Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Globalist RINO John McCain Should Just Go Away

John McCain, globalist, RINO, perfumed prince of the Pentagon, military royalty, and not in a good way, opposes Donald J. Trump because McCain's wife is filthy rich, he has all the money and luxury that a man could ever need, and because McCain is at the end of a long, corrupt political career. All that McCain wants is more power. Because he is drunk on it. 

When Donald Trump says that he wants to drain the swamp of Washington corruption, John McCain is in the middle of it. 

Speaking for myself, McCain lost me forever when he suppressed the Congressional testimony of families who lost loved ones in Southeast Asia, mocking and haranguing them over what he dismissed as a "conspiracy theory."

The fact is, there are theories, and they are definitely conspiratorial, but the true conspiracy resides in the cover up, not in the abandonment, though the abandonment remains the most grotesque act of treachery and treason in American history.

I have had long conversations, you see, with my friend, Major Mark Smith, an American Green Beret and an indisputable war hero who sued Ronald Reagan because the US government abandoned American POWs in Vietnam. 

Yes, I said that. Read it again. I mean it.

Smith recounted precisely what McCain did. And the hypocrisy and the selfishness of McCain's actions can be summed up in the statements made one day in Bangkok by his colleague Senator John Kerry. 

Mark Smith was talking in the lobby of a hotel in Bangkok to Senator John Kerry, who with McCain was on the Senate Select Committee on POW / MIA Affairs, and who collaborated with John McCain to squelch any investigation into the abandonment of American servicemen in Southeast Asia.

When Smith began explaining how many POWs remained in the hands of Hanoi, the Bonesman John Kerry interrupted Mark Smith and told him that America would not go to war over our prisoners.  Those were John Kerry's exact words

The fact that successive American governments repeatedly left American POWs in the hands of their North Vietnamese captors was political kryptonite. The policy began under Nixon and that war criminal Henry Kissinger, and solidified when the Congress refused to endorse the Nixon/Kissinger promise of some $4 billion dollars in war reparations

The North Vietnamese felt jilted, they felt ripped off, and they kept our POWs. And then we just left them there.

John Kerry and John McCain were at the heart of this sickening duplicity, a corrupt policy that compelled LTC Millard Tony Peck, then head of the MIA/POW office in DIA, to resign in protest.

Why? You wonder? For money. John Kerry and John McCain both positioned themselves to profit handsomely from the normalization of relations between America and Vietnam. Both men were already wealthy. I suppose that they just wanted more. 

Ronald Reagan, alone of all presidents, spun up a rescue mission, to a point where Delta Force squadrons actually deployed to a staging base. They were stood down, this story is confirmed in Eric Haney's book on Delta, and the remaining POWs were abandoned. Yet again. 

So, yes. I despise John McCain. And not because he talked on the radio and made propaganda transmissions for the enemy while he himself was in captivity in Hanoi.

Mark Smith, a retired Major in Special Forces, despises John McCain, because Smith heard McCain committing treason on the radio from his hole in the ground where the North Vietnamese kept Smith because of his unremitting resistance. 

When my fellow Green Beret Mark Smith tells me these stories, I feel vast admiration for him and profound contempt and pity for John McCain, who is condemned by his fellow POWs. They hate him. Just ask them. 

Mark Smith is readily contacted, by the way. He lives around the corner from me here in Bangkok, and we talk often. 

Mark Smith is a great, great American. John McCain is a scum bag.