbing against an exposed vagina. In addition, hundreds of videos depicting underage boys engaged in sexually explicit conduct were located on the same hard drive.” 

In January 2014, Mr. Loskarn was reported dead, allegedly a suicide by hanging, in the basement of his parent’s home. 

But the story did not end there. Washington reporters, like John Harwood, tweeted, “Feeling so sad about Ryan Loskarn. Knew him a bit as a reporter and liked him. RIP.” 

Then even Betsy Rothstein, who published details of his online activity, tweeted “It’s not at all clear he “victimized” anyone. Stick to the facts. In short, shut up.” 

Dr. Lori Handrahan tweeted in response, “What I want to know is why not one Washington reporter is asking about the children in Loskarn’s child porn collection?” 

That was the end of that thread. No one, and certainly not the reporters who mourned Loskarn’s suicide, expressed the slightest regret or interest in the victims of child porn. 

This is a clear pattern which pervades this long drop down into the abyss of child porn and elite media complicity in covering it up. Journalists report arrests, and none of them attempt to place the innumerable incidents into a larger context. We are in the midst of an indisputable child porn epidemic, and no one is discussing it. 

Dr. Handrahan wrote, “America has a child porn crisis. The disturbing number of federal and state employees arrested for child porn charges makes this a national security issue.” 

She continues, mentioning the long list of media outlets that have published her work. So the coverup is not complete. But there can be no doubt that important context to the issue of child porn is absent, and Dr. Handrahan is just one researcher. 

She says that she is now researching and writing a book entitled Child Porn Nation: America’s Hidden Security Threat. She says that the child porn crisis has “reached epidemic proportions and no one is talking about it.” She is correct. 

She continues, “The problem of child sex abuse, and its cover up, is real. A generation of American children are being destroyed.” She then links to Mr. Loskarn’s suicide note, which stated that he himself suffered sexual abuse as a child. His mother, Mrs. Gay Loskarn, published the suicide note. It remains up on the internet as of this writing. 

Faces of pedophiles. Jesse Ryan Loskarn. Pedophiles look like this. ABC7

In the note, Mr. Loskarn states that his own sexual abuse began at the age of 5. He never names the perpetrator. 

He wrote, “In my mind I instigated and enjoyed the abuse—even as a five and nine year old—no matter the age difference.”

The final sentence:

“And last, to the children in the images: I should have known better. I perpetuated your abuse and that will be a burden on my soul for the rest of my life.” 

Mr. Loskarn hung himself after writing these words. It is not clear from accounts whether Mr. Loskarn typed the letter, or whether he wrote it longhand, with his mother later typing the note.

Links in order of precedence. 

This is my 38th installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

Read dispatches 1-37 and forthcoming segments at, or on Medium:


Blogger STI Team said...

You've sure been busy writing about important issues, S.

Thanks for taking the time to write about this issue in particular. It could be argued, that this issue is THE single most pressing National Security issue facing us today.

After watching the behavior of the entrenched political and media apparatus prior to and post 2016 election, I have no doubt in my mind at all, that there are people in positions of power that when pressed to choose between a nuclear exchange that killed millions and they're unmasking as a pedophile, they would choose the nuclear exchange, and do so without more than a moments hesitation.

The security implications of this depravity are severe and dangerous as hell.


9:25 AM, October 05, 2017  
Blogger Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez said...

Thank you. I fell into the pedophile abyss and it is taking me a while to climb out. I have maybe 5-8 more installments to go. Then I am walking away from this. It is just too dark and grotesque. And I need to finally publish my Grenada book. I want to release it on the anniversary on the 25th.

My point is simple: if we cannot even define the margins of the pedophile phenomenon, and we cannot, how can we possibly come up with solutions to it? Or even effective responses?

No one is even thinking about it. And it is a monstrous problem.

I appreciate your reading! Thanks!

8:29 PM, October 05, 2017  

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