Friday, November 17, 2017

The Neoliberal War on WikiLeaks

The truth is here: If you have the stomach to read it for yourself. No one can make you read the Podesta emails. But once you do, you can never unsee what they tell you. This is the deep state, illustrated. 

Political partisans at the Freedom of the Press Foundation are waging war on WikiLeaks because Assange exposed Hillary and he told us the truth about what her people were saying and doing. 

These critics are confused. Assange did not support Trump, and it illuminates their confusion that they are convinced that he did. Partisan politics is their prism and it blinds them. 

Assange condemned Hillary by exposing her conspiracies. The only sin that Assange committed was he told us the truth. 

Anyone who reads the Podesta leaks in particular understands that WikiLeaks performed a service for humanity. 

For the first time ever we got a shocking glimpse into the machinations of the deep state. 

The writers of this article dismiss the murder of Seth Rich as a conspiracy theory, a "discredited conspiracy theory," in fact. They condemn Assange for offering $20,000 for the exposure of his murderers. Apparently they already forgot what their neoliberal icon Seymour Hersh said about it. Watch carefully at the 1:00 mark: Assange gently nods when he is asked if Seth Rich was a WikiLeaks source. A body language tell? Watch it again. 

They are strangely smug for people who can be eviscerated when Assange proves that Russia was not his source by simply publishing documents. How I wish that Assange would quit mucking around and just do it. 

Those of us who have done our homework and who recognize their partisan politicking for what it is are dismissed. They simply omit to say the word "deplorables." 

These are the same people who dismiss PizzaGate as a discredited claim that Hillary sacrifices children in the basement of Comet Pizza and Ping Pong, when that is not what PizzaGate alleges at all. They know it. They are waging war. 

These are people who defend pedophiles. These are people who bitch because Assange told us the truth about their entitled goddess. These are people who bitch that we perceive the pedophile code in the emails. We did not write those emails. We just read them. They say what they say.

These people oppose WikiLeaks, because it dared follow the material where it led, and in telling the world the truth, it deviated from neoliberal orthodoxy. 

They condemn Assange for his personal failings. So he is an imperfect hero. We have to take what we can get, and I refuse to live in the fantasy that these people concocted for us. They do not get to dictate to me how I live, or how I believe. They certainly do not get to determine which facts that I choose to analyze, nor my conclusions.

Facts are facts. Documents are documents. Truth is truth. We can read for ourselves. We know what the Podesta Files say. It is not our fault that these fools chose to mob up with an alleged pedophile facilitator, and I will point them to the immortal words of Andrew Breitbart: "What's in your closet, John Podesta, big Podesta?"

Indeed. What is in his closet? Why is the Podesta lobbying firm imploding and collapsing after a mere glance from the independent prosecutor, the independent prosecutor that their loyalists appointed, Mr. Mueller?

Pedophilia and political murder is what these people support. They think that by vilifying WikiLeaks that they can turn back the clock and those incriminating emails will magically unread themselves. 

That is not the real world that we live in. Our real world is an ugly place, mostly because people like this are running around deciding what the rest of us get to know. 

Not here. Not on this page. I concur that Assange is an imperfect hero, much like Snowden, much like Trump himself. We have to take what we get. 

These men informed us. They told us the truth. Assange's critics are angry at the conclusions that we reached, because they are convinced against all evidence that Hillary was our foreordained solution. Thank God that she was defeated.

I do not care if they cut off WikiLeaks. I will send WikiLeaks Bitcoin from my own meager stash, because WikiLeaks is the lone media outlet that has a track record of dispensing simple truth. 

CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post all stand discredited and exposed as deep state propaganda organs in the worst traditions of Pravda and Izvestia. Only WikiLeaks simply told us the truth. 

This is not about politics, though they will never understand that. As I say, they are blinded by their partisan prism. This is about truth, and fact, and reality. 

The strings connecting them to their puppet masters are showing. We see them. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work. Thanks for the privilege of being able to keep up with the story without having to rely on so called "fact checkers".

8:11 AM, December 11, 2017  
Blogger Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez said...

Thank you for reading! Now please share it! LOL!

11:25 PM, February 14, 2019  

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