Tiresome Thomas Schoenberger

Tiresome Thomas Schoenberger

CoronaVirus Updates (Thomas Schoenberger), "Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez is a mentally ill stalker," YouTube, May 11, 2020. 

Does it strike no one else as weird that Thomas Schoenberger, upon learning about the existence of a website chronicling his legal misadventures, his frauds, and his deceits, responds by claiming that I am behind it? And more, that I am a “mentally ill stalker?”

(Thomas Schoenberger Exposed: 

Does no one else think it weird that Thomas Schoenberger’s reaction to Jacquelyn Weaver’s “The Day of Diminishing Capacity: Thomas Schoenberger Threatens and Marcus Conte Makes False Allegations,” on her Tracking the Leopard Meroz website (May 10, 2020), is to threaten to poll her family members to ask whether Ms. Weaver suffers from mental illness? 

Schoenberger never responds with counter-argument or counter-fact. He immediately goes low, and he fights dirty. Now, he claims that Rebecca Morgan taking her Twitterfeed down for a break, a break that I misinterpreted as a suspension, is an example of me lying. 

No, you adolescent dumbass: that is an example of me making a mistake. We all make them. You making a video featuring that mistake as grounds to dismiss the accumulated documentation of your long criminal career merely exposes you trying to use one disproven fact to discredit a massive corpus of evidence. No one falls for this. 

But we ask ourselves, why the dirty fighting? Why the incessant criminal gangstalking? Why the felonious tortious interference? Why the criminal harassment? Why the insane personal threats? Why does Schoenberger try to wage amateur psychological warfare, concocting silly psychiatric profiles, that just illustrate his own lack of training and expertise? 

My theory: inadequacy. Thomas Schoenberger is beset by inadequacy. 

Thomas Schoenberger's life education was sporadic, he never received a degree or attended university, and it shows. The more that this so-called "polymath" attacks his critics, the more he reveals that he is outclassed, his lack of expertise in any discipline leaves him looking impotent, his rebuttals are futile. 

Here is an obvious fact: Thomas Schoenberger has no facts, he hurls ad hominem curses and accusations that are full of sound and fury, but signify nothing. 

In a recent YouTube video, “Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez is a mentally ill stalker,” the only thing that Schoenberger gets right is my name. He claims that I made a website about him. No. I did not make a website about him. 

But I was involved with it. I was aware of it early, and I contributed writing to it. Various statements that I made on my Samizdat YouTube channel appear on it, videos produced and hosted on my channel appear there, as do excerpts from other writers like Stinky Steve Outtrim, Jimmy’s Llama, Jacquelyn Weaver, and Dave Acton. Critics of Thomas Schoenberger, except for Stinky Steve. Stinky Steve is a co-conspirator. with 783 organic subscribers, and content devoted to Cicada 3301. 

The multiple lawsuits naming Thomas Schoenberger are hosted there, as are his felony convictions for stalking (that Elizabeth Vering claims do not exist), and the names of his victims and the identities of his co-conspirators in the Schoenberger Crew. They are all collected there, in one place, for the convenience of prosecutors building their cases. 

Searching on the terms "Thomas Schoenberger Felon" brings up fascinating results. 

Claiming that I am behind this website is more credit than I deserve. If I controlled that site it would still be up and running. After a couple of FBI agents and a particular AUSA were appraised of the site and its contents, they captured information that was hosted there: then the site mysteriously went dark. Schoenberger acts like he took it down, he pretends that something that he did precipitated its end. 

No. That site exposed Schoenberger. Jacquelyn Weaver long ago counseled him to create such a site, even just a blog, to explain himself to the world. Schoenberger is too lazy, too inept, to do so: he lacks basic skills. He does not even update his own blog. Schoenberger is a poor writer and he knows it. Unless someone like Iona Miller is around to edit his writing, Schoenberger's grammatical inadequacies leave him mute. 

And so what? Not everybody can write like Jacquelyn Weaver. One problem is that Schoenberger calls himself a writer, he calls himself “rogue historian,” when someone else already owns that name. The fundamental thing that Schoenberger is, is a liar. Schoenberger never claims to be a liar. He should. Nobody lies better than he. 

It turns out that SEO is not one of Thomas Schoenberger's talents or categories of expertise after all. We own him. 

Instead, Schoenberger makes ineffective videos on his MacBook, huddled in a dingy room, dreading every knock at the door. He rarely includes a graphic or photo. Just a black screen, and the rasping voice of the liar, his statements punctuated by a productive, chronic cough, talking to himself. Indeed, he often rants. 

No, this looks like no Motel 6 to me. It has a look of permanence to it. This is his hovel. 

Jacquelyn Weaver told Schoenberger to create such a site. He emailed her a thousand times, trying to persuade her that he was wronged, that he was victimized. She disagreed, he failed to persuade her, and she repeatedly counseled him to make a site or a blog to prove his case. He failed to do so. 

So we did it. 


Not I. 


We did it. We now control the site that documents the narrative of Thomas Schoenberger's life. 

Schoenberger’s response, of course, is to say that he is a composer and a pianist. More lies. No one ever saw him play on video. He claims that his compositions were performed by the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, and in the Uffizi Gallery Museum. 

Show me the website articles stating the dates. Show me a handbill. Show me a photo. Show me ten seconds of video of either performance. Show me an announcement, a news article, in Russian or Italian or any other language. Show me any evidence that either event even happened—any evidence. v. And no, his music was not performed in the Uffizi. That was yet another scam. 

Schoenberger shows none. Because there is none. Thomas Schoenberger is a serial, chronic fabulist, a spectacular liar, whose response when challenged is to lie more, and to lie ever larger. When Thomas Schoenberger’s statements are examined, two things immediately stand out. 

One, the paucity of facts, and two, the enormity and the abundance of his lies. Schoenberger is a fact-free liar, the most ineffective kind. His criticisms about me in particular are ad hominem and libelous. 

Epic Defamation

Schoenberger defames me to no end. According to him, I weigh 371 pounds. I raped Iraqi mothers and girls. I worked for Blackwater. I smuggled cocaine. I am a CIA officer. I consort with pedophiles. I am a Satanist. He calls me a "gangstalker," and he swears that I will be arrested for filing criminal complaints against him with the FBI (seriously). 

371 lbs? I do not think so. 

In his latest video about me, "Esteban the pathetic pot-bellied pig," (YouTube, May 14, 2020), Schoenberger calls the LAPD to complain about me, for the third time. It is an epitome in futility.

Schoenberger claims that the detective was "very nice," and a "former Ranger." I am glad that Schoenberger's imaginary detective was nice, but I doubt that he was a "former Ranger," as most "former Rangers" know precisely who I am. 

This really does not matter. Schoenberger sent him 14 screen shots of me threatening to put him in jail, claiming that I am "talking to feds" about him. He says that the detective laughed. 

CoronaVirus Updates (Thomas Schoenberger), "Esteban the pot-bellied pig," YouTube, May 14, 2020). 

This, I believe. 

Schoenberger claims that the detective said that I was "put out to pasture" long ago. That is one way to put it. After serving with distinction in the US military, preferring not to continue contracting for DOD, I retired. In any case, yet again, it is irrelevant. Anyone can file a criminal complaint. 

Even my history as a former DEA employee, a former Snowcap advisor, is irrelevant. But Thomas Schoenberger's long criminal record of cyberbullying and felonious stalking--he is a convicted con-man with a legal judgement exceeding $400,000, a felon with a history of fraud, tortious interference, terroristic threatening and harassment--that is supremely relevant. 

Schoenberger's fantasy detective said that I made "empty threats," not "specific threats." I suppose that depends. I said that I was filing criminal complaints. That is stating a fact. Schoenberger claims that I am "the aggressor," that I am "conspiratorial," that I make him fear for his life, his freedom and his safety. 

Apparently I scare Thomas Schoenberger. I cannot be blamed for the phobias, the insecurities and terrors felt by a mentally ill felon who worries that his crime spree may be ending. 

Schoenberger's fanciful detective friend said that LAPD would not be interested in his 14 screen shots unless I did manage to "bamboozle" a fed. I doubt that I could, and I would never try. 

Federal agents examine facts. Period. They look at reports, they consider sworn testimony, they examine things like the increasing number of criminal complaints filed about Schoenberger with

Schoenberger also claims that he has a case number. I am glad, and I hope that it is true: he should publish it, so I can refer my "feds" to it. In fact: I dare Schoenberger to publish his case number, if he even has one. 

Finally, Schoenberger's carefully selected 14 screen shots prove that I am a "whack job." Apparently this is meant to discredit me in the eyes of observers and hurt my feelings. Very well. Watch what the whack job does. 

I almost forgot. Resuming with Schoenberger's defamations, he claims that I am a methadone addict, that I am under psychiatric care, that I am prone to "PTSD rages," and that I see a psychiatrist weekly. He says that I take "heavy psych drugs." 

Not that it is anybody's business, but I did see a therapist for many years after marrying my third wife. I wanted the relationship to succeed, and we remain married now, and happy, after 13 years together. Seeing a therapist for me was a good decision, and I do not regret it. Schoenberger can bludgeon me with that all that he likes. None of his criticisms have any impact. 

I hope that Elizabeth Vering did write these words. I suspect that it was Schoenberger. Bangkok Station is appraised. Bump Ahead, "Online Hack'tvist" claims to have CoronaVirus = Thomas Schoenberger," YouTube, March 18, 2020.

The accusations made by his sock account Elizabeth Vering, however, are unhinged. She claims that CIA Bangkok Station runs a "Brownstone sex trafficking operation to compromise pedophile businessmen with children." 

I am fairly certain that it was actually Thomas Schoenberger writing those words, using her YouTube account, but it does not matter. You can read her statement yourself above. Bangkok Station is appraised. They are not pleased. Will there be consequences? Consequences could take many forms. 

Schoenberger switches up his Twitter accounts, currently using @holliday_jolly. Twitter User ID: 1213364789017104385.

My point is this: none of these defamations are true. 

def·a·ma·tionˌdefəˈmāSH(ə)n | noun the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libelshe sued him for defamation. (Wikipedia: Defamation: a false statement that unjustly harms reputation and constitutes a tort or a crime.)

Many observers note that Schoenberger practices projection: that what he says about others, is often true about himself. 

Take that title of his recent video, “Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez is a mentally ill stalker.” As I said, the only true element in the statement is my name. Readers of my work can assess whether I am mentally ill or not. 

I am, as I say elsewhere on this website, Magic Kingdom Dispatch, adjudicated by the VA to be permanently and totally disabled. I am a veteran of combat, service-connected, and I bear honorable wounds. I make no secret of it, I am not ashamed of my wounds—but neither would it be correct to say that I am proud of them, either. 

Such wounds happen to a soldier when he is not quite smart enough or fast enough or lucky enough or tough enough. He or she survives, but not unscathed. It turns out that there are millions of us combat survivors: veterans. I am proud to be one of them. When asked, I share details of my service. I am glad to help others if they can learn anything from my experiences. But “mentally ill?” Sorry, no. 

As for “stalker?” I said elsewhere that I myself and Thomas Schoenberger’s multiple victims and critics are angry with him. We increasingly talk amongst ourselves, and we share details that we think can assist one another. This is not “stalking.” 

Stalking is what the master projectionist Thomas Schoenberger does. Proof? Two felony convictions for stalking, dated 2011. Does Thomas Schoenberger enjoy any comparable evidence of my own mental psychosis, or any evidence that I am a stalker? 

It is one thing to call somebody a "stalker," and another to charge it in a criminal complaint backed up with facts. 

No. Because none exists. 

That problematic website, Thomas Schoenberger Exposed, at, collects those details. If it were my site, if I controlled it, it would be up and running at this time. For reasons beyond my control, it is now dark. 

I envision that it will go back online, after certain edits, as a living archive of evolving data on Schoenberger and his co-conspirators. Lawyers and prosecutors ultimately control the shots in legal disputes. Not former airborne Rangers.

Examining the Lies 

But let us examine the sequential lies of Thomas Schoenberger, in this last, absurd black-screened video made on May 11, 2020. 

A. Schoenberger claims that he went to the host of the site Thomas Schoenberger Exposed. Does he include the link? No. Does he include a screen shot? Nope. Does he include any evidence whatsoever? No, nope, none. 

Even I, who was involved in the production of this website, even I do not know where it is hosted. A hacker that I asked to penetrate the site failed, complimenting us on its security, noting that it was hosted in Russia. Russia? I did not know. I had no idea. I do not know who is hosting that site. 

In fact, this is what that hacker said, when I asked him if I could be connected to the site, after I saw that Thomas Schoenberger accused me of making it:

“Hey, I got your email from yesterday. Sorry, I had a really busy weekend. Thomas is full of himself. The website is NOT tied to you. I cannot find anything connected to the website that has your name on it, then or now. The only person in his mind that would be angry enough to do this and to spend the money and time… well, that would be you. LOL. You are his prime suspect. But tying you to the creation of the website would be impossible.”

Whom do you believe? Anyone who makes a website knows that it is impossible to perfectly hide, completely, who makes it. Hackers know that determining the hand behind a site is crucial, and prosecutors will always require investigators to identify the responsible parties. 

I say that I did not make it. Thomas Schoenberger claims that I did. He provides no evidence. I confess that I contributed to it, but no more. It was not my site. I did not make it all by myself. 

B. Schoenberger claims that he was “able to get the material in front of law enforcement.” Really? No one bearing a badge has ever been in contact with me on behalf of Thomas Schoenberger. Not once. 

In fact, I advised an FBI agent that Thomas Schoenberger illegally used his name as a shield. Guess what happened? Prosecutors made a note of the claim, and then Schoenberger suddenly and mysteriously ceased mentioning his law enforcement “family member.”

Samizdat YouTube (Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez), “For LE: Twitter account RubbishRemover @feedingfrenzy30 —a suspended Schoenberger account,” YouTube, April 28, 2020. 

C. Does Schoenberger refer to his mysterious “former feds” that he mentioned previously? If so, so what? I am pleased to talk to any cop. Any fed, any state cop, any municipal cop, any law enforcement whatsoever, retired or serving. That invitation remains open. 

Perhaps their reticence derives from the likelihood that Schoenberger will be indicted, and they prefer not to be implicated as co-conspirators. Retired police, like former soldiers, remain bound by their oaths. But yet again, we encounter what appears to be just one more lie. 

D. Then Schoenberger claims that he made his fourth phone call to the Veterans Administration in Orlando, FL, where I receive my medical care--and on a Sunday. Great! Any evidence? Any recordings? Care to identify even one person, or an office? None. 

Any screen shots? Any proof whatsoever that this is not just one more fake statement trying to scare me? No. Not one iota of evidence. Consequently, I am not even annoyed. I am grateful, in fact, that Schoenberger claimed to commit yet another felony. 

E. Schoenberger claims that I am trying to “hustle the US government into giving him (me) more money while he stalks people.” All that this statement does is confirm for me that Schoenberger is not talking to anybody at the VA. 

Again: not that it is anybody's business, but I do receive a disability pension, based on a disability rating that was determined through a long, detailed process. That process took years. I am not appealing my rating. 

I am grateful for the pension that I receive. I am not “hustling the US government to give me more money.” Yet again, we catch Thomas Schoenberger in just one more lie. But Thomas Schoenberger attempting to interfere with my pension is a felony. Classic tortious interference. 

F. Schoenberger claims that he proved to them that his father worked for the VA, once upon a time. Again, great! And so what? He claims that they treat him, “like family.” Ok, Thomas, if you say so. 

This reminds me of Thomas Schoenberger's fantasy LAPD detective: "the detective was very nice."

What does that have to do with anything? Do you see Schoenberger's confusion? His mis-assessment of factors? Schoenberger thinks that establishing rapport with a random contractor answering a phone on a Sunday in a government office gives him a lever. He is such a dilettante. 

G. Schoenberger tries to intimidate me, another measure of his stupidity. I am a survivor of brutal confrontations where enemies tried to kill me. Tried. I am grateful that they failed.

But those moments and my memories of them eclipse anything that Rotund Thomas Schoenberger can imagine. Indeed, those experiences profoundly divide us, a truth that he dimly senses, and it drives him insane with envy. 

Schoenberger repeatedly and bitterly complains that I consider myself "elite." He is so inadequate. 

I do not even have to say this: I am a decorated airborne Ranger, a former Green Beret, a former Snowcap advisor. I was the guest of a president. Thomas Schoenberger is a convicted felon, we documented him in the act of committing yet more felonies, and he is in our legal kill zone. 

Elizabeth Vering, Schoenberger sock, minion, a discarded woman, thinks that I am arrogant. Schoenberger complains that I think that I am "elite." I did not sing in a rock band that no one remembers, and I never ended up serving ice cream after getting busted for petty drug dealing. I am not a convicted felon afraid to answer the door to get served with multiple lawsuits. 

Never forget that Thomas Schoenberger steals valor. He claims honors that are not his to claim, he spins fantasies, he claims that he was a Remote Viewer, and he concocted a tale about a retired CIA bureaucrat after reading a couple of books.

Schoenberger and this former official met because Schoenberger was attempting to sell Mozart memorabilia rejected by museums. The retired officer was an acknowledged expert on Wolfgang Mozart in his retirement. 

A con-man at his work, seducing a lady, until he can put the touch on her for a "loan."

Bruce Cooper Clarke, Jr. was an arms control expert, a disarmament specialist, an analyst by training, not a case officer, not a paramilitary operations officer. Clarke was not trained in HUMINT, he had no expertise in that discipline, he never ran an agent. 

Nor was Mr. Clarke affiliated with the Technical Services Division, he was not a technician, nor a communications specialist, nor a code breaker nor a specialist in encryption. 

Clarke had nothing to do with Cicada 3301. At his death, he was 88 years old, and he had been in failing health for many years. There is no evidence that he even knew how to turn on a computer. 

This is what happens when a con-man reads a couple of books, misunderstands them, then  spins fantasies. 

Schoenberger claims that the VA tells him that they are investigating me. That is outstanding. I hope that they are. This is yet one more attack vector for me to cite in my multiple criminal complaints against Thomas Schoenberger. 

If the VA is, indeed, investigating me (which I doubt), they will eventually be obliged to contact me. At that time, I will appraise them of my multiple filings against Thomas Schoenberger and I will put them in contact with a particular DOJ AUSA. Then they can do whatever justice decrees. That is all that I ever wanted: justice. 

Thomas Schoenberger ends his rancid rant against me with, “really sorry, Esteban, but you lose again.” 

Do I, Thomas? Do I lose again? 

Thank you for providing yet more evidence of your tortious interference, more felony counts amongst the many already documented and referred to the FBI and to a particular AUSA. 

For those who do not know, AUSA stands for Assistant US Attorney. They are the prosecutors that indict criminals for felonies. Thomas may learn the name of a particular AUSA soon. 

Schoenberger elsewhere says that I am “obsessed” with him. I beg to differ. I am angry. This is how it looks when an airborne Ranger, a veteran of combat, a former Green Beret, a former Snowcap advisor, this is how it looks when you piss one of us off. 

I keep clear in my mind those things that can affect narrative and popular perception, and those things that can result in criminal indictments, prosecutions, convictions, and sentencing. 

One set of factors influence social media perceptions. The other set... the other set of factors can put you in jail. 

Guess where I put the weight of my effort? 

Schoenberger claims that he plays chess against me, and that I lose. 

We shall see, when that inevitable knock comes upon his door, and Federal Marshals take him into custody. 

Schoenberger believes that that day will never come. 

We shall see. 

Samizdat - YouTube!

With a little help from a smart friend, I made a YouTube channel that hosts video versions of my Cicada 3301 articles. Activated January 9, 2020, it now (January 23) has 458 subscribers and more than 6,000 views. 

My interviews and articles about Cicada 3301 are interesting only to a select audience. While 3301 was considered the "web's greatest mystery," no one understood where it came from or what its actual purpose was. 

Until now. I interview the people behind the mystery, and no one, I think, ever imagined what a maelstrom that would ignite. 

The interviews and articles are on my site at Samizdat

Now the videos are on Samizdat YouTube.

More, much more, is on the way.  

The Cicada Files--Updated

I updated The Cicada Files on Samizdat: 

Months of researching and writing went into the project--and bitter cyberwar. 

I open with a Prelude

These articles were published on January 9, 2020. 

I follow with a definitive explanation of the Cicada Trademark and its current custodian, Mr. Marcus Wanners: Marcus Wanners & "Halfassed Journalism." (7,125 words). 

Then I segue into an exposé of The Wikia in The Repugnant brotherBox. (4,361 words). 

I conclude with an opus that rewrites popular consensus: Z 3301 et al. (21,476 words). 

Interviews, August and September, 2019. 

I published my interviews with gHOST3301 and the former lead designer of Cicada 3301, Arturo Tafoya, in August and September, 2019. Mr. Tafoya created the graphics that illustrate the series. He is responsible for the iconic visuals that made 3301 a cultural phenomenon. 

My interview with gHOST3301 was the first with an elder of the cypherpunk order, published September 2, 2019: gHOST3301 Interviewed. (17,466 words). 

The interview with Arturo Tafoya was published on August 15, 2019: Arturo Tafoyovsky Interviewed. (11,243 words). 

Work Ahead.

I am now finalizing my interview with the YouTube celebrity Manuel Chavez III. 

The Chavez interview is by far the largest, and likely to surmount 100,000 words when my research on its commentary is complete. 

The Cicada Files will conclude with an analysis of the organization, functions and goals of the cyber order. 

What is the Point? 

I use the tools of political science to produce a work of history. 

As this works continues, I will give some thought to my YouTube channel, and upload videos that illustrate the series. 

I will archive all digital works on my PasteBin and on LBRY. 

I look forward to the maelstrom that this work will incite. 

I know that everything that I write is destined for oblivion. 

But--in the meantime, we shall reap the whirlwind. 

Estéban Trujillo de Gutiérrez
January 9, 2020

Tiresome Thomas Schoenberger

Tiresome Thomas Schoenberger CoronaVirus Updates (Thomas Schoenberger), "Esteban Trujillo de Gutierrez is a mentally ill stalk...