Thursday, November 15, 2018

Revelation: A Screed on Dreams and Worlds Without End

A revelation on metaphysics, cosmogony, quantum physics, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, the ApocryphaKabbalah, the Western Mystery Tradition, dreams within dreams and multiverses without end. With art by the American figurative expressionist painter Michael HafftkaKālī Yuga, 1977. 

The entire text is available free on GoogleBooks: I made the complete text available for .pdf download. 

The only reason to spend $9.99 on this book is if you are kindly disposed towards me and wish to help me budget for a new Mac. I make anywhere between $3.50 and $6.50 in royalties per copy sold, depending on the platform. 

I also published Revelation on If you subscribe to that service, you can download it there.

Revelation is on GoogleBooks. FREE.

Revelation is on GooglePlay: $9.99 ($7.99!).

Revelation is a Kindle eBook: $9.99. 

Revelation is an Amazon paperback: $14.99. 

Revelation is on Apple iBooks: $9.99. 

Here is Hafftka's Kālī Yuga (1977) in large format. Thank you to Michael for permission to use this painting! 

Kālī Yuga 1977 36” X 28” oil on canvas in honor of the publication of my friend 
Estéban Trujillo de Gutiérrez's book Revelation: A Screed on Dreams and Worlds 
Without End

I wrote an analysis of Kālī Yuga. I am not an art history major, but I am a rule breaker and I know a bit about Kālī Ma

I included Hafftka's 1977 Study for Kālī Yuga, and the Kālī Yantra

Please share widely! Thank you for your eyeballs!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Rosetta Stone of Memories

 Full text on GoogleBooks

With forwards by eminent American writers, this book is certain to twist your mind. If you lack the patience to read the front matter, scan forward to the preface. If you lack the patience to read the preface, scan forward to the narrative, which begins on page 205. This book is different from any other book you ever read. You have my word. 

My second book, The Rosetta Stone of Memories, is now available on Apple iBooks, and only on that platform. It was published on the auspicious date of 11-11-2018, Veteran's Day: my birthday. 

This book is priced at $9.99. I pulled the title from Amazon, as their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) rendering engine cannot correctly parse the pages. I also pulled the print version from Amazon. 

I also pulled this title from GooglePlay. Not because they did anything wrong. The errors were mine alone. I also pulled it from GoogleBooks. 

Metamorphosis and Revelation are the two books that are included in The Rosetta Stone of Memories. Rather than selling Rosetta Stone as a monstrous book of 490 pages, I am publishing its contents separately as Metamorphosis and Revelation. It only makes sense. 

Rosetta Stone is an organizational mess. I made a bad decision and placed no fewer than 35 literary quotations at the front of the book. 

In Revelation, those quotes are now at the rear of the book, where readers can consult them or ignore them at their whim. Readers will no longer have to scroll past them before they get to the actual book content.

I appreciate every single one of you, my cherished readers! Thank you for reading my work!

Doc T sends. 

You can find my books on Apple iBooksA Tale of the Grenada Raiders is $14.99.

Here is the link to A Tale of the Grenada Raiders, Metamorphosis, and Revelation, on GooglePlay. They are all priced at $9.99. 

Here is A Tale of the Grenada Raiders in softcover from Amazon at $64.99

Here is A Tale of the Grenada Raiders as a Kindle eBook at $14.99