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Epic Dimensions of the Pedophile Epidemic 45

Sporadic Reporting on the Epic Dimensions of the Pedophile Epidemic

Local media in the state of Washington recount, in The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the sickening case of Mr. Ronald Merideth, a film production technician who distributed a child rape video of a 9 year old girl bound in ropes and sexually assaulted on camera. 

This singular article addressing the epidemic dimensions of the pedophile crisis states, dated 2015, “Today, Washington law enforcement agents can pick out more than 17,000 devices that appear to be trading child pornography in the state.” 

Washington state in 2015 led the nation in “child pornography,” apparently referring to the distribution and possession of child porn, and the actual commission of acts of child molestation in the creation of child porn. 

Overwhelmed investigators attempt to prioritize those offenders who are most directly harming children. 

The article cites a state prosecutor who states, “There are some sections of the depictions world that are unimaginable, really, on any level.” 

A prosecutor continues, “It’s not like you happen into it. You don’t happen into seeing a 6 year old being raped by an adult man. And if you did happen into, and were as mortified as a normal person might be, you wouldn’t repeatedly click on it.”  

The article continues, “But thousands do, many without even bothering to hide their crimes. And…most aren’t paying a price.” 

The article continues, “as an industry, child pornography is booming.” It says, “In recent months, coaches, teachers and one aspiring police officer have drawn child pornography charges in King County.” 

The Seattle Police Department captain leading the state’s Internet Crimes Against Children unit states, “his six detectives now sometimes receive more than 100 tips a week from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). The most concerning statistics relate to peer-to-peer file sharing networks like BitTorrent, which allow users to directly exchange files.” 

“At any given time,” the article explains, “police in Washington have more than 17,000 potential leads on the most popular peer-to-peer networks. That number has been as high as 25,000, with each lead representing a device that appears to be moving child pornography. Currently, only eight investigators in the state are in a position to chase down those peer-to-peer leads.”

The article cautions, however, that “those numbers under-represent the problem in several respects. They only account for child pornography offenders using peer-to-peer networks, and then only the most popular networks. They also miss child pornography that hasn’t been spotted by law enforcement.” 

The article makes important progress in explaining aspects of the child molestation epidemic when it says, “Opinions differ on what drives the collectors. Some are child abusers trying to relive their crimes. Some were abused themselves. Some say they’re caught in something of an addiction. They purport that there’s a compulsion.”

Incredibly, the article confirms, “the suspects tend to talk once detectives come calling.” Then it says, “Most of them, in their mind, they kinda know it is wrong but they don’t think it’s that wrong … They want to explain themselves to somebody. Because they figure if they can explain it, you’ll understand it and realize that it’s really not so bad.” 

One example that illustrates this point is the case of three brothers in Seattle, Mr. Charles Emery, 82, Mr. Thomas Emery, 80, and Mr. Edwin Emory, 79. We previously considered the strange fact that pedophilia appears to run in families.

Faces of accused pedophiles. Mr. Charles Emery, age 82. One of 3 brothers accused on child porn and pedophilia charges. His brother Edwin, age 79, had child porn on his computer. Technicians at Office Depot reported him to Seattle police. Mr. Charles Emery worked as a janitor at Seattle Children's Hospital. Accused pedophiles look like this. KIRO7 News.  

In this case we also see a reappearance of “Satanic” aspects to child abuse. While the “Satanic panic” is now documented history, and it tempers our suspicions to a degree, “Detectives also say that it was Charles’ “manifestos” about Satanic rituals, kidnapping and raping children that prompted them to look under the sheds.” 

“Their writings express desires to kill children…It’s very clear that these three individuals have an obsession with young female children, they’ve had this obsession for most if not all of their lives, and they acted on it.”
“Charging papers say authorities…searched the home, finding evidence prosecutors say that each of the men spent the majority of their lives sexually abusing children and exploiting children depicted in child pornography.”

Investigators in this case “collected a staggering amount of child porn. They also found evidence of the sexual exploitation of young girls as well as children’s worn clothing and underwear, children’s shoes, toys and movies.”

“Seattle police say the brothers…began molesting their own sister and eventually molested other young relatives for decades.” 

Then the article deploys the whopper revelation: “Charging documents indicate SPD (Seattle Police Department) detectives questioned Edwin Emory and his relatives about child porn found on his computer in 2013, but no charges were ever filed.”

The article continues, “January 22, 2013.” Four years ago. “Seattle police Detective Danial Conine interviews Edwin Emery at 141 NE 59th Street. He admits there could be child pornography on his computer, admits to sexual abuse of one of his sisters and that sister’s daughter.” 

“Then age 73, Edwin Emery also discusses his sexual attraction to “sub-teenage” girls…The interview is recorded. However, prosecutors do not file charges.” 

No explanation. Simply “prosecutors do not file charges.” Clearly Mr. Edwin Emery spoke to investigators, and he apparently did so thinking that if he simply explained himself, detectives would understand and “realize that it’s really not so bad.”

Prosecutors have not yet explained why charges were not filed in 2013 against Mr. Edwin Emery. And keep in mind that Mr. Emery came to the attention of authorities after computer technicians at Office Depot reported child porn on his computer.

Investigators followed up with Mr. Edwin Emery in 2013. He explained himself, and he apparently explained himself so well that investigators dropped the case. 

The creepy household of the Emery brothers in Green Lake, investigators excavate under the house and surroundings looking for human remains. Abundant child porn and child artifacts were reported by a relative. KIRO7 helicopter. 

The Emery brothers came back up on the radar of investigators in 2017, after a relative discovered “boxes of material including pornographic images of underage girls, young girls clothing/shoes, magazine clippings of missing and murdered young girls and handwritten notes detailing the kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering of young girls during the process of cleaning out the garage area.” 

As I stated previously, many pedophiles are collectors, even hoarders. They accumulate artifacts and images, and increasingly in the computer age, they collect videos depicting child molestation.

* * *

Illustrating our finding that establishment elite pedophiles remain distributed throughout American society, The Daily Wire published an incomplete yet disturbing list of Democrat politicians. 

It was the resignation of the Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, that incited this look back at Democrat party pedophiles. 

Faces of accused pedophiles. Disgraced Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, resigned over serial and historical accusations of pedophilia. Accused pedophiles look like this. Alan Berner, May 18 2017, The Seattle Times

Pedophilia is not limited to just the Democrat Party, of course, nor is it confined to the US. In Iceland, the parliamentary government collapsed after the father of the serving Prime Minister attempted to clear the name of a pedophile who raped his underage step-daughter daily for 12 years. 

And in 2006, Mr. Benn Tripp published a list that he credits to Mr. St. Clair of CounterPunch of sex crimes committed by prominent conservative Republicans. 

He states that the list originated on WikiPedia, and that he publishes a mere “sample” of it. This is not the entire list. 

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This is my 45th installment on the pedophilia epidemic. 

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