Saturday, October 17, 2015

Is it safe?

Yesterday I went to the dentist. I rarely go to the dentist because I associate dentists with the Nazi dentist-torturer played by Laurence Olivier in Marathon Man. I can never forget him asking  Dustin Hoffman, over and over again, "is it safe?" 

Dustin Hoffman replies, "yes, it is safe." 

This does not seem to satisfy Herr Doctor. He asks again, "is it safe?"

Dustin Hoffman has no idea. So then he says, "no, it is not safe." 

The impeccable Nazi then persuades Dustin Hoffman to open his mouth, and he probes around, looking for a perfect cavity. He finds it.

The Nazi dentist sinks the dental pick deep into the cavity, inflicting obscene dental pain on Dustin Hoffman. 

After Hoffman calms down, the Nazi asks him again, "is it safe?" 

It goes on forever.

I practice obsessive dental hygiene because I fear Teutonic dental picks. But I am addicted to nicotine, I chew nicotine gum all the time, so yesterday, I finally broke down and I went to the dentist, because cavities were killing me. 

My dentist is a small, mean lady. She looks more like a lesbian on the warpath than a Nazi dental torturer as she lectures me, telling me that I need root canals. I tell her to just pull all my teeth out, and this pushes her buttons. She gets very angry with me. 

I do not care about her gender preferences, but it feels like she is discriminating against me for being a breeder. She actually told me, like she was rejecting the tyranny of patriarchal evolution itself, "you cannot order me," because I told her to just pull my teeth.

Apparently that is the wrong thing to say to a mean, lesbian dentist.

We argue. She insists that I should subject myself to excruciating root canals, rather than just yanking all my teeth out.

I have a friend, the VA pulled all his teeth for him, they gave him false teeth, and he tells me that they work great.

When he smiles, he has a dazzling, movie star smile.

This seems like a perfect solution for my dental phobia, it will resolve my issues with nicotine gum, and I will not have to wonder, "is it safe?" I, too, can have a dazzling, movie star smile.

To make a long story short, my dentist only pulled one tooth, and she filled some  cavities. I have to go back for more fillings, so it is not yet safe. She refuses to just yank all my teeth. I would go to a different dentist, but this dentist can competently extract a tooth like it is nobody's business. She is a superb dental surgeon.

I felt minimal pain during yesterday's procedure. She was generous with the topical anesthesia, and quick with the nerve block, so I felt only a dull pressure. No real pain. That requires expertise. If she is a breeder-hating lesbian, you would not know it when she administers pain killers or when she pulls teeth.

When she was in the middle of the extraction, I shuddered as the whine of the bone saw hit its crescendo and the screech was like nails on a chalkboard. I heard my molar crack, but I felt only dull pressure, even as I kept imagining an Austrian-accented, "is it safe?" 

When she showed me the tooth afterwards, I was amazed, because I felt no pain. She is a very good dentist.

I put up with her gender bullying because she pulls teeth great and she is generous with the anesthesia. Today, the day after, I am a bit sore. But a few Tylenol #3's with codeine, and I am fine. I can eat soup. I can brush my remaining teeth. 

How she can extract deep-rooted molars, and not bruise the hell out of my gums, I will never understand. But she does. She needs just one suture to close the wound, and it is self-absorbing. Excellent dentistry.

So I am keeping my mean lesbian dentist for now. I am getting fillings. But I draw the line at root canals. I would rather have every tooth in my face yanked. 

My Nazi lesbian dentist shakes her head, saying, "this is a misconception." But my friend has fake teeth, he eats what he wants, and he says that it is very convenient. I watched him eat corn on the cob. For him, it is safe. He has a dazzling, movie star smile.

The next time that I am back stateside, I will get the VA to pull my teeth. All of them. And I will return to visit my Nazi lesbian dentist one last time. 

Just to give her a dazzling, movie star smile and to tell her that yes, it is finally safe.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Mr. Binney then talks about TREASURE MAP

“TREASURE MAP: the objective is to measure where every device is in the world, every minute, every day. That, paired up with the metadata and the content collection shows them everything that you are doing. They are doing this to get a total picture of everything on the net.”

Mr Binney notes that both CIA and FBI have access to the data. So does DEA, IRS, Treasury, and DHS. 

Binney notes, if NSA were only focusing on foreign collection, then the only collection sites would be on the East and West coasts of the United States. The FAIRVIEW slides show how the collection sites mirror the distribution of the American population. They are focused on domestic collection. 

These are the slides that upset Mr. Binney. 

You Got to Keep the Money Flowing.

“Bush, Cheney, Hayden, and Tenet are the ones who decided to spy on everyone on the planet.” 

That is when Binney resigned. Binney went to the House Intelligence Committee. “All the lawyers, all the senior managers, they all cooperated with this.” He fingers General Hayden as the man who operated at the heart of the conspiracy. 

Binney talked to Diane Roarke, the ranking staffer at the House Intelligence Committee with oversight responsibility for NSA. At her house. Because literally everyone else was compromised and a party to the misconduct. There was nowhere safe where they could have a private conversation about classified activities that were violating the laws of the Republic.

Binney: “At least 80% of the phone calls in the United States are now being recorded.”

Binney explains what is being collected and stored at Bluffdale. Basically, it is everything. 

He estimates that there are like 3,000 government employees who have formal access to these programs, primarily, I am assuming, through XKEYSCORE. This does not include the contractors. 

Contractors are unnumbered, because it is actually contractors who keep the systems up and running. No one controls their access to the systems. There is no monitoring system. This is how Snowden was able to do what he did. 

Binney: “That left the entire network system with no monitoring at all. This is why they cannot tell what Snowden took.”

Binney pulls no punches: “I see us moving to a controlled society, a totalitarian state … a government with a country, controlling the people, keeping us uninformed, if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear, quoting Joseph Goebbels.” 

“What they did after 9-11 is trade the security of the people of the United States for money.”

“It is,” he says, a situation where they “keep the problem going, to keep the money flowing.” 

In Which Mr. Binney Drops a Bomb.

Alex Jones asks, “how many people have access” to the systems that can collect on individuals? This is roughly at the 20 minute mark. Binney says that the number of analysts with access is roughly around 3,000. 

Then Mr. Binney drops a bomb. 

“Internally at NSA, they have no monitoring of the network and who is using it.” 

Jones: “The NSA does not monitor its own network?”

Binney: “That’s right.” 

Binney explains that he and other whistleblowers actually proposed a log-based monitoring system. He explains that NSA analysts opposed this, as they did not want to be monitored. He explains that the managers opposed it, because it would enable oversight, and what NSA management fears most: audits. 

There is no auditing of these programs. There is no effective oversight of them, and we are talking about programs that cost billions of dollars. The Congress just cuts NSA a blank check for their black budgets, and the cult of official secrecy ensures that no one monitors how that money is spent, where it is spent, whether it is wasted, whether it is effectively managed, nothing. 

The Intelligence oversight committees are useless, Binney says, and so is the FISA Court, by which he means the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, or FISC.  

Binney proposes auditors, black hat hackers, who should be authorized to investigate anything anywhere. Obviously this proposal, which he and other whistleblowers made in a formal memorandum addressed to the president, went nowhere. 

Our Governments Want You to Be Stupid.

More from the PrisonPlanet interview with Mr. William Binney:

“They have been collecting content all along, it is stored in Utah and San Antonio and other facilities.” Binney says that NSA is trying to cover this up, claiming that they collect only metadata. 

All of this is illegal. Metadata or content, it is all unconstitutional, and impeachment and criminal charges should be brought against the decision makers who imposed what is becoming a new dark era in the American nightmare. 

At about the 15 minute mark, Alex Jones interrupts Binney, and diverts him into a digression, asking him to talk about himself. 

Right at the point where Binney was revealing what NSA has been doing, Jones interrupted him and diverted him. Why? You got to wonder. 

Mr. Binney is smart. So he began guiding the interview back on track. 

At 17 minutes, Binney reveals that NSA just filed environmental impact statements for a new facility that is more than twice as large as Bluffdale, which is roughly a million square feet in capacity. 

The new facility is roughly 2.4 million square feet in size. He does not reveal where the new facility is located. I believe that he may be referring to a new facility under construction in the Washington metro area, in Virginia, or in Maryland. 

“It is a slide into totalitarianism and imperial presidency…they keep everyone in the dark….some in the Congress realized that they were being lied to….they had an uninformed Congress and an uninformed electorate, *by design.*”

So You Think That Snowden Should Return to America to Stand Trial?

I remain an avowed admirer of the NSA whistleblower Mr. William Binney. Here is a video interview of Mr. Binney by Alex Jones, yes, that Alex Jones, on PrisonPlanet. 

There is a lot of preamble stuff, so you can skip ahead to approximately 6:20, which is where the interview with Mr. Binney actually begins. 

At the 11:20 mark he talks about how NSA and DOJ persecuted him and other NSA whistleblowers. If you have not heard this story, you need to hear it. 

This is Why Snowden Cannot Return to America

When critics accuse Snowden, as Hillary Clinton just did during the CNN Democratic Party debate, claiming that Snowden could have filed his complaints internally, that Snowden could have addressed "his concerns" with his supervisors, with his chain of command, and with the Inspector General of the NSA, and with the Congressional oversight committees, Binney explains what happened when he and the other NSA whistleblowers did exactly that. 

They were crushed. They were raided by FBI SWAT teams, they were charged with crimes by DOJ, their security clearances were revoked, they had to retain legal counsel to defend themselves, and after long, stressful, ruinous investigations, DOJ just dropped the charges and walked away from the prosecutions because they were frivolous. 

But Binney and the other whistleblowers were impoverished, losing their security clearances meant that they also lost their careers, and they serve now as cautionary tales, as intimidating examples of what will happen if others follow their precedent. Snowden has stated repeatedly in interviews that he will not permit the DOJ to frame him as a deterrent to other whistleblowers. Snowden is a worthy adversary of the national security state. Make no mistake. 

I believe that what happened to the earlier NSA whistleblowers is the nadir of our history as a Republic, these were high crimes committed against patriots and men and women of honor, they were punished for defending the Constitution. They acted in compliance with their oaths to support the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. And they were pulverized for it. There were never any hearings into how they were mistreated, there were never any consequences for those failed investigations, no one was ever held responsible for the failure of those prosecutions. 

Needless to say, no one responsible for this abomination ever rendered an apology or expressed a single regret. 

Why Not Hold Hearings on the Snowden Affair? 

The last thing that the national security state wants is hearings, you never hear any call in the controlled mass media for hearings, for a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance, because hearings which heard testimony from Mr. Binney and the earlier NSA whistleblowers would incriminate ranking mandarins of the intelligence community. It is probable that Generals Hayden, Clapper, and Alexander, at minimum, would be read their rights and charged with grave offenses against the Constitution. 

Truly effective hearings would see luminaries like Darth Cheney, I mean, Dick Cheney, pardon me, charged for their roles in perpetrating warrantless mass surveillance against the American people, Vice President Cheney's lawyers in particular, Mr. Addington, and Mr. Yoo, would quickly find themselves getting sized for orange jumpsuits. 

I believe that President Bush would come out of such proceedings tarnished, as he permitted the President's Surveillance Program to happen and he lent the gravitas of his office and his authority to the plot. But the locus of the conspiracy to foist warrantless mass surveillance on America came out of the Vice President's office, and it was executed when Mr. Cheney just happened to have legislation called the Patriot Act ready on the shelf, and it was shoved through after 9-11 before legislators even had a chance to read it. 

To keep America safe. That was their justification. 

Ask Yourself These Hard Questions. 

So remember this: The next time that someone dismisses Snowden and condemns him for stealing the SIGINT family jewels and leaking them to The Guardian, to the South China Morning Post, and the Washington Post, remember what happened to William Binney and the other NSA whistleblowers. Ask yourself why there were never any hearings on the Snowden affair. Ask yourself why there has been no call for hearings, why there will be no call for hearings. If you need evidence that the mass media is controlled, here it is. 

The earlier NSA whistleblowers were demolished. Snowden knew it. He was acutely aware of it. And he saw how they were marginalized and how they were contained and how their exposés ultimately went nowhere, they accomplished nothing, the sacrifices that they laid on the altar of freedom were wasted, and the national security machine just continued on, it continues to this day, committing a billion felonies a month. 

NSA apologists like General Hayden insist that Snowden should return to American jurisdiction for prosecution. Snowden has already agreed to do so. But not under the conditions of the Espionage Act, where Snowden would be seized, and buried alive, and denied access to his attorneys, and most importantly, where Snowden would be denied the opportunity to make a public interest defense before a jury of his peers. 

Espionage Act prosecutions can be entirely classified, they can be conducted secretly, completely beyond the public eye. One problem with charging Snowden under the Espionage Act is, if Snowden committed "espionage," to whom did he deliver the documents that he stole? Not to a hostile intelligence service. So where is the "espionage?"

When will Generals Hayden, Alexander and Clapper be investigated? Obviously, hearings are badly needed. And the roles played by the Select Intelligence Committees of both the House and the Senate should be probed. These institutions are failing in their statutory duties, they are failing to serve Americans, and they badly require reform. 

The True Fears of the American Government.

Snowden's claim has always been that he leaked to journalists deliberately, by choice, and that he did not, ever, disclose classified information to hostile intelligence services. Rather, Snowden leaked to the people, he leaked to the population of the United States, and indeed, to the digital proletariat of the world, to the denizens of the internet worldwide. 

If this is treason, then we, the people, are the enemy. 

What Snowden leaked was an ongoing criminal conspiracy by the national security state of the United States government to keep the American populace stupid, uninformed, and hypnotized while they pointed the mechanisms of warrantless mass surveillance at us. The activities of these agencies and these ranking mandarins of the intelligence community were criminal and hypocritical in the extreme: Just remember, they did it to "keep us safe." Yes, they think that you are that stupid. Many of us are. 

Despite abundant detailed evidence that NSA is warehousing the digital minutiae of our lives, for reasons which can have no hope of "keeping us safe," many Americans refuse to read the Snowden documents, many Americans refuse to so much as read analysis like what you are reading now, and many Americans refuse to engage their minds, their hearts and their intellects to act as competent citizens of the Republic. 

Another accusation that is made about Snowden is that he absconded to Russia, that he made a deal with Vladimir Putin. The truth is that Snowden was trapped in Russia, because the Snowden apprehension task force revoked his passport. They did this because they wanted to trap Snowden in Hong Kong, and then lean on the Chinese to expel him back to America. Instead, the Chinese put Snowden on a plane, and they washed their hands of him. 

Snowden spent 40 days in the transit terminal at Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow. He was interviewed by the Russian FSB. Many times. They made their pitch to Snowden, but he had no classified data in his possession. Snowden was cagey. He knew that he would be vulnerable to interdiction while he flew, ostensibly to asylum in Ecuador, so he handed off all digital archives of his precious documents to Laura Poitras, to Glenn Greenwald, and to Ewen MacAskill of The Guardian, and to Barton Gellman of the Washington Post

No one ever asks, who was disciplined or admonished for maneuvering Snowden directly into the hands of the FSB? Surely that could not have been the intent of the Snowden apprehension task force? I have long said that the most valuable real estate on the planet is the six inches between Snowden's ears. He walks around with a priceless payload in his mind. Few others on the planet have so systematically studied the family jewels of American SIGINT and FVEY like Snowden has, and few others were so equipped to understand and synthesize them. 

I have it on good authority that instead of being criticized for trapping Snowden in Russia, under the physical and digital control of a hostile intelligence service, members of the Snowden apprehension task force were instead praised, promoted, granted bonuses, and had their photographs taken shaking hands with the directors of the intelligence services involved. 

Surely the most ironic, and perhaps the most iconic photograph in modern history. Snowden with General Hayden. 

Something is seriously upside down in America when such malfeasance and epic incompetence is rewarded, rather than condemned. If you want to mount an investigation, mount an investigation into who mishandled the apprehension of Edward Snowden. Ask who refused to make an offer to Snowden to bring him in from the cold, for debriefing. That was surely among the greatest mistakes of the modern era. 

I think that the decision to ground Snowden in Moscow was made because the mandarins of the intelligence community truly fear what Snowden could yet reveal. They are angry about what he has already revealed. They fear what he still could reveal even more. 

In any case there is no evidence that Snowden made any deal with the FSB, and if there were, you can assume that it would be splashed across front pages worldwide. There is no evidence of it, because it never happened, and because Snowden can prove that it never happened. 

I have said elsewhere that evidence that Snowden made a deal would be impossible to hide. Chinese and Russian networks would have quickly gone dark to NSA, but that did not happen. I am sure that NSA feared that their penetrations of Russian and Chinese networks would be quickly turned off, this is a technical feat that is utterly within Snowden's capability, but it did not happen. NSA knows it.

But do not take my word for it. The current DIRNSA, Admiral Michael Rogers, confirmed for the record that "Snowden is not a Russian spy." 

It is possible that this is partly what restrains the ambitions of the national security state where Snowden is concerned even now. They fear what could happen if they attempt to render him back to America for trial. They should fear that. I am pretty certain that Snowden set up a deadman's switch, and encrypted files salted across the internet would suddenly be decrypted and untold secrets would suddenly be available for download upon his death or capture. By anybody. 

If the American government wishes to finally get a clue, it should be doing everything that it can to ensure that Edward Snowden is alive, happy and healthy in his Russian exile. Snowden could help both Russia and China to go suddenly opaque and impenetrable to NSA. It would not be difficult for him. That would be treason. If you want to talk about treason in a Snowden context, that would be it. 

Critics of Snowden should temper their condemnations. If Snowden gets pissed off, he could seriously harm American interests. What Snowden could do eclipses what Snowden has already done. I hope that adults are reading my words. I hope that responsible leadership is getting the analysis that it requires for such uncertain times, and I hope that they are making competent decisions. 

What Americans need to understand is that advocates of the national security state like Hillary Clinton and others, who have called for Mr. Snowden to return to America to stand trial, they do not want Snowden to be permitted to mount a public interest defense. That would set back NSA plans for FVEY perhaps indefinitely. And we cannot have that. 

More than that, they fear the prospect of a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance. Which is precisely why we must have such hearings. There is a cancerous rot that is metastasizing throughout the Republic, and we need to exorcise it. These people are not Americans. They are acting against American interests, they are violating American traditions and American values, and they are acting to benefit a Washington power class that encompasses both political parties, and a military industrial complex which is reaping obscene profits from untold black projects subject to no oversight. 

So Snowden will remain in Russia. The American government is pleased to leave him there, where he can make occasional appearances over the internet, and make Twitter sing with his tweets. Because the alternative, bringing Snowden to America to stand trial, or worse, bringing Snowden back to America to testify under a grant of immunity and safe passage under oath, is unthinkable. For them. 

Remember These Facts.

Remember these uncomfortable facts, the next time that some pundit, some Congressman, even the White House press attaché, pontificates that Snowden should return to America to stand trial. Call them on it. Ask them if they would permit Edward Snowden to make a public interest defense before a jury of his peers, and then watch them squirm. 

The mandarins of the intelligence community want to prosecute Snowden under the Espionage Act. They want to bury Snowden alive. They do not want him testifying under oath in front of a Joint Special Committee on Mass Surveillance, and they do not want him explaining himself in a courtroom before a jury of his peers with the accompanying press coverage that such a trial would entail. 

Prosecuting Snowden under the Espionage Act means that the government can simply classify the entire proceedings, they can claim that his evidence is inadmissible due to its classification. 

What are they afraid of? Are they afraid that we will find out that they are committing a billion felonies on a monthly basis? We already know. Snowden told us. We have their documents

Our government fears the spectacle. They know that a Snowden trial would be observed, not just by Americans, but by international jurists, it would be subject to scrutiny that would probably be unprecedented, and any indication that Snowden's rights were violated would quickly devolve into a debacle. 

Stay in Moscow, Ed!

No, our government in the United States is content to keep Snowden bottled up in Moscow. It is not optimal, the optimal alternative would be to bury Snowden alive in a SuperMax, where he would be punished if he so much as had a tube of expired toothpaste, as happened to Chelsea Manning. But failing that--they will leave Snowden in Moscow, and they will watch, and they will wait, and any opportunity to seize him and render him back to American jurisdiction will be seized. 

Stay in Moscow, Ed. Make your snarky comments on Twitter. Make your appearances over the net, and keep explaining to the people of the world that we are now subject to an unprecedented degree of mass surveillance, that the mechanisms of mass population control are being implemented by FVEY. 

It is better than being subjected to the petty disciplines suffered by Chelsea Manning because she had a verboten copy of Vanity Fair with a transvestite on the cover in her cell. 

Stay in Moscow. 

This article was updated on 18 October, 2015, after synthesizing comments and criticisms from subject matter experts. I also added some links, particularly to the STELLARWIND IG Report, and a link to DIRNSA Rogers stating that Snowden is "not a Russian spy."

Will Trump Be Permitted to Be Trump?

One thing that occurs to me watching Mr. Donald Trump speak, is that he is threatening the finances of a lot of wealthy, powerful people worldwide. 

Trump pillories China, and he explains how we have systematically failed to negotiate good deals with China. Well, what he is not saying is that globalist financiers are making fiendish profits making these bad deals that benefit China, and they are doing it because their profits are obscene. Mostly we are talking about Goldman Sachs, and City of London financiers, real central bankers that run the Club of Rome, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of International Settlements. The real rulers of the world. 

Will they sit still and permit Trump to mess up their business? There are many examples, Trump keeps threatening the bailiwicks of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, and the last time that a president did this, he was shot in the head by a lone gunman who fired a magic bullet, who was himself gunned down by a mafia associate who vanished into a prison and was never heard from for the rest of his days. 

I worry that Trump could be assassinated. It mystifies me that he does not realize what he is doing, I cannot believe that a billionaire who moves in exalted financial circles, does not recognize that he could be interfering with the moneymaking of the greediest people on the earth. 

At some point, powerful constituencies will have a meeting, and they will decide whether The Donald encounters an accident or not. Because he is threatening the profits and the systems that powerful people have spent years putting in place, TPP has taken years to develop and negotiate, and it is a pillar of the rulers of the planet, one of the legs of a tripod of power that facilitates their globalist designs. 

The most mature leg of the tripod of power is the central banking paradigm, while the secret leg is the mechanisms of mass surveillance in the form of FVEY. We are talking about the mechanisms used to run the world. TPP, FVEY, central banking. You get the impression that TPP could be challenged in the Congress, it could fail ratification, though when you look at how President Obama somehow pushed his stupid Iran deal that no one favors through, you realize that the fix could be in for TPP, and it could get approved by the Senate. Trump could disrupt these plans, he could cost the central bankers of the world trillions of dollars, and disrupt the implementation of their plans for decades. 

Will they just let him do it? Will they attempt to circumvent him? Or divert him? These are smart people. How will they respond? 

They killed one president. Fifty years later, despite the statutes of limitations, the records of that assassination remain classified, the CIA refuses to release the files that could reveal precisely who perpetrated that coup d’etat, so what would prevent them from doing it again? They got away with the Kennedy assassination. Why would they not get away with it again? 

There have been no consequences of that historic coup d'etat for the perpetrators. They profited, they continued to profit, they are profiting to this day. Otherwise, the files would have been opened, and the answers to many questions would have been settled. The Donald told the Secret Service that he wants a detail. That could be a very risky move. Why trust the Secret Service? Kennedy trusted them. Kennedy got whacked, and on their watch. 

President Kennedy was murdered. No one buys the bullshit of the Warren Commission. The Pike Committee determined that a conspiracy killed Kennedy, it rejected the patsy tale that Oswald was the lone gunman, but then what happened? DOJ refused to investigate. They claim that the evidence does not support the existence of a conspiracy. And so nothing happened, and nothing happens, to this day. 

And CIA refuses to declassify the assassination files. More than fifty years later, they refuse to declassify them, and the only conclusion that you can draw is that they refuse to declassify them because the perpetrators remain in positions of authority, they benefited back in the 1960's, and they continue to benefit to this day. 

Be careful, Mr. Trump. I believe that you will be permitted to go just so far. And then the real rulers of the planet will make a decision.