Cicada Files: gHOST3301 Interviewed

A Twitter exchange between myself and brotherBox (@luceatnobis) September 8, 2019. My interview with an inner circle member of Cicada 3301 from the inception date of the order intimidates some who seek to control the public agenda regarding Cicada. So they attack his authenticity. Unsuccessfully. 

On August 19, 2019, I talked with an early member of the original Cicada 3301, known as gHOST3301 on the deep web and as Dustin757 on YouTube. I was delighted to conduct this interview, as no inner circle members of Cicada’s Early Period (2011-4) are publicly known, and accessing them is difficult.
This interview with gHOST3301 is the first conducted by any social scientist with an inner circle member of Cicada’s Early Period (2011-4). This is my second interview in the Cicada Files: the first was with Arturo Tafoyovsky (Lestat), chief videographer during a part of the Middle Period (2016-8), published earlier on Samizdat, August 15, 2019.
I am researching a long interview (40,000+ words) that I conducted on May 22, 2019 with Manuel Chavez III (Defango) about the nascence of QAnon. Chavez was also an inner circle member of Cicada 3301 late in its Middle Period (2014-8), and he was personally responsible for its implosion on May 7, 2018.
Chavez’s central role in the Cicada narrative, and his account of his betrayal of the organization’s legendary secrecy is riveting and historic. I am exercising due care in the transcription of his interview and my commentary upon it, and I will release it in installments in coming weeks.
These preceding interviews with Tafoyovsky and gHOST3301 are necessary preliminaries to the Chavez interview, providing crucial context. Interviews with further Cicada insiders will give us unprecedented insight into this most enigmatic phenomenon of the internet age.

In this interview, gHOST3301 and I review the complicity of Thomas Schoenberger, formerly one of two “head composers” in Cicada, whose greed and mismanagement of Chavez triggered the collapse of the order. We discuss the prospects for a reemergence of Cicada 3301 on January 5, 2020. We address Schoenberger’s colleagues, composer Michael Levine and television producer Richard Lech.
I first asked Thomas Schoenberger for an interview on April 16, 2019. He ignored me, then he blocked me on Twitter, and he directed his co-conspirators to do likewise. I was subsequently blocked by DJ Genki and qntmpkts, despite an absence of prior interaction between us, and by several Schoenberger sock accounts.
I later reiterated my invitation to Schoenberger in the interest of fairness and completeness. He continued ignoring me until I published my interview with Tafoyovsky: then he complained that I did not ask him for a review before publication. I no longer need Schoenberger’s input. His critics and a large tranche of internal Cicada documents in my possession evocatively speak for him.

gHOST and I discuss the tenuous ownership position of Schoenberger’s profiteering cabal. Schoenberger and his crew may be able to sell the story of Cicada to Hollywood, but withstanding legal challenges by the artists who actually created Cicada’s infamous puzzles may prove difficult: the project could be paralyzed by a single judicial injunction.
Page 4 of a 5-page Copyright Research Report by CompuMark / Clarivate Analytics on behalf of SONY Pictures Entertainment, Inc., dated July 2, 2018.

gHOST and I discuss the origin story of Cicada 3301, and the role of Debian Linux creator Ian Murdock, who was known as early as 2011 as The Architect: Murdock was allegedly a leading member of the original Cicada clandestine cabal, which remains covert today. We resuscitate a puzzle made by gHOST3301 at the personal behest of Ian Murdock, known as The Message, and illustrate it for a later generation of Cicada loyalists.
gHOST and I discuss certain IRC channels as the native habitat of the earliest Cicada members, whose number and actual identities remain unconfirmed. We contemplate Liber Primus, core text of Cicada 3301, which remains mostly unsolved. We touch upon clues for solvers, and agree to galvanize the solving community.
gHOST and I discuss the tragic deaths of former Cicada member Sam Fullerton (Zelador Petroff), and Sheriff’s Sergeant Michael Stephen, and illuminate false paths propagated by Schoenberger. We restore focus to the cypherpunk ideals that germinated Cicada 3301.
Those who are interested in Cicada 3301 and the perplexing puzzles that it created will find this interview interesting. For the political scientists in my audience, this is an analysis of organization, functions and goals of Cicada 3301.
I detail how Cicada was organized, how its organization changed over time, how it functioned, and how it sought to achieve its goals. For social scientists, this is a glimpse into a digital secret society, a cypherpunk order whose lifespan is not yet complete.
For that global community of solvers who are attempting to break the layered encryption of Liber Primus, a community which remains stymied, I hope that this interview renews their impetus.
Revised in 17,466 words on September 1, 2019, and published with the kind collaboration of gHOST3301 on September 2, 2019.
The complete interview is available on Samizdat

Cicada Files: Arturo Tafoyovsky Interviewed

Videographer Arturo “Tafoyovsky” (a pseudonym) (aka Lestat) was an inner circle member of Cicada 3301 (2016-8), their chief of graphics, who defined the visuals of Cicada’s perplexing puzzles during its Middle Period.
Cicada’s Early Period begins with its inception in obscurity circa 2011 and extends to the emergence of Thomas Schoenberger, one of two “head composers” in the order between 2014-5.
Cicada’s Middle Period can also be called the Schoenberger era, as it began with Thomas Schoenberger’s “hijacking” of the order in 2014-5 and ended when Manuel Chavez III (Defango) exposed the secrets of Cicada on May 7, 2018. Cicada as an organization imploded on Schoenberger’s watch: the organization died due to his greed and his mismanagement of Chavez.
The perfidy of Chavez, who infamously blew Cicada’s legendary cover for all time, will be recounted in coming installments in his own words.
The aftermath of Cicada’s collapse is one of schism, with most inner circle adepts now pursuing independent projects. At the time that I publish this interview, some 9-10 former members are contemplating a resurrection. My interviews suggest that Cicada’s Later Period may be gestating. A new puzzle may be released on January 5, 2020.
I am engaged in the massive project of analyzing QAnon as a viral phenomenon, as an ideology and a psyop. Cicada 3301 preceded QAnon. Some of the personalities that initated QAnon were members of Cicada 3301. Understanding their synergy is crucial to understanding both organizations.
This interview is my second in 2019, and the first in a series addressing Cicada 3301. My first interview of the year was with Mr. Paul Furber, the original Q evangelist. That interview, the first in the Q Files, was published on this site on May 18, 2019.
This interview of 11,243 words with Mr. Tafoyovsky was conducted on May 24, 2019. I released the draft interview transcript and its accompanying commentary to him on August 11, 2019, and completed my initial revisions on August 13, 2019. After some minor corrections, he approved release of the final version on August 14, 2019.
As Manuel Chavez III reviewed this interview on his YouTube channel later that same day, he identified errors. These are now corrected. Aside from calling me a “fool” and a “douchebag,” Mr. Chavez’s corrections are appreciated. I also consider the critiques of Ms. Denise Matteau, who uploaded her reviews to YouTube on August 16-8. I thank Ms. Matteau for her kind revisions.
Indeed, I interviewed Manuel Chavez III two days before this interview on May 22: that interview and its accompanying commentary are now gargantuan, comprising nearly 40,000 words and rising. It primarily addresses QAnon, though a central section dissects Cicada 3301 in detail. This Cicada section will probably be extracted and combined with other materials to be published separately.
I do my transcriptions the old fashioned way, by hand and by ear, eschewing automation. While this takes much time, it improves accuracy and makes me intimate with the data. I initially publish only transcribed audio tracks with commentary. I reserve my videos for separate analysis on a later date.
I decided to skip ahead and to break out this interview with Mr. Tafoyovsky before my May 22 interview with Manuel Chavez III as it is shorter, and I rely upon it and other interviews with Tafoyovsky in my overarching project. I also interviewed Mr. Tafoyovsky on April 10, April 14, on multiple days in June between the 9th and the 27th, on July 4, and on August 10 and August 16, 2019. Most of these interviews were on background, they were not recorded, so only gisting transcripts of them may eventually be published.
As will be seen, Mr. Tafoyovsky is not the only Cicada member that I interviewed. Further interviews with other inner circle members are ongoing. The May 22 interview with Manuel Chavez III will be the heart of a book-length Q project. If my other Cicada interviews go well, a separate book-length treatment of Cicada 3301 may be feasible.
This much is indisputable: when I am done, we will understand Cicada 3301 better than ever before. My intention is to rend the veil of the “most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age,” preserving its constituent elements for history. As a political scientist my focus is organizational: I dissect how the digital order functioned, how it was comprised, what its goals were, and how it pursued them.
Accordingly, all Cicada artifacts acquired in my research are archived on the imperishable blockchain of my LBRY channel @Samizdat. With this interview of Cicada’s videographer during its Middle Period between 2016-8, we begin.
(Sam Scott, “Cicada 3301: The most elaborate and mysterious puzzle of the internet age,” Metro, December 16, 2013; Defango TV (Manuel Chavez III, aka Defango), “News #hongkongprotest #lightwave – Defango TV 8-13-2019,” YouTube, August 13, 2019, timestamp: 1:26:00).
Complete interview with commentary available on Samizdat:

Q Files: An Interview with Paul Furber

Rob Dew of InfoWars interviewed Paul Furber (aka BaruchtheScribe) and James Coleman Rogers (aka PamphletAnon), on December 27, 2017. YouTube censored this interview when they de-platformed Alex Jones. I consequently link to a complete and unaltered pirate copy. This interview introduced Q to the InfoWars audience, and catapulted QAnon beyond 8chan to Reddit and YouTube, where Q was embraced by deplorable supporters of the 45th President, Donald J. Trump.  

Millions of Trump supporters follow a gnomic modern-era Delphic Oracle known as QAnon. Many of us subscribe to Q whisperers to interpret Q drops for us, and some of them make a comfortable living do so. 

Some 1,700 YouTube subscribers to the 24/7 Patriot's Soapbox livestream (70,000 subscribers) are watching Q programming as I write this. Q whisperers on YouTube rack up millions of views and donations on Patreon. Q swag is for sale--t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs. Q is all over Facebook and Twitter (#QAnon). 

Q terrifies the mainstream media: the fake news is nonstop condemnation of deplorable Trump loyalists, we are racist "cult members" and "conspiracy theorists." They demonize our red hats. These enemies of the people who propagandize us and dare call it news, insist that Q is baseless and debunked. 

We know better. Since QAnon first spoke on October 28, 2017, millions of us awoke: we asked hard questions, we did our own research, we came to our own conclusions, all made possible by alternative media and the internet. Untold millions of us are now red-pilled: we are awake, never to go back to sleep. 

I just completed a two-hour interview with Mr. Paul Furber of South Africa, a technologist of some notoriety who was among the first to notice QAnon when s/he posted on 4chan on October 28, 2017. 

I posted an audio file of the entire interview, and a transcript with commentary on my other site, Samizdat. I am updating this article to point to it. 

QAnon (IAMBECAUSEWEARE, ed.), The Storm (Aggregated Q Drops) Version X.VI, Updated May 2, 2019, p. 44. These were the first two Q drops, posted on 4chan on October 28, 2017. 

Mr. Furber became a proselytizer of Q, indeed I consider him the original Q evangelist, coordinating with other Anons in Discord chatrooms: They took Q from 4chan to 8chan, to Reddit, to YouTube, and then to Voat. History will remember Mr. Furber as a reason why Q went viral. 

I began my interview with Mr. Furber convinced that Q is a LARP, a Live-Action Role Play, and a psychological operation. I still believe this, but I now understand that Q is much more. 

Understanding Q as a LARP and as a psyop is useful, but it is not the whole story. QAnon borrows from previous LARPs, like Operation Chanology, and Cicada 3301, and any alumnus of the Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg can discern that Q is a psyop. 

Marketing professionals likewise recognize Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the Q drops, and tricks from the dark arts of advertising. Social scientists perceive the programming in Q, and political scientists marvel at the ideology of the Q superconspiracy. 

What I realized in the course of my interview with Mr. Furber is that all of these different ways of approaching Q, these different methods of understanding Q, all fall short: they do not encompass the entirety of a phenomenon that is becoming a movement, even an influence on modern conservatism. 

Democrats and neoliberals, the fake news media, desperately fear QAnon. They deride and dismiss Q, they paint millions of American patriots like you and I as lunatics, they claim that we are deluded. 

I hope that they continue believing this, as we combatants in the ongoing war for the popular conscience will hence defeat them. Our ideology rises: theirs fades. 

The fake news media publishes endless articles trying to hypnotize us. History will remember the Pravda media's coverage of QAnon as an epic error, as most Americans were introduced to QAnon through the mainstream media. Now we look to alternative media for our explanations.

And Q is ubiquitous on alternative media. Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit, MeWe, Minds, Gab, Spreely, SteemIt--Q communities flourish on forums and websites--and Q programming on YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, DLive, DTube, and BitChute is legion. 

Q posts exclusively on 8chan, one of the lone remaining bastions of free speech. Anons then spread the Q testament. One Anon known as @IAMBECAUSEWEARE on Twitter freely publishes the aggregated Q drops in .pdf format as The Storm on Patreon (Version X.VI, Updated May 2, 2019). The more that the ideological Left screeches about Q, the further Q spreads. 

Mainstream media is losing us forever. We are unplugging and canceling our cable contracts and watching what we want, when we want. We are not just saving money, we are liberating our minds:  the endless propaganda, the fake news, the slow, dishonorable seppuku of the dinosaur networks, all is laid bare. The Fourth Estate is dying. 

Back to my interview with Mr. Furber. Some may not realize it, but we are natural lie-detectors. With training, we can detect deception. Some liars--intelligence professionals, criminal confabulators and the schizophrenic--present a challenge, but a trained observer using a timeline as an interview tool can detect a liar perpetrating a lie. 

Police detectives elevate this to an art form. Telling a lie sequentially is easy. Telling a lie backwards, not so much. 

Polygraphers manipulate complicated apparatuses as a tool to put liars off their stride. What they are actually doing is observing your body language, a host of physical indicators, and your language patterns. The "box" is not the lie detector: the operator is. 

I did not begin my interview with Mr. Furber intending to trip him up. I am not a journalist. I do not practice gotcha journalism. I am a political scientist and an historian, and I also happen to be a school-trained 18F intelligence sergeant. I wanted to verify some facts and to flesh out the Q narrative. 

I did that much, and more. As we talked, I realized that Mr. Furber is not a co-conspirator in a LARP. He did not fake the Q drops. He does not know who authored them. His story is believable, fluid, continuous and coherent. He could tell his tale chronologically and backwards, with no internal inconsistencies. His body language is not deceptive. 

So I did not learn from Mr. Furber who is perpetrating Q. I do not believe that it is Mr. Furber, and he was on a short list of suspects before our interview. We must never forget that QAnon could literally be anybody. 

I reinforced a suspicion that Q changed hands at certain points, that different crews took over Q, and Mr. Furber agreed with this thesis. Further investigation, textual analysis cross-referenced to events, may eventually reveal this part of the story. But neither of us knows who wrote the first two Q drops, though claims were made, and neither of us is certain who is running Q at this time. 

I do harbor suspicions. I know that Q is not an intelligence professional. I will publish the proofs of this soon. Nor is Q a lone individual. Q is a group, and Q says as much. Whomever is running the Q operation is literate in historical conspiracy theories. 

Q could be a political scientist, someone with long familiarity with conspiracy literature over decades, like myself--or like Mr. Furber. This likely describes just one or two members of the Q team. But I do not think that Mr. Furber is Q. Nor does he know who is posting Q drops now. 

I will integrate my interview with Mr. Furber into my ongoing research. I will post it to a censorship-resistant video host like DLive, given time. I finally posted the audio file of our interview and the transcript with commentary on Samizdat

But I now need to adjust my working hypothesis, and I need to modify several chapters of my book-length Q analysis. Q is not just a LARP. Q borrows from historical LARPs, but Q is much more. 

There is no question that Q is a psyop. I will publish an analysis explaining these aspects of the Q movement in time. Perhaps most significant, Q is also new media: to say that QAnon is  native to alternative media is true, but again, it is not the whole truth. 

This is what we all must admire: whatever else Q is, however this great mystery is eventually explained, Q red-pilled millions of sleeping Americans and others around the world, and we will never go back to sleep. 

Millions of us will never trust mainstream media ever again.

This is the triumph of QAnon. Whomever is doing it can own this much, and they should sleep well at night. 

We will never go back to sleep. 

Revised May 19, 2019: 1937 hrs. Bangkok Local. 

Q Files: Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Dr. Sebastian Gorka disparaged Q Anon on April 10, 2019, linking to an article that he wrote on his website. On January 31, Gorka tweeted "Q is Garbage." On March 14, Gorka reiterated "Q Anon is Grade A GARBAGE." On April 5, Gorka lectured the Q'verse: "Try thinking for yourself. Q is a fraud. Leave the cult." These are not the only instances where Gorka criticized Q, but they are the most recent.  

Q Anon is a superconspiracy, defined in the literature by Barkun, a sociopolitical movement, and a psyop in the classical sense. Psychological operations influence emotions, motives, reasoning and behaviors at sociopolitical, governmental, organizational, group and individual levels. For certain Anons, and they know who they are, Q is a moneymaking enterprise. 

Sebastian Gorka wades into the Q'verse with typical belligerence. Gorka's academic reputation is contested: dismissed by political scientists as a weak researcher with partisan publications to his credit, Gorka's PhD was issued by Corvinus University of Budapest. Keep in mind that up to now, Gorka's critics were partisan themselves. 

With a resume primarily as a guest lecturer with defense agencies of the US government, Gorka failed to complete a degree at Harvard, yet he cites his incomplete attendance on his LinkedIn page. I am impressed that he was even admitted to the program, and not interested in why he failed to matriculate. 

Sadly, Gorka brings weak methods to the Q arena: Gorka hates the Q'verse, and Q partisans hate him right back. Donald Trump, Jr. defended Gorka, but the collective Q'verse shrugged: nobody who follows Q Anon respects Gorka. 

I harbor no animus for Gorka, and I am no cultish partisan of the expanding Q'verse: I am a political scientist and critic of the Q phenomenon with lesser academic credentials than Gorka. But I lack patience with bad analysis of Q, and Gorka's analysis is defective. 

On April 10, 2019, Dr. Gorka tweeted "Q is NOT on America's Side. It's all a con job." 

Gorka's first sentence is debatable. His second sentence contains elements of fact. Then Gorka links to that article on his website. I will address the Q moneymaking grift and the ex-convicts that perpetrate it in a later work. For now, let us focus on Gorka and his article. 

In this article, Gorka harkens back to signs at Trump rallies in the lead-up to the 2018 Midterm Elections. Gorka remembers: 

"...strange signs started appearing at political rallies. Held up by nondescript attendees, the signs read simply, "we are Q." 

Gorka explains: 

"The group appeared from the fringes of internet chat rooms, such as on the website of 4Chan, a peculiar mixture of cyberpunks and various online misfits." 

(Sebastian Gorka, "The Truth About Q-Anon--America First with Sebastian Gorka,", April 10, 2019).

"Nondescript?" "Online misfits?" Gorka managed to alienate me with two simple sentences. Gorka's characterizations coincide with fake news descriptions of Trump supporters as mouth-breathing Walmart shoppers. Gorka's elitism is on full display. 

More, Q was no longer on 4chan at the time of the Midterms, as all Q partisans and informed Q critics know. Not to belabor facts, but Q was on 8chan, an entirely different site, and on Discord, Reddit, Voat, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Gorka intends to malign Q: so he mentions only 4chan, where Q was born on October 28, 2017. 

Gorka is merely getting started. He calls Q loyalists "Far Right activists on gonzo internet forums." Before you read past this statement, think about it: Gorka is endorsing the equalization of the "far right" with White nationalism pushed by the fake news media.  The unspoken implication is that Q partisans are "far right," therefore they are also racist. 

Gorka confirms his intent when he mischaracterizes Q Anon using the same derisive talking points disseminated by the fake news media. 

"The conspiracy goes like this: the real purpose of the Robert Mueller special counsel investigation was not to investigate Donald Trump, but instead to investigate Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and people like former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta ... One addition ... to the conspiracy last year was that the Mueller probe was also looking into the now-deceased Senator John McCain (R-AZ) for his illegal activities." 

Gorka adds:

"QAnon conspiracy theorists have simultaneously argued that the ultimate target of the Mueller investigation is either the "Deep State" of nefarious anti-American, globalist actors, or the aim is to pursue high-profile pedophiles in the United States government and in other powerful circles related to the government."

What surprises me is that Gorka turns out to be just another fake news fake journalist. We thought that Gorka was one of us, one of the MAGA faithful. Not so much. But read on. 

Gorka's mixing of correct and incorrect assessments of Q offend even me, a critic of the Q movement. Gorka not only does not understand Q, he cannot persuade anybody who does.

After reading his article on his eponymous website, I went from indifference to Gorka to opposition. Gorka's reputation for weak research follows him even to the Q'verse. 

Then Gorka compounded my dislike by sowing fake news talking points:

"Now for the most pernicious aspect of the QAnon conspiracy theory. In 2016, conspiracists on 4Chan and other similar fringe messaging boards claimed that the emails stolen from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s (and subsequently made public by WikiLeaks) contained secret messages referring to a powerful ring of pedophiles who were using a local Washington, D.C. pizzeria as a base of operations to conduct their crimes. None of these claims were true. But, what ended up happening was that the highly irresponsible conspiracy theory triggered a mentally unstable man, who in turn took a gun to a D.C. pizzeria with intent to use it."

This is not what Pizzagate alleges, and any honest conspiracy theorist knows it. The Podesta Leaks do contain a substitution code pertaining to pedophilia: anyone who reads the emails of John Podesta walks away changed for the experience and convinced of it. 

Fake news defenders of social elite pedophilia insist that Comet Ping Pong is the epicenter of the conspiracy. I will be quite specific. Comet Ping Pong matters because its owner, James Alefantis, posted Instagram photos that were more than problematic. They remain unaddressed and un-investigated to this day, by all but PedoGate researchers. 

Comet Ping Pong also matters because its website featured an encrypted section that was accessible only to those with the URL, which was distributed by word of mouth. Hacktivists found the page, they found the encrypted data, but they failed to crack it. This secret portion of the Comet website remains un-investigated by all but independent researchers. 

The Pizzagate conspiracy theory does not claim that Hillary Clinton raped infants in the nonexistent basement of Comet Ping Pong. That is how the fake news media defines Pizzagate, erecting a straw man, painting the theory as ludicrous, so they can disprove it and declare victory. 

Not only does Gorka adopt the deliberate mischaracterizations of the fake news media, he declares, "None of these claims were true." This statement by Gorka ruined him for me, and removed him from my good graces. Gorka is not just wrong. Gorka is in the enemy camp, an enemy that covers up elite circle pedophilia. 

You will find elsewhere on this website an analysis of PedoGate in 48 chapters. I eviscerate these fake news claims that Gorka adopts with such alacrity. 

Worst of all, Gorka throws out the "conspiracy theorists are potentially violent" trope so beloved by the purveyors of fake news. 

But this article is not about Pizzagate or PedoGate. It is about the defective analyses that Sebastian Gorka steals from the fake news media and foists onto the Trump faithful. Gorka then passes judgement on the 'chans. He condemns 4chan first. 

“The source material for these theories is the vile, uber-fringe 4Chan and 8Chan. 4Chan was launched in 2003 as a place to share images and discuss Japanese anime. In fact, it was modeled on the Japanese anime internet boards, such as Futaba Channel. Over time, though, the already eclectic group of online personalities that 4Chan attracted devolved into something darker. It became a haven for crazed conspiracy theorists from both sides of the political divide. 4Chan also became popular among the white nationalist community, and also became a place for hackers and other criminals–including child pornographers. If there was a Hell on the internet, 4Chan was Hell.” 

Gorka does not understand the 'chans, much like the fake news media does not understand them, and what people do not understand, they sometimes fear. The 'chans may be the lone remaining bastions of free speech, so it is inevitable that the worst sort of antisemitism and bigotry would infest them. 

It is not my intention to defend the 'chans, but to explain them--you know, the way that political scientists are supposed to do. 

Nobody is under any compulsion to visit 4chan. 4chan does not target the same audiences that patronize Twitter or Facebook. If you are incapable of contextualizing stupidity, then you should not explore 4chan. Those who bring intellectual maturity and a thick skin to the exercise realize that 4chan provides a safe harbor for opinions that literally cannot be expressed anywhere else. For this reason alone, we must protect and defend 4chan and 8chan. 

(For the record: Blogger refused to allow me to link to 4chan and 8chan, and threw up Save errors after I inserted links to them. Net censorship is real, it is pernicious, and it is ubiquitous across all net services--except for the 'chans, where it is beleaguered.) 

Then Gorka turns his stereotypical guns on 8chan. 

“Meanwhile, a similar website, created by gonzo software developer, Frederick Brennan, 8Chan (sic) was launched in 2013 as a response to what Brennan believed was the rise in authoritarianism, censorship, and surveillance on 4Chan. Despite the fact that 8Chan has become the 3,857th most viewed website in the world, with an average of 35,000 unique visitors per day and 400,000 original posts per day, it too has become mired in controversy. 8Chan, which has been billed as the more libertarian (though, perhaps libertine would be better) 4Chan, has apparently become a hub of international child pornography postings. This became such a problem that, in 2015, 8Chan was blacklisted by Google search. It is a profound understatement to claim that anything positive or good comes from these boards. Yet, it is precisely from sites like these that the “Pizzagate” and now the QAnon conspiracy theories emanate.”

Q emanated from the 'chans because Q began as a LARP (Live Action Role Play), and the world's most effective LARPers are on the 'chans. It is as simple as that. When you fold in the fact that the 'chans may be the lone remaining strongholds of free speech on an increasingly siloed, censored and balkanized internet, there is no mystery why Q began on 4chan and why Q persists on 8chan. 

Those who are incapable of understanding 'chan culture should stay off those boards. Again, nobody is under any compulsion to browse either service. The Anons on 4chan and 8chan never put out  "Welcome" signs, and they are unsparing towards "normies" who do not belong there. 

If you bruise easily, if your feelings are readily hurt, if racism, bigotry, misogyny, sexism and antisemitism offend you, then stay off the 'chans. 

As for child porn--the Anons know who posts it on both boards, and it is not them. External actors post the worst content on the 'chans to attract official scrutiny and to get them shut down. The Anons delete child porn found on their boards. You can imagine who might want to shut down the last remaining centers of free speech on the internet.  

The Anons who masqueraded as Q on the 'chans knew that Q needed to be disseminated to a broader audience immediately after its inception. They accordingly migrated to Reddit in November 2017, until Reddit banned them--not once, but twice. 

As the world witnessed these successive attempts to throttle the growing Q movement in March and September, 2018, coordinated with thousands of fake news articles criticizing Q, the attempted censorship predictably backfired and Q spores spewed across the internet. 

Yet another iteration of Q continues to post Q drops to 8chan as I write these words. After a ten day pause to regroup after exposés of the ex-cons running the Q grift were published in late March and early April, Q returned to 8chan on April 11, 2019. 

The 8chan con artists running the psyop needed to reorganize. The BO, the Board Owner of the Q board on 8chan, resigned. One prominent Q interpreter threatened critics with "10,000 Anons pilfering through their garbage," then pulled language from his website claiming that donations to his religious ministry were tax deductible. He promised to cease accepting donations on Patreon. 

I discuss the perceptible versions of Q in a forthcoming work. For those who are not familiar with the Q movement, Q posts on 8chan, and "bakers" analyze Q's gnomic utterances on dedicated 8chan boards, on Discord, on VOAT, on websites, on forums, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on multiple YouTube channels.

History will record that the attempt to kill Q instead disseminated Q to millions of mainstream readers that recognized censorship and rejected it. The fake news media committed ideological suicide by trying to suppress Q and they still do not realize it. By failing to ignore Q, by demonizing Q, by ranting against Q, the fake news media facilitated the proliferation of Q, like a virus. 

Human curiosity is boundless. The fake news media maligned Q in such derisive terms that millions of eyeballs that never explored alternative media before found themselves in Discord chat rooms, on 8chan boards, on VOAT, and following YouTube channels, researching conspiracy theories that resonated with their own politics and their own values. 

Gorka then lists failed Q predictions, which are legion, and which require a separate treatment. So I will elide past them here. 

But Gorka confirms: not only does he not understand Q Anon, he does not understand the 'chans. Worst, Gorka does not understand the MAGA Faithful. 

I apologize for the length and the number of these quotes from Gorka's article, but it is better, I think, to let him hang himself with his own words. Gorka continues:

“The fact that the QAnon conspiracy theory is tied in with the “Pizzagate” fiasco is bad enough. The more damaging part is that these cult-like actors link themselves to the Trump movement, despite the fact that no member of the Trump movement has anything to do with these insane theories. They are the outgrowth of a pathetic group who exist online, in the dark corners of the worldwide web. That they have attached their delusions to the Trump movement is unfortunate. But, they do not represent and are not affiliated with President Trump, his supporters, or those who work for the president.”

I am still shaking my head all the way on the other side of the world in Bangkok. Pizzagate is real. Gorka confirms his reputation for weak scholarship by parroting the fake news media's talking points that dismiss it. 

Then Gorka states: "... no member of the Trump movement has anything to do with these insane theories."

Precisely whom does Gorka believe comprises the Trump movement? QAnon partisans comprise a large part of it. If Gorka understood Q, he would know this. If Gorka understood the Trump movement, he would know this. 

Some may not like it, but Q loyalists are the most fervent supporters of the 45th President. The truth is, the Trump movement is evolving in ways that leave weak researchers and abrasive personalities like Gorka in the dustbin of history. 

Gorka is off on a solo ideological tangent. He says that Q is "decidedly not close to the President, they are not Conservatives, and with every post that they make, they subvert the MAGA Agenda." 

I agree that Q is not "close to the president," and I address this in another work about the Q movement. Q is not a military intelligence operative within the President's physical orbit. Q is an imaginary "patriot" concocted by Anon moderators on 8chan, posting cryptic drops which are not classified. 

As for claiming that Q partisans are "not Conservatives," I think that this remains to be delved, as what, exactly, is a Conservative these days? We see a breakdown of historical and traditional definitions of Democrat and Republican, the dual-party paradigm is more blurred every day. 

We see this much: the deep state is real, and it includes both Democrats and Republicans. The true battle for the future of the Republic is globalism v. nationalism. We find globalists in both parties. Economic nationalists appear to be condensed in the old Republican Tea Parties, which are reemerging in the Q'verse. 

The worst members of the deep state are, in fact, Republicans, if only because they masquerade under false pretenses and pretend to be conservatives. The term "RINO," Republican in Name Only, is apt. 

For purposes of moving along, let us just agree with Gorka that Q partisans are conservatives of a new type. I think that Q loyalists would agree, and I think that this is an accurate characterization. We can belabor it further elsewhere. 

But we must wonder: whom does Gorka think devises the so-called "MAGA Agenda?" 

The President? Assuredly. The supporters of the President? I think so. But not Gorka. Clearly not him. Gorka does not speak for me, and after his article, I do not think that Gorka will speak for more than a small, irrelevant slice of the collective Trump movement. 

The MAGA Agenda is bigger than Gorka realizes. It is more inclusive than Gorka understands. It is unsparingly exclusive, and Gorka will find himself outside the MAGA movement looking in after this article. We do not need Sebastian Gorka. We do not want Sebastian Gorka. We are leaving him behind. 

Reading this analysis by Gorka, I realize that Gorka not only fails to understand Q, Gorka does not understand President Donald J. Trump. 

Nor does Gorka understand modern conservatism, nor the direction that our conservative movement is heading. 

No matter how much fake journalists like Gorka may hate it, Q is a movement, and it is still--despite reams of bad analysis and lies, despite massive counter propaganda--still growing, it is still spreading, and those who follow Q are becoming more entrenched as Q teaches them more effectively than any other form of media. 

Q is new media. Q tells Q partisans to research for themselves, to think for themselves, and in the process, Q red-pills millions of deplorables who previously were asleep, passively absorbing fake news propaganda. 

These good Americans, all of them deplorables like you and me, the Q masses, our tribe, are now awake. They will not go back to sleep. The puppeteers pulling our strings are only gradually realizing that we see the strings, and we refuse to dance for them anymore. 

For now, dismiss the superficial and stereotypical analyses of bad researchers like Sebastian Gorka. Do not waste another moment of your time on him. 

Gorka is irrelevant. Gorka does not understand Q, Gorka does not understand you, and Gorka does not understand me. 

Doc T sends. 

Updated, April 16, 2019

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