Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Something Keeps Yanking My Strings

17 October 2015

We confront a system that is pervasive, pernicious, and self-replicating, and it is miraculous when one of us can snap out of our programming and see the strings connecting us all to the puppet masters.

We do well, I think, if we can admit to ourselves that we are puppets. If we see the strings, any of them, we are doing very well. 

Many of us focus on the fact that we detect strings. We realize that we are programmed. We realize that somebody, or something, is behind that programming. 

We come to suspect that there is an agenda. We can feel it, but we cannot see it clearly. But we know that something is there.

I see no point in arguing about strings. It is a waste of time. Which is why folks who like their strings and feel comforted by the fact of a puppet master do it.

Many people live this way, and this is obviously the way that the puppet masters want us all to be.

Not everybody can wake up. And when we do, not all of us see strings the same way. This causes a lot of distress and anger. Some folks focus on this to the exclusion of all else. 

It is important to understand that this is not the heart of the matter, we should not get mired in these arguments.

What I wish that I could understand, is how the system evolved. Who came up with it? Or was it just an historical accident, and some folks found themselves uniquely situated to exploit their positioning?

For those who rebel at the idea that such a system can even exist, I think that it is important to remember that the system is not universal, it is not ubiquitous. Which is why we can detect it, at times.

There is no need to say, "there is no overarching conspiracy controlling everything." I agree with that. I do not think that there is. The argument against universality, about an idea that includes everything, is a straw man.

Leave that dispute for the physicists, who are wondering if string theory could actually be correct. That is not our argument. Our argument is with systems of social control. Perpetrated by men, in order to control populations.

We are arguing about one system among many systems. Some of them are natural, some are artificial. The systems that exploit people, and benefit the few at the expense of the many, those are the systems that I implacably oppose.

Now that I am old, and increasingly aware that I will soon be leaving this plane of existence, I try harder to feel pity for others. I try not to judge them so harshly. This is not easy for me, for I lack patience.

When you rephrase the question another way, and ask yourself, "what does it matter? We are all of us leaving this plane of existence in time," it puts everything in a different perspective.

I cannot tell you why I feel compelled to resist the strings, why I feel like I must resist the puppet master. I do not know why. 

I have always had a problem with authority, this began in my childhood, and my shrink tells me that it is a key aspect of my personality.

I suppose that many of us are resigned to slavery. Especially when we cannot realize or admit that we are enslaved. Others can never be slaves.

I just would like to live peaceably, harming no one. But someone, or something, keeps yanking my strings.